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WWW, December 2008 - Are UFO's real and do the governments of the world know more than they care to admit through their official channels? When this movie turns out to be real, the answer to both questions must be "yes".

The year is 1969 and Europe was still divided by the Iron Curtain. The Cold War was at another peak and no information seemed to cross the border of the East and the West.

It was in this time, that the video reviewed on this place is said to have been recorded. By the KGB, to be exact. A number of Soviet Soldiers are seen as they're transported to a place with trees, and what seems to be a crashed UFO.

There's guards all around the UFO, that isn't really flying by the way. The thing seems to have crashed straight into the ground, and only half of the disk is above ground. We take a closer look, even some close-up's, as the movie is recorded at the instructions of what seems to be a KGB officer.

Is it real? Yes, say the producers of the video "The Secret KGB UFO Files". And, indeed, this is very well possible: after all, the movie was bought in post-communist Russia, in a time wherein just about everything was for sale. Including secret documents of the KGB.

It is not too far-stretched, though, to see the movie as an illustration of the fact that throughout (modern) history, different governments were actively trying to find out just what's going on, if not having direct contact with the intelligent beings behind the UFO's.




WWW, December 2008 - Subtitled "The Secret Architecture Of Washington DC", this documentary takes us straight to the USA's capital where we discover the religion of many "Founding Fathers" and presidents until this very day.

It's a well-known fact, that Washington DC as well as other places in the USA are built by members of the Freemasonic secret society. The Freemasons are the perpetuators of the ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion, even though there are many who think of the secret society as some kind of social club for aging old men.

In this documentary, we see several people interviewed about Freemasonry and more specifically, the Freemasons who are now known as the "Founding Fathers" of the USA. We see the various Freemasonic buildings like the White House, the Washington Monument and others, and we are introduced to some of the secret teachings of the Freemasons as well.

Even though we see proponents of Freemasonry denying that there is a Luciferian or Satanic aspect to the Freemasonic architecture of Washington DC, this denial becomes a bit ridicule in the midst of the evidence and interviews that we find in other parts of the almost three hours long video.

Well worked-out, interesting and relevant: Riddles In Stone shows without the shadow of a doubt that all these talks about the "Christian Nation USA" needs some side-remarks, to say the least!


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WWW, December 2008 - After being selected to become the next president of the USA, Barack Obama's choice to have his inauguration religiously blessed into existence is more than significant.

Rick Warren, anyone?

He got a warm welcome and an even warmer applause by the attendees of Rick Warren's "Saddleback Civil Forum": Barack Obama, the man who would later be selected to follow up George Bush in the White House.

In Babylon's system of Church and State, there is a supposed "Separation". However, the Separation of Church and State does little more than signifying that Babylon's System is more than just a System of States, or System of Religions.

The Queendom of Lucifer incorporates the Churches, the States, the Economy: literally everything that she created is used to keep people under slavery from the cradle to the grave.

Christians who know that the Messiah spoke about His Kingdom being "Not Of This World", that "This World" refers to Babylon and her master, Lucifer or Satan. And so, those who are born again know themselves to be in Babylon, but not of Babylon.

However, there are those who identify so much with Babylon that they simply take their place in the System of Church and State. They are led by leaders such as Rick Warren. The CRC wrote extensively about this man, and how he aims to unify churches of all denominations into a global network which will install a "Global Peace".

Warren's Saddleback Church takes her place in the System just fine, too. He has a "Saddleback Civil Forum", wherein he teaches his flock how to basically be good Babylonians and take position in the System. After all, it's theirs too, isn't it?

His good work to keep the Christians in line with Babylon, and therefore with her purpose and goals, is now being rewarded. President-elect Barack Obama has invited him to bless Obama's presidency in the name of...




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WWW, December 2008 - Even though the word “Sodomy” is perceived by many to be a technical description of a specific sexual act which I will leave to the technicians to further elaborate on, it is usually connected with the sin of homosexuality as well. Homosexuality, as in two people of the same gender having any kind of sex with each other.

This article intent to explain the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, and you might just be surprised to discover that it is not homosexuality which caused the Most High JAH to downstroy these two cities and others like them. In fact, it is a specific form of heterosexuality!

The two cities were mentioned first in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Two angels, heavenly beings, were sent by JAH to take Lot and his family out of there just before JAH would pour down fire and brimstone on the twin-cities. Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom, indicating that he was involved in the local politics, when the two agents of JAH arrived.

As soon as they came in the sight of Lot, he offered them a place to stay after which all hell broke loose. The men of the city were enthusiastic as well, and wanted to have sex with the two angels. Lot was not amused by this attempt to rape the messengers of the Most High and instead offered his daughters to the locals as alternative. An offer they could not refuse, but yet, they did.

The popular explanation of this refusal is, that the locals of Sodom were all male homosexuals who had no interest for females. This same popular explanation then concludes how the Most High considers homosexuality to be such a big sin, that it will in itself be a reason for Him to destroy complete cities. Usually, they will turn to the Bible, to the New Testament, where we find what seems to be a confirmation of this idea.

However, the truth is a little bit different and when you discover just which word is used in the original language, you will see how wrong the popular theory is.

Let’s go there now…
(…) “Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them in like manner, giving
themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth as
an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire” (Jude 1:7, KJV)
Even the English translation gives us an indication, as to what was going on there. The words “strange flesh”, namely, form the translation of a well familiar Greek word: heteros.

The sin we are talking about, is a specific form of… heterosexuality!

Sure, it’s true that the Sodomites were not interested in raping the daughters of Lot. The heterosexuality we talk about here, is not the sexuality between a man and a woman, neither do we speak about the heterosexuality where several men rape one woman or two, the so-called gang-bang. Even though homosexuality and immoral heterosexuality between men and women could have been going on in Sodom, this was not the reason why JAH sent down fire and brimstone.

So, what was going on?

Before we go back to Genesis, let’s just go back one verse in the book of Jude. The half-brother of Jesus, who wrote the epistle, talks about a specific event which took place before the Great Flood of Noah’s days. Let’s see what he said:

(…) “The angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own
habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the
judgment of the great day” (Jude 1:6)
During the early days of the Christian Church, the believers knew exactly what Jude was talking about. Even though he did not refer to a book that is currently in the canon of the Old Testament, the Christians knew how he was referring to what we now know as the Books of Enoch. Jude even names Enoch by name in the 14th verse of his epistle:

“And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam prophesied of these, saying: Behold, the
Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, to execute judgment upon all, and
to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which
they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly
sinners have spoken against Him”. (Jude 1:14,15)
Since a few centuries, the people of the western world have the possibility to check out for themselves how Jude was literally quoting from the Books of Enoch. These books were preserved in Ethiopia after the “Church Father” and founder of the Roman Catholic doctrines, Augustine, banned the writings because he did not want people to know the horrible reality described by Enoch.

Now, let’s go back to the Book of Genesis where we can find the story on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in the 18th and 19th chapters. I won’t repeat the whole story here, since only one thing is important in the context of this article.

Where the popular interpretation tells us how the Sodomites were interested in the angels because they were men, I would rather argue that they were interested in the men because they… were angels!

You see, the Books of Enoch describe unto great detail what we can also find in the 6th chapter of Genesis. In this chapter, we can read how the Watchers, heavenly beings, left their first estate in order to create offspring with the women, daughters of Adam and Eve, in order to create an entirely new kind of beings: they are known as the Nephilim.

The mere existence of these monsters caused a great threat to the very existence of humankind. They were stronger, bigger, much more intelligent and most of all: they were literally evil to the bone! They ruled mankind as the first gods and kings of the ancient civilizations, such as the Sumerians in what is now known as Iraq.

Genesis 6 tells us, how the situation became so dreadful that only Noah was found to be “perfect in his generations”, as the phrase goes. The very same teaching that gives us the idea how homosexuality was the cause for Jah to downstroy the twin cities, also wants us to believe that Noah was without sin, found “perfect”, but the perfection we speak about here, is not a moral perfection at all.

Noah was found “perfect in his generations”, which means nothing more or less than the fact that Noah’s bloodline was the only human bloodline being found left on the planet. When Noah would not have been saved, there would simply not be a human race left of the planet! It was not the fact that people were committing sins, it was the fact that Jah wanted to preserve the human race that He created with Adam and Eve.

In the same thought, it was not the fact that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were doing all kinds of sinful acts, like homosexuality, which made the Most High decide to downstroy the place with brimstone and fire. Instead, the reason for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was the very same one which caused the Most High to send the Great Flood in Noah’s days.

Humans having sexual intercourse with angels, this is the “strange flesh” or “heteros” that Jude was speaking about. It has nothing to do with homosexuality, but rather with a form of heterosexuality, since the word “heteros” means different or strange.

As said, it was Augustine who we can hold responsible for the fact that this knowledge was hidden for a large part of the Christians throughout times and places, especially in the West. Augustine hated the Books of Enoch so much, that he banned them from the Canon or Bible of the early Church. He is equally seen as one of the founding fathers of what we now know as the Roman Catholic Church, and in the length of that, one of the founding fathers of what we now know as the Protestant or Evangelical Churches as well. After all, Martin Luther was an Augustine monk in the Roman Catholic Church.

Today, in the 21st century, the idea of humans interbreeding with heavenly beings is not as absurd as it sounded a century ago. We have people like Zecheriah Sitchin and others who build on the idea of evolution and claim how Extra-Terrestrials came on the planet to make “pre-humans” into humans. We have a lot of archeological findings that confirm the fact that yes, there were indeed intelligent beings that had sexual intercourse with humans and created some kind of offspring as a result of that.

Now, all of this may sound pretty exciting and exotic, a topic to think about during long winter nights with a cigar and a good glass of cognac. However, it is not without reason that Jah made the Books of Enoch available to each and all in this time. To understand just why, we have to go back to the days of Adolph Hitler who wanted to create what he called “Der Neue Mensch”, or in plain English: The New Man. In spite of popular belief, Hitler was not speaking about full blood white humans, sons and daughters of Japheth, when he was referring to the “Aryans”. After all, he had researchers go to Nepal (you can see the word Nephilim here) in order to find them.

Hitler was inspired by what we know as “The Secret Doctrine”, a book written by Helena Blavatsky. She was a Russian who wrote a couple of thick, rather boring books which now serve as the foundation for teachings by New Agers such as Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell.

Blavatsky wrote extensively about the “New Age”, the coming times, times which Adolph Hitler wanted to install in his days. Basically, she was writing about nothing less but the restoration of the situation on this planet as it was in Noah’s times. She called this “Atlantis”.

Yesus Kristos also referred to this New Age, and He said how in the last days it would be “like in the days of Noah”. He specified this even, by pointing out to the kind of marriages that took place in these days.

Blavatsky may have written the books that she wrote, but she never claimed to be original in her teachings. The fact that Yesus spoke about it, too, indicates this. The sins of Sodom did not start with Sodom either, as we found out as well by taking a look at Genesis 6 and the Books of Enoch.

There is a very, very sinister plan from the Queendom of Satan and it is a plan to destroy the human race. They failed in Noah’s Days, because the Most High changed the atmosphere on the planet and it became increasingly difficult for the evil ones to mix their seed with that of the sons and daughters of Adam. The Great Flood caused the evil Nephilim to leave their physical bodies, after which they were doomed to roam the earth as evil spirits we call “demons”.

Yes, the evil spirits that posses people are nothing less but the spirits of the Nephilim who, when they die, do not go to heaven or hell but rather stay on the planet looking for new bodies. This teaching can be found in the very same Books of Enoch that were banned by the founders of what we now call “Christianity”: the system of denominations and church buildings that take their position in the “Church and State System”, or… Babylon!

Yes, there will be a time in the not-so-far-ahead-future, wherein once again the planet will be occupied by full blood Nephilim. This is the secret doctrine, this is the ultimate sin that took place in the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Now, should this article be seen as an apology for homosexuality? Well, hell no! But we must be accurate in the things that we say. We can not apply texts about one thing to make it apply to another thing.

The dominionists and other Calvinists use the Bible to install a political system that is worse than the Taliban in Afghanistan, and they base their wicked ideology on false interpretations of texts like the ones we can find in the Book of Jude. Their own carnal mind make them come to the idea that homosexuality is the worst sin of all, showing how focused they themselves are on sexuality.

In reality, we see that the truth is far more sinister than the Puritans and Calvinist “Christians” want us to believe. The truth is, that the very human race is being threatened in it’s existence once more by powers so dark, that the biggest students of the Bible fail to see it.

It was in Ethiopia, that this knowledge was kept hidden only to be revealed a few centuries ago when the Books of Enoch were taken to England and translated.

In this time, we see how scientists speak about the “post-humans”, a fancy word to describe the Nephilim who will roam the earth in their own bodies once more, just like in the days of Noah. Nephilim, who were also born in the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

No, the Most High did not downstroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality.

Yes, the destruction was and is an example of Jah’s coming wrath. We should not be afraid that the Nephilim will really take over and replace the human race with themselves. Just like in the days of Noah, the Most High will not let this happen and He will come to finally downstroy the wicked system that wants to destroy the human race.


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WWW, November 2008 - Millions of people celebrate on the streets as the first Black president of the USA is a fact. Will their hopes be fulfilled?

A checklist...

The first Black president of the USA is a fact. A fact to rejoice over, which is exactly what millions of people did when it became clear that Barack Obama had won the election.

Months earlier, Reggae singer Coco Tea released a tune with a video in which he expressed his support for Obama. Carrying the Red Gold and Green, he voiced the hopes of many for "change". A cynic would say, that Coco Tea almost presented Obama as a Rastaman.

A Rasta in the White House?

Of course, the first Black president of the USA is a fact and that is a thing which in itself is very important. However, the reason why this is important has to do directly with the fact that Babylon is a reality.

In his speech after it became known that he had won the election, Barak Obama referred to the days of slavery. He spoke about a long way from the slave plantation to the White House, even though he did not use these words.

Millions of people were taken from Afrika, to work as slaves in what was called the "New World". This was part of a process which started in ancient times and we have come to identify her as Mystery Babylon.

Does Obama deserve the support of those that know themselves to Chant Down Babylon? Will he remember that the White House was built by Black Slaves?

Let's make a short list of things he should do and not neglect, if that was the case. Let's see, if our joy can stay a little longer.
  • Close Guantanamo Bay and all other Torture camps
  • Reverse the Police State at home and Empire-building abroad
  • Have those people arrested who committed torture and other crimes, including the politicians responsible
  • Stop the "War on Drugs"
will Obama really make a "Change", as he promised? Will he at least try to reverse what has been done to the people of the world especially these last eight years during the Bush era?

It's November 2008...

Let's see...



WWW, November 4 2008 - At the moment I write this, it is not yet known who will be selected to be the next president of the USA. By the time you will be reading this, you will probably know who the winner turned out to be.

Lots of people are totally in the ban of the current campaign by the two presidential candidates. Will this be the first black president of the USA, or will this be the first female vice-president of the USA?

Will Bush really go?

Well, it seems so. It seems, like we have all survived the last eight year in which the USA has seen the introduction of the police state, lies which costs millions of lifes, a stolen election and a president of whom it is said that he spent more money than all the president before him combined, leaving the country with an enormous debt.

He is also the most unpopular president of all times. Speeches he gave for the rich and wealthy would include lines like "some people call you the elite, I call you my base", while he made fun for the national press by showing a photo of himself looking under his desk, and "quoting" himself as saying "Those Weapons of Mass Destruction Got To Be Somewhere"...

Just before his term runs to an end, we get the financial crisis. Bush gives billions to the people he called "his base", while making fun of the people that believed his lies on the WMD's and sometimes even go so far to go to Iraq as a soldier and kill innocent people... or be killed.

Man, oh man.

What a situation.

And then, all of a sudden, there he is and he has a word.


Will change really come?

There are Reggae singers who make songs for Obama. Millions of black people will cast their vote, many of them for the first time. They have their hope on a man of who I recently heard that he seems to be related to Dick Cheney.

He's got a who's who of the vampires that loot Jah creation behind him. Henry Kissinger, for example. A man who has to consult with his lawyer before he goes to another country since he can be arrested because of his many, many crimes. Or Colin Powell, the man who lied to the whole world and made the people believe that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

His opponent, John McCain, is far behind in the polls. There are stories that the same people who gave George Bush his presidency, are now working for McCain. Indeed, the same stories we hear the last eight years start to be reported by the Dutch media now again.

When McCain get (s)elected, election fraud is proven.

But when Obama gets the job, will it bring that change?

Asking the question is (almost) answering it.

Obama is the media favorite, he's the elite's favorite, and when he brings change, this will not be for the good of the poor people. Maybe you can even say, that honest people would never be able to reach the position of being a presidential candidate anyway!

Additionally, there is only one way to know if Obama is really not the next guy that the elite pushes forward, and that is when he would be killed just like that other president who was so popular: JFK.

Today, I was thinking about these people who pray for either Obama or McCain to become president.

My prayer is a bit different.

I just prayed one word: "Maranatha".

Come, Lord Yesus, Come!

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread



WWW, October 2008 - As the financial crisis reaches what is called the "real economy", many Americans have critique against their government who is practicing what they call "Socialism". This very same word can be used to summarize the critique against the recently released New Age movie "Zeitgeist II".

Capitalism versus Antichrist?

I was born in 1965, in Europe. Until I was about 25 years, I lived with the fact that about a couple of hundreds of kilometers away from me was something called "The Iron Curtain". This "Curtain" divided Europe in a western part that was functioning under what was called a "Capitalist" system, and an Eastern part which had "Communism".

When the Soviet Union fell and Germany re-united after the fall of the Berlin wall, it was said that Communism had been defeated and Capitalism had prevailed.

More than Europe, the USA were -and are until this day- a symbol for Capitalism. Many people in the USA even speak of Europe as living under a so-called "Socialist" system and they are not referring to the former Communist countries there. They are speaking about countries like the one I live in, the Netherlands. I can also understand why this is seen as such.

Socialism can best be described as an in-between form of Communism where everything belongs to the State and Capitalism where everything is in the hands of entrepreneurs who can make money.

As I wrote in the opening paragraph, when I check out the critique against the political measures concerning the financial crisis and when I check out the critique against the New Age movie Zeitgeist, I basically see the same critique. And in this critique, which can be summarized by saying the word "Socialism", I taste a kind of worship toward that other side of the paradigm, the one called "Capitalism", or often "Free Market Economy".

When I hear Alex Jones reviewing the movie Zeitgeist, I hear him hailing up competition, jealousy, greed, even scarcity. Where Alex Jones calls himself a Christian, he can hardly say that it is good for mankind that there is many people who do not have food because there must be some scarcity in order to create a "healthy free market". Or that it is okay with him that thousands and thousands of people die in his country because of "Free Market mechanisms in Healthcare".

My critique against the New Age Movie Zeitgeist would not be that they make propaganda for Socialism or Capitalism, but that they make propaganda for the Antichrist. And indeed, being born under a "Cold War Consciousness" where Communism was portrayed as the Antichrist System, to me it is not new that the Capitalist "Free Market" Economy was hailed up as Gods Own Answer against the Satanist Communists.

And I strongly disagree with this.

There is something very wrong about Capitalism, and I would call it as Satanic as the Communist or even the Socialist system, and much of that evil can be seen when you observe the current financial crisis.

A "Free Market", for example, makes sure that only the fittest of the fittest shall stand. Only when you have the character of an entrepreneur, who dares to take risks and has enough insight in trade, who has money too, will you like the Free Market.

That very same Free Market does not give this freedom to people who cannot go further than to make themselves available for work, so they can be hired, for money, by the entrepreneurs.

When I hear the American presidential candidate say to an employer that he can "live the American dream and do with his money what he thinks best for his employees", I wonder why that American dream would be that one can decide another one's life just like that.

People like me, who are handicapped and have not even a perspective for a paid job, are even worse of in a Free Market system. If I were to live under the Capitalist System such as in the USA for example, I would not be able to do what I do. I would have been dead, frankly.

I have to think about these things, when I hear the critique of Alex Jones and others to the New Age movie Zeitgeist. I have to think about these things, when I hear people praising the Free Market as if that is the Law of JAH Himself.

Is Socialism, like here in Europe, the answer?

Of course not.

The Answer will be given at the moment, that Bright Day, when Yesus Kristos comes to end Babylon, Capitalism, Socialism, Zeitgeist-ism, every ism.

And in this time, this become pretty well clear. Crisis here and there, the total bankruptcy of the Matrix that people believe to live in is scattered before our very eyes. Out of this Chaos, will come the New World Order, and that New World Order will be downstroyed by the Creator Himself.

Amen, and Sela.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

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WWW, October 2008 - In this 2005 documentary, we see a fictional account of a 24 hour period that starts with the "Mighty Dollar" on top and ends with somebody in Amsterdam paying her taxi-ride with a few packets of cigarettes.

When Peter Tosh sang "The Day The Dollar Die", he didn't refer to an impossibility. His song was not a dry economic lecture or crazy conspiracy theory, but it did refer to economics and conspiracies that throughout the years have become more and more clear for people to see.

When he sang his song, it was still the 1980's. There was no Internet and the Mighty Dollar was the undisputed World Currency. The American Money Press simply came up with the paper money that people used to pay each other.

Many would simply ignore the message of Peter Tosh, or even write it off as the phantasies of a drugged-out individual.

In 2005, however, reality has become more clear and although this is a fictional account, the video reviewed on this page makes it very clear how the Dollar can die in one day, leaving the world at the edge of a world war and people paying their taxi rides with a box of cigarettes rather than paper money.

In 49 minutes, we are taken through this 24 hour period which is written by established Dutch journalists. As he paints his fictional scenario, we're taken directly to interviews that confirm the possibility, even probability, of that day which Peter Tosh sang about.


Do we live on a bubble? Is it possible for the heavily indebted American economy to collapse and take all of us down in a free fall with it? Have the days of the dollar been counted? Is it really u... Do we live on a bubble? Is it possible for the heavily indebted American economy to collapse and take all of us down in a free fall with it? Have the days of the dollar been counted? Is it really unimaginable that we will see the time of the Great Depression repeating itself?

VPRO Backlight and Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad present this 'what if' scenario. What if the dollar collapses? Fiction meets facts in this 24 hour scenario. At 9AM a Singapore trader is ordered to sell a large amount of dollars, which sends off the enormous downfall of the dollar. This film shows the results for the world economy every following hour. It ends in Amsterdam, where the only currency accepted by a taxi driver is Cigarettes...

History seems to have caught up with this 2005 film, though in slow-motion...

Includes interview with analyst Stephen Roach, Andy Xie, Maarten Schinkel, Cees Maas, Rob de Wijk and Kees Vendrik.


Friday, October 24, 2008



WWW, October 2008 - The Apocalypse tells us, that some day mankind has to wear something called the Mark of the Beast in order to buy and/or sell. Is this "just" an economic thing, or is there something more sinister behind the number 666?

Implantable chips the size of a grain of rice, carrying all of our information including our financial situation. We just walk into the supermarket, take what we want, and the money is automatically taken off my account straight into that of the supermarket.

A situation that is no longer Science Fiction. Years ago, the Babylon Observer reported how the Baja Beach Club introduced such a thing and the owner spoke openly how he "believed wholeheartedly in the chip-system" and "it could be a global passport".

In the current financial crisis, we see the call for a Global Summit of the financial elite. We see people calling for a global currency, now that the Dollar will obviously fall and fail to continue to be that global currency it was until this time.

In the same time, New Agers like Peter Joseph make movies like "Zeitgeist" wherein they lay down the blueprint of the New Age society. People who think that they are against the Shitstem we call Babylon are fooled en masse into calling for the New World Order that will ultimately give us that World Leader.

This World Leader will cause everyone to wear the Mark of the Beast, without which no one can buy/sell. The scene is set for it, the waiting is for the "right crisis".

But is this just about the money, or is there something more going on?

Those who research the origins of Mystery Babylon that will bring us the Mark of the Beast, know that the System is set up to re-install the situation as it was, according to the Bible, "in the Days of Noah".

The proponents of the Mystery will rather speak about that situation by a different name, though. That name would be "Atlantis".

Adolph Hitler, who used the IBM company to mark the concentration camp victims, also spoke a lot about Atlantis, specifically about one race of beings in Atlantis called the Aryans. Hitler dreamed about the restoration of Atlantis, specifically the restoration of these "Aryans".

Low-level Nazi's keep thinking until this day, that Hitler spoke about the "white man". But in fact, Hitler spoke about what he called "Der Neue Mensch", or in English: "The New Man".

Fast forward to our time again. We live in the days wherein Universities have conferences about the "Post-humans". The "next step in the evolution of mankind" is announced, and expected.

We have allready passed the stage wherein people can be chipped so that they don't have to carry a wallet anymore. Where IBM marked the concentration camp victims, they are now part of developing the RFID chip that will mark every one.

But it goes further, as we see when we look at Universities like Oxford who have conferences about the "Post-humans". Literally, this word means "men that come after men". Hitler's "Neue Mensch"!

The technicians are working hard making it possible for man to fuse with machines. In order to become a "Post-human", you will have to have a little bit more than just an implantable chip.

And exactly that is written in the Apocalypse, when this Mark, this Chip if you will, is called the Mark of the Beast. The Apocalypse also indicates that those who take that mark are no longer considered to be eligible for the Salvation that the Creator made possible for all.... human beings!

In other words, you will no longer be a human being, when you carry the Mark of.... the Beast.

Whatever that Mark may ultimately be, it will mark you as a "Post-human": a Beast.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



WWW, October 2008 - What happens when talk show host Alex Jones wakes up to the fact that the video Zeitgeist is a piece of New Age Propaganda? He invites the maker of the video for an interview.

In February of this year, the Babylon Observer published a review on the movie "Zeitgeist". It was subtitled: "An Excursion Into Stupidity". The video was all about how Jesus Christ was a myth invented by people who are now basically controlling the world. It mixed truth with New Age propaganda of such "teachers" as Jordan Maxwell.

Much of that propaganda was so blatantly wrong, that the maker of the video, a guy who calls himself Peter Joseph and who says he works in the television industry, had to release a second edition with some of the errors corrected.

Recently, Peter Joseph released another movie, with more of the traditional New Age Nazi rhetoric. The New Age "Plan" is so blatantly proposed in the video, that even Alex Jones of the Infowars radio show woke up to the fact that "Zeitgeist" has nothing to do with exposing Babywrong, and everything with bringing forth the very same New World Order that the movie claims to oppose!

Alex Jones decided to bring Peter Joseph on his show for a "discussion". This discussion turned out to be an enormous spectacle as the Texas based host confronts an unbelievably arrogant Peter Joseph, whose whole appearance matches perfectly with his extreme elitist philosophy.

As he unfolds his plan for his New Age Utopia, the moviemaker speaks about how people have to be "re-conditioned" in order to live in his preferred "society". A society which -not surprisingly- looks remarkably similar to Hitler's Third Reich and Communist countries such as the former Soviet Union and China.

There's one thing which holds him from establishing his Utopia, though. Peter Joseph gets the most passionate when he speaks about it, and he calls it "religion". Actually, to be more specific, "Christianity". From the Vatikan, the city with the seven hills, to the individual worship of Jesus Christ by countless of people worldwide: Peter Joseph knows just where the trouble is!

After all, in the eyes of the Zeitgeist creator, there is no such thing as "evil". That would only be a concept created by "religion", and it would disable people from moving into his Utopia.

Alex Jones, known for his rants and confrontive way of interviewing, counters Peter Joseph. Jones' views, namely, more than oppose that of the creator of Zeitgeist. After all, in the eyes of Alex Jones, there is definitely such a thing as "evil".

The result is about two hours of chilling audio, wherein once again the fascistic nature of the New Age philosophy and mentality is exposed.

Join the Babylon Observer with a good chuckle, several smiles, and hope with him that Alex Jones might wake up to the fact that there is way too much New Age propaganda in what is called the "Truth Movement".

Listen to the interview, and then listen to Alex Jones' evaluation he did the other day as he also interviewed a couple of more people concerning "Zeitgeist".

PART 1 (MP3, 37 MB) - PART 2 (MP3, 31 MB)

Saturday, October 18, 2008



WWW, October 2008 - Join the Babylon Observer as he explores one of the most controversial video's from one of the most controversial speakers on one of the most controversial topics: the (spiritual) identity and activities of the World Elite!

Take it with a grain of salt, if you will, but don't reject everything beforehand. In "Revelations of a Mother Goddess", we are being confronted with information provided to us by a woman called "Arizona Wilder", as she is introduced and interviewed by British author and researcher David Icke.

Arizona claims to have been born in a family that wanted her for just one reason: she had to grow up and become a high priest in a religion that is secretly practiced by the World Elite. Through the technique of ritual abuse she became a programmed priest who would perform rituals at several places which would basically consist out of the calling up of very strong demons and the killing of humans.

She goes further. As she was part of the rituals, she say many of the participants "shape-shift". She saw them change into a reptilian figure which gave her -and David Icke- the idea that in fact these are not people but a different kind of species. The possibility of demonic possession isn't considered in the video, even though all the elements are provided to come to that conclusion.

Here comes the grain of salt.

You don't need that grain of salt, though, to realize that yes indeed the World Elite is involved in such a satanic religion which involves Babylonian, occultic rituals. Bohemian Grove, to mention one other piece of evidence, in the woods of California, is the place for such rituals which have been secretly video-taped by Alex Jones. The second Psalm of the Bible also speaks kinda clear about it.

Before the actual interview starts in this -almost- three hour video, David Icke takes us straight into the City of London. The inner part, where you can find one office after another deadicated to the New World Order: the Tavistock Mind Control Institute for example. In itself a very interesting part which can be seen even without watching the actual interview.

Arizona Wilder is obviously a traumatized woman, who is not faking it. She speaks about things that are hard to believe, but when you listen close you will see that much of that is her own speculation. When she speaks about facts, they do not have to be interpretated like David Icke and Arizona Wilder seem to do. But they should at least be taken notice of.


Friday, October 17, 2008



WWW, October 2008 - Just a month before the most notorious president of the USA will leave office, he gives a multi-trillion gift to his banker friends. The rest of the world, especially Europe, follows.

How the love for money surely is the root of all evil.

It is said, that US president George W. Bush has spent more money than all presidents before him combined. Throughout the eight years of his presence in the White House, he surely has become the symbol for all the crimes of the world elite.

Will he really go? When it turns out to be true what is written on several websites for several years now, George W will find one or another reason to postpone the election and turn what many think is the world's greatest democracy into the world's greatest overt dictatorship.

The current financial crisis which sweeps over the world could just be the very thing that will be used by the president to indeed postpone the election.

Every day, we hear on the news how the several important stock exchanges of the world had another "historical day". One bank after another goes bankrupt, and ministers of finance throughout the world act like magicians as they "inject the economy" with trillions and trillions of dollars. Money which will fade away the next day as the stock exchange will have another historical low.

Where does all that money go? In times wherein the so-called experts have to admit that all they know is that they know no thing, that question can't be answered. But the big bonuses that the CEO's take with them as their banks turn into government hands should give an indication.

In the Netherlands, it turns out that municipalities and provinces joined a group of 125,000 people who put their savings on an Iceland based Internet bank. The bank is bankrupt and the whole country is in turmoil as it is unsure whether people have lost their savings or not. The local governments have an even bigger problem as they lost money trusted to them by the taxpayers.

The Iceland-based bank was owned by a multi-millionaire who made his fortune in post-communist Russia. The latest news is that Russian money will be used again to pay the Dutch savers. The government of Iceland doesn't have the money, namely. The country is said to be.... bankrupt.

So, what is going on?

The current situation is far worse than 9/11. Where the attack on the WTC and the Pentagon would only reach people indirectly because of the idiotic Police State measure taken after the event, the financial crisis touches everyone where it hurts most people the most: in their wallets.

Many people have been wondering as to what would happen to give George W Bush the possibility to postpone the election. Stories about nukes in the city, terrorists here and there, this-and-that. But apparently, that trick won't fool all the people in this time.

Maybe the answer was given to us all the way, when another presidential candidate was quoted as saying to his opponent:

"It's the economy, stupid!"



WWW, October 2007 - Sometimes people ask me why I write and publish about the UFO phenomena. The answer can be found in this meditation.

I remember it very clearly, even though I was a little child when it happened. It was dark, and I was looking outside to the stars as I was preparing to go to sleep. Not that I was particularly interested in what was going on up there, I just did it.

I don't know much about the stars. Needles to say, that I knew even less when I was a kid. But I did know that what I was beholding in the sky, was not an airplane and was not a star either.

It was, what we would call a UFO. It was also somewhere in the early 1970's and I had never heard about UFO's. But I did know that what I saw, was pretty unusual.

I saw three lights rotating like crazy around one light in the middle (see picture). It went on for what seemed to be hours, but was probably around 15-30 minutes. I looked and said to myself: "These are probably angels", and because there wasn't really much to see I went to bed and fell asleep.

Fast forward about 25-30 years.

In the meantime, I had been through a lot of things and experiences concerning the supernatural or the paranormal. I learned how the UFO phenomenon is "just" a part of the spiritual realms, I found out what my own position in this scheme-of-things was.

I know and reason with many people who have similar experiences. Many of my friends have (had) their own sightings, and some even seem to have the "ability" to call UFO's out of nowhere. A thing which I personally consider foolish and dangerous, unnecessary and not without consequences either.

It happened when I joined a very diverse group of friends and acquaintances for a weekend in the forests close to where I live. Nothing special, just a weekend out there...

After we put up our tents, we sat down to basically enjoy ourselves. One guy tells me: "Hey man, what's that up there?" and I look to the sky.

I see nothing.

But then, a little "star" seemed to get bigger and indeed it did. It grew until it had become larger than the moon and started to light up the place where we were.

Apart from the fact that indeed here we had another UFO, it was kind of noteworthy that this person apparently called up this UFO: he told me to look up before the thing actually showed up!

I did what I always do when I see a UFO or an ungodly spirit: I told the thing to go away in the Name of Yesus Kristos. It took the guy about 3 or 4 seconds to warn me and (make?) the UFO to show up, it took the UFO about one second to disappear in the very same way as it appeared.

Later, we read in the newspaper how a couple was less "fortunate" than we. It turned out, they had been chased by a UFO throughout a large part of the very same night, just a couple of miles from where we were camping.

So, yes, I had several sightings in my life. Sightings of UFO's and spirits. Sightings in which I myself play a part too, and it started when I was very young.

Needles to say, these kind of experiences make one want to find out what's going on out there. Obviously it's not a question as to whether UFO's are real or not, but the phenomenon definitely needs research and interpretation.

To me, none of this is theory even though I study the phenomenon on an intellectual basis too. But even without such experiences, there is proof that the whole thing is real, and therefore it has to have a place within the enormous story of the Creator and His creation.

And indeed it does...

UFO's are "chariots" for multidimensional and inter-planetary travel, in use by spirit beings and humans alike. The ancient books describe them, revealing how there's nothing new under the sun either. Archeology shows the very same thing and everything turns out to be connected with Babylon Queendom.

Keywords to find this connection can be found in the bible. When Jah walked on earth as a Man, warning us for the return of the "Days of Noah". When Jah walked on earth, describing Himself as the "Son of Man", a direct quote from the ancient Book of Enoch.

This ancient Book of Enoch (NOT to be mistaken with the New Age document "Keys of Enoch") reveals to great detail just what went on during the days of Noah. It's also described in the Bible, by the way, in Genesis 6.

The ancient accounts tell us how the Watchers or Sons of God came down and created offspring with the people -and animals- of this earth. These Watchers can best be described as "angelic beings", and their offspring are generally known as the Giants or the Nephilim.

They were also the reason why the Creator sent the Great Flood over the earth. These Nephilim were never supposed to be in existence in the first place anyway, and they were mashing up creation in such a way that no flesh JAH had created would have survived if they would have continued.

During the Days of Noah, the Watchers and the Nephilim had a great time. They were killing and corrupting all that Jah created, teaching the people how to kill each other and commit all kinds of fornication.

Ancient findings in Sumeria, such as the one of which you can see a picture here, show reptilian beings feeding babies in a way reptile animals do not. This particular statue is said to be from the days of Noah, by the way.

The Nephilim multiplied themselves to the point wherein the very existence of humanity was threatened.

In other words: humanity had almost ceased to exist.

So JAH sent the Great Flood. He also made sure that it would take the Watchers and Nephilim a very, very long time before they would be able again to try and take over the planet and kill humanity in the process.

After the Great Flood, Nephilim were born too. Actually, it happens whenever the Sons of God have sex with the Daughters of Men. They were the ancient god-kings, the god-men, of which many stories are told.

Nephilim are born, and they die. And when Nephilim die, they just lose their bodies. However, their spirits still roam the earth. We know them as the demons who look to posses bodies.

Of course, this is not an ideal situation for the wicked ones. Since they hate humans and have to use our bodies as "containers" in order to do what they want, they are working very hard to re-create the situations of the Days of Noah.

Yesus warned us for exactly this. He said, the wicked would attempt to re-install the situation as it was in the Days of Noah. In fact, they have been working on that ever since the waters of the Great Flood resided.

With propaganda concerning the Days of Noah, with promises of a "post-humanity" as a next step in the so-called "evolution of mankind", with UFO sightings and writers like Zechariah Sitchin and Erich von Daniken, with attempts of ones like Adolph Hitler who tried to create "The New Man", the "Aryan" which was NOT a human, we have signs galore that we have indeed reached.. the Days of Noah!

2012. Atlantis. The "return of the gods". A "global awakening of mankind". Too much evidence that all of this is talking about real things.

We find out, that the governments of the earth are in contact with the Watchers. Of course! The Bible describes it in the second psalm, for example. We find out, that there's nuff things going on in outer space, and directly around us in dimensions that we cannot usually see with our physical senses.

We find out, that the Watchers present themselves as "Star People", people from different solar systems and planets. And in fact, these beings do exist and they come in many forms and varieties, species and races.

Yes, they drive UFO's too.

Sure, they work with the governments and give them a little technology too. Just like the Book of Enoch describes, the governments want the technology and the Watchers want... women!

So we see stories about abductions, where secret government programs and alien beings are involved in what seems to be a desperate attempt to create a new species, a new form of Nephilim, to replace mankind.

Far-stretched? When you think about the evolution theories, when you think about the fact that we face all kinds of genetic manipulation and realize how universities have conferences on how to deal with "post-humans", it shouldn't be.

When you realize how Hitler was talking about the "Aryans", a term he got from Mme Blavatsky who referred to them as a race of giants from the Days of Noah, you realize even more.

There is a certain race of white "aliens", called the "Nordics" (picture). They look like white people, but they are not white people.

Could these be the real Aryans that Hitler and Blavatsky spoke about? Aryans looking for bodies to posses, preferably of the white race?

For we have to connect this with the knowledge that many Nephilim are disembodied spirits, looking for humans to posses.

I believe that Hitler wanted the Europeans to be possessed with the spirits of the Nephilim, making the Europeans think that they themselves were the Aryans. Breeding programs like "Lebensborn" in which the Nazi's tried to create the Super Race out of the penis of an SS soldier are very relevant in this context!

Possession. UFO's. A plan, even a program, to re-create the Days of Noah. A connection with Adolph Hitler and the New Age Movement. All of this as a close cooperation project between the "Kings and Rulers", both physical and spiritual.

We have come to know it under the name "Mystery of Iniquity". We have come to know it under the name "Mystery Babylon".

As time goes on, and Babylon is working towards her coming downstruction -since Jah is not going to allow them to succeed-, the signs become more and more clear.

And this is where I believe my own personal experiences and research come in. This is why I publish about all of this.

I saw UFO's, and I was possessed by demons from a very young age. I know from experience, that "something is out there" and I equally know by experience that "someone's possessed me".

It was Yesus Kristos, Who set me free. I am a free man for many years now, and I waited for many years before starting to write about all of this in the way I do currently. I can witness and testify about the reality of Babylon System, about the demons and the UFO's, but I can also witness and testify that I know JAH is going to end her wicked plan before all flesh is corrupted again.

I know that weird times are ahead of us. Weird times, in which the atheists and all other world religions will be forced to admit their flaws. Will be forced to admit how they really are... one, for they all come out of the same inspirational source indeed.

Times in which "mankind will unite" together with our "space brothers" who will help us get into the next phase of our "human evolution".

Times which Yesus called the Days of Noah.

I am just a very humble, small witness. I know people who have witnessed much more heavy stuff than I did. But it's not about that at all.

It's about what all these things mean.

They mean trouble. They mean trouble for the human race and even for the whole of creation. They indicate that we are entering into the Armageddon times.

Much of what we know about the Days of Noah comes straight from the Book of Enoch. Quoted and called prophecy in the Bible, this book had been preserved in the ancient land of Ethiopia. Next to the Ark of the Covenant. Next to the bloodline of King David, even.

My own personal experiences simply will do not give me the luxury to treat all of this as a nice topic to research, some conspiracy theory to waste my mind with.

I know and respect the fact that -fortunately- there are still many people who have not been through such experiences. I don't expect anyone to believe me, which is exactly why I publish material about all of this.

It is a serious topic. Yes, there is evidence. Nuff, nuff evidence. To deny the existence of the UFO's and the Nephilim is to deny the existence of Mystery Babylon. To deny the existence of UFO's and the Nephilim is to deny the fact that Yesus warned us for the Days of Noah and kept information about it in Ethiopia until the days were there that things had to be revealed.

To laugh about UFO's is even far worse. The things that happen in these things are -according to witnesses- too perverse to mention on this page. Satanic Ritual Abuse, abominable genetic manipulation, and yes: slavery.

So everything is connected: From the Space Ships (UFO's) who take humans and rape -even kill- them and make them works as slaves, to the Slave Ships that took the Africans to the so-called New World to build a society that "founding father" Francis Bacon described in his book "The new Atlantis", centuries ago.

All I do, in this context, is to be a witness. A witness of my own personal experiences, and a witness of the findings of my research, too.

One Love, Give Thanks
Messian Dread



WWW, September 2007 - In a very open and heartfelt interview, Zeph E Daniel tells about his life as the survivor of (elite) Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and exposes the mechanisms that keep Babylon system running.

Zeph E Daniel was born into an elite family in Los Angeles, somewhere in the 1950's. His family included members of the Bohemian Club. Zeph grew up around famous people, children around him were destined to become the movers and shakers in a large portion of (American) society.

However, in order to become "one of them", become part of the system, you have to go through a certain kind of programming. Even further: you have to have a certain kind of mind-set. A mind-set that includes the practice of Satanic Rituals, which are just to bloody perverse to mention.

What happens if you are born in such a family, but you are simply unwilling to go along with the system? Even unable?

The answer can be found by listening to Zeph E Daniel's life story. It is the story of a survivor, who lived to tell about the very mechanisms that keep Babylon System running.

He had to face imprisonment, torture, rape, mind control, survived a coma and other attempts at his life. Until this very day, he has to deal with the fruits of the evil that was done to him.

In a very open and profound interview with the host of the "Nowhere To Run" Radio Show on the American Revere Radio Network, it becomes clear that it is quite remarkable Zeph E Daniel even lived to tell.

Babylon System works on the blood of the sufferers. No, it's not just horny pedophiles. There's a complete mechanism behind it, a technical reason and working method. Satanic Rituals have exactly the same reason and purpose. what happens at places like Bohemian Grove, is nothing but a "power plant" to maintain the system.

The interview is revealing, as it exposes the true nature of what many of us just know as "the elite". The "movers and shakers" turn out to be nothing but slaves themselves, slaves to supernatural entities we know as demons, aliens, fallen angels.

Obviously, the connection with these supernatural entities include UFO's. After all, Babylon's ultimate goal is to create a "New World Order": a re-enactment of the "Days of Noah" or "Atlantis".

A must-listen for everyone who is even remotely interested in the mechanisms behind Babylon System!




WWW, September 2007 - After the original inhabitants were killed, Africans were taken to Jamaica to work as slaves under a torturous rule by the state sanctioned slave masters.

It's just a small clip, only two minutes long. Long enough to introduce Jamaican people, a proud people, to show some of the torture devices, and even to have a small interview with a Jamaican minister.

Long enough to provide some food for thought, too.




"Are UFO's Real?", is a question that used to be asked by especially those people that had never seen one. Those who had seen UFO's, more often than not were too afraid to even share their experience as most people would ridicule them.

And of course, there still are a lot of people who think that UFO's "don't exist".

However, with the free flow of information that came with the Internet, this is gradually changing. Polls reveal that most people will "believe in UFO's", that is: believe in the existance of the things.

The question has become: "what are these things?"...

In this video we are being introduced to the whole matter of UFO's in just over 1 1/2 hour. Widely considered to be one of the best video's out there on the topic, UFO's: THE GREATEST STORY EVER DENIED will be a real challenge to the skeptics out there.

But it's not just for the skeptics.

The video will absolutely proof to be quite informative for those people that do "believe in UFO's" as well, as the makers dig really deep.

We will see Craft and Critters: Flying Saucers and Flying Serpents. We will see credible witnesses: Astronauts, Military Personell, and Scientists.

We will see DENIAL.

We will see, how the governments of the world have carefully tried to cover up the existance of UFO's for reasons that can only be speculated about.

The cover-up itself, however, is kind of really clear.

The video shows us how the cover-up came into existance, and was subsequently perpetuated into the next generations.

We will also see flying serpents, or "rods" as they are called too. It's actually quite interesting to see people describing them, explaining them, in exactly the same way as the Bible describes them, too.

Supernatural entities, that are usually outside of our visible realm and can only be seen with infra-red camera's, although people are reported to have seen them with their physical eyes too.

The "rods", or flying serpents, are not the only "forms of life" the video shows us. As we move from the atmosphere to space, we will see stuff that is even more enigmatic.

Why are the governments covering this up?

A number of retired NASA and military people come into the picture, as they openly discuss what they have seen: there is intervention from other dimensions, related to the military industrial complex, and "we the people" are not to be informed...

They talk about crashes of the craft. They talk about beings in the craft. They talk about having contact with these beings, as they tempt the governments with technology of every kind.

The makers of the video are evidently quite impressed by the technology that the so-called aliens are offering. Dreams of "free energy" and exaltations of other "technological advancements" form

Obviously, the ancient Book of Enoch comes to mind, that speaks about the Watchers as they provided technology to the leaders in the days of Noah, the days before the Flood.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who takes the ancient accounts as serious as the evidence provided in this video compels the viewer of the reality of supernatural beings in contact with the governments of the world.

The video gives clear evidence of the existance of these beings and their crafts, as well as the communication they have with the governments of this world. Clear evidence that these beings are flying around in our air, and in space around the earth, even though many times they are unvisible for the naked eye.

So it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who takes the Bible serious either, as there is a clear mention in the Book of Books how the Powers Of The Air are really the Rulers of This World...

The video also takes us to the ancient ruins on earth and beyond...

Ancient ruins on the Moon, on Mars, giving evidence supporting the idea that "once upon a time" there were "civilizations" which have been destroyed ever since.

It turns out, that there are many similarities between the ruins as well.

Too much similarities between the ancient accounts and the incredible stories in the video. Incredible, but not really that incredible either...




Make yourself comfortable, and watch what not many people in the generations directly before us have ever seen.

In this truly remarkable video, we are being introduced to something that is -to say the least- enigmatic. Enigmatic, because nobody can really positively say just what's going on in the LIVE FEED that NASA transmitted to Planet Earth, other than that there are massive amounts of objects flying in space and they are... inteligently driven.

The video camera's of the American Space Agency have a much wider spectrum than the human eye. Infra-red and other parts that are usually invisble for us, become visible through the lenses of the precision camera's.

The recordings themselves have been authenticated as coming directly from NASA. Not in the least, because NASDA themselves keep claiming that what we actually see in the video is space debris...


Well, just look at the video. After being introduced to the man who recorded the material and to the material itself, we can look for ourselves.

The makers of the video seem to be convinced about the idea, that the inteligent forces that drive the vehicles recorded on video are simply "people" from another planet. This idea, obviously is not the only explanation one can give to the video.

There is definitely something out there. Something, that is not human. Something, that is inteligent. Something, that is massive. Something, that is not visible for the human eye.

The proof is in the video.



You might know, that I am fascinated by ancient history, especially the suppressed parts and the many so-called mysteries one can find all over the planet. And, so it seems, even beyond that.

Take a look at this picture: it's a photograph taken from the surface of the planet Mars, from the Cydonia region.

On the top-right, there's the image of what looks like a face.

Subsequently, go to the bottom-left and you'll see the ruins of what looks like a five-sided pyramid. Then go upward and look to what many refer to as "The City" or "The Fort".

Of course, there's a lot of debate about it. Is it just a glimpse of light, or not? And what to say about the complicated geometry, the many similarities between ancient monuments on our own planet? But that's not the point I'm trying to make.

The point is, that in Babylon many people have been brainwashed into believing that there is no such thing as the supernatural. That there is no such thing as ancient civilizations that were technically advanced and far superior to "our" current level of technology. They simply cannot imagine how there would be such things on Mars, or how the pyramids would have been built with superior technology and by being who were not human, but intelligent still.

But why is that so? Let's take a look at history, especially western history. Because it is in that western civilization or Babylon, that we see a fundamentalists' belief in the theory of evolution and empirical exclusivity otherwise known as materialism.

And let's compare that history with the ancient history of all people throughout the entire planet.

There is one striking difference.

It seems like each and every ancient civilization did not only have a concept of the supernatural, like a religion or a spirituality, the supernatural beings and their physical offspring were more often than not in direct contact with the leaders and kings, if they were not the leaders and kings themselves.

And all of this was considered pretty normal in these civilizations. They did not consider the monuments to be a mystery at all. They would not have debated about the face on Mars, in fact they might even have knowledge about it themselves.

Take a look at this picture. It is an ancient Sumerian statue of an "Annunaki". It is obviously not a human being.

Closer look reveals, that this is a reptilian being. It's not a mere reptilian creature, though.

Reptiles are no mammals. But this reptilian being is a female who feeds her little baby child just like a human mother would do under normal circumstances.

These beings were in no means considered "symbolical" or "mythological" by the ancient Sumerians. And the Sumerians were definitely not unique.

In fact, each and every ancient civilization have stories about these beings and most of them have incredible monuments and other structures to proof their case.

But when you talk about these things going on today, you are considered a "conspiracy theorist" or a "UFO nutcase", something like that. The basis for such allegations can directly be traced to what the brothers Collins call "the scientific dictatorship" in their equally titled book. Thanks to Babylon-sponsored Christianity, that completely erased all knowledge about these things and imposed a religious fascism on the people that make people hate Yesus Kristos until the very day of today, a feeding soil was created for the rise of atheism and evolutionary thinking.

But obviously, atheism is an unproven theory, just like evolution. As time progresses and serious scientists discover one groundbreaking thing after the other, it becomes clear that we were no caveman thousands of years ago. Ancient civilizations turn out to be highly sophisticated and developed, instead of evolutionary thinking. It becomes clear, that indeed the leaders of this world do have contact with supernatural beings and even claim to be their offspring, in spite of the materialistic world view you can find present in the minds of so many people living in a Babylon today.

And so, even though I am fascinated by all of the so-called "mysteries", I am by no means surprised by the fact that supernatural beings are actually involved with mankind throughout history and until the day of today.



Does the UFO phenomenon truly represent what many people claim it to be: visits from outer-space aliens who originate from other planets? In this 40 minute documentary from the 1970's, exactly that question is asked... and answered.

In the first 20 minutes, we're being introduced to the reality of the phenomenon in the first place. It turns out, that throughout the centuries people have been witnessing "sings in the sky" and have communicated with intelligent beings that have something to do with these signs.

An interesting aspect is that the phenomenon which we have learned to call "UFO's" (Unidentified Flying Objects) seems to be adjusting to the human perception and cultures of the times and places they appear.

Appear out of nowhere, and disappear into nowhere. Now add this to the fact that it is virtually impossible to really travel millions of light-years through space and that all the "space brothers" seem to be doing is abducting people and spread New Age types of philosophy, you have a pretty good picture of the hidden truth behind UFO's.

The documentary itself interviews a number of people who today still are among the top names in UFO research. Some are Christians, others are agnostics or even New Agers. And so they obviously will disagree on a lot of things, but that's not really apparent in this video.

What they do agree on, is that the phenomenon is real and does not (always) represent something good. After all, abducting and raping people is a crime, isn't it?

Still, abduction stories go hand-in-hand with UFO sightings and they turn out to be described as well as foretold in the ancient book of the bible.

Towards the end of the video, we are introduced to a Welsh preacher man called I.D.E. Thomas. He explains how the phenomenon has everything to do with the events described in Genesis 6 of the Bible, when fallen angelic beings raped women and created a terrible offspring called the Nephilim. These Nephilim were the reason God sent the Great Flood of Noah.

And isn't it foretold, that the Days Of Noah would return?

click here to watch/download

BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell

BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell
WWW, FEBRUARY 2007 - The following article is taken from and deals with the strange fact that a BBC reporter announced the collapse of Building 7 on September 112, in New York. Building 7 was part of the WTC complex but never hit with any plane while the owner admitted that they blew it up themselves.
BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell
Revealing, shocking video shows reporter talking about collapse with WTC 7 still standing in background, Google removes clip

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet - Tuesday, February 27, 2007 (UPDATED 5:36AM CST)

An astounding video uncovered from the archives today shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11. The incredible footage shows BBC reporter Jane Standley talking about the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head.

Minutes before the actual collapse of the building is due, the feed to the reporter mysteriously dies.

This amazing clip was on Google Video, but was removed within hours of the story breaking. However, hundreds of people had already managed to download the clip and it has gone viral on the Internet and the censors won't be able to shut the lid this time. A You Tube upload is available here but we fully expect this to be removed soon. You can watch it for the time being at this link and also here. A WMV link is here (on Prisonplanet server) and a Quicktime here. Bit torrent versions of the file can be found here. An avi version can be found here.

To be clear, the Salomon Brothers Building is just a different name for Building 7 or WTC 7. Skip forward to around the 14:30 minute mark.

Although there is no clock or time stamp on the footage, the source claims the report was given at 4:57pm EST, 23 minutes before Building 7 collapsed at 5:20pm. While the exact time of the report cannot be confirmed at present, it is clear from the footage that the reporter is describing the collapse of WTC 7 while it clearly remains standing behind her in the live shot.

The fact that the BBC reported on the collapse of Building 7 over twenty minutes in advance of its implosion obviously provokes a myriad of questions as to how they knew it was about to come down when the official story says its collapse happened accidentally as a result of fire damage and debris weakening the building's structure.

As we have documented before, firefighters, police and first responders were all told to get back from the building because it was about to be brought down. It is widely acknowledged by those who were there on the scene that warnings were issued for people to evacuate the area in anticipation of the building's collapse, with some even stating that a 20 second countdown preceded the collapse of the 47-story skyscraper, again clearly suggesting that it was taken down by means of explosives as the video footage of its implosion illustrates.

Alex Jones' film Terror Storm documents how Thermate was the likely culprit for the implosion of the twin towers and also explores the collapse of WTC 7.

In a September 2002 PBS documentary, the owner of the WTC complex Larry Silverstein discusses Building 7 and states that in the late afternoon of September 11, the decision was made to "pull it." The term "pull it" is industry jargon for controlled demolition, but Silverstein denied charges that WTC 7 had been deliberately brought down.

This newly uncovered video confirms that the collapse of WTC 7 was no surprise, because television news stations were reporting on it before it happened!

This footage is absolutely amazing and should provoke a firestorm of new questions aimed both at Silverstein and the BBC. Who told the BBC that the building was going to collapse before it did and why were they reporting its fall in advance of the event actually taking place?

Many have speculated that some kind of press release was leaked too soon and AP wires, radio stations and TV news outlets prematurely reported on WTC 7's collapse.

The video also severely undermines the credibility of the BBC who recently caused controversy by airing a 9/11 hit piece that sought to debunk questions that bring the official story into doubt.

Calls have already been put through to the BBC reporting the "mistake," click here to listen to an MP3. The BBC have promised to "look into it."

Moronic commenters on Digg are already trying to bury the story, yet none of them have an answer as to why the BBC reported the building's collapse before it happened. Click here to add your own comment and counter the debunkers.

ACTION: E Mail the BBC and ask them to clarify exactly why their reporter is announcing the collapse of Building 7 before it has collapsed.

He Takes His Secrets to the Grave. Our Complicity Dies with Him

He Takes His Secrets to the Grave. Our Complicity Dies with Him

How the West armed Saddam, fed him intelligence on his 'enemies', equipped him for atrocities - and then made sure he wouldn't squeal

by Robert Fisk

We've shut him up. The moment Saddam's hooded executioner pulled the lever of the trapdoor in Baghdad yesterday morning, Washington's secrets were safe. The shameless, outrageous, covert military support which the United States - and Britain - gave to Saddam for more than a decade remains the one terrible story which our presidents and prime ministers do not want the world to remember. And now Saddam, who knew the full extent of that Western support - given to him while he was perpetrating some of the worst atrocities since the Second World War - is dead.

Gone is the man who personally received the CIA's help in destroying the Iraqi communist party. After Saddam seized power, US intelligence gave his minions the home addresses of communists in Baghdad and other cities in an effort to destroy the Soviet Union's influence in Iraq. Saddam's mukhabarat visited every home, arrested the occupants and their families, and butchered the lot. Public hanging was for plotters; the communists, their wives and children, were given special treatment - extreme torture before execution at Abu Ghraib.

There is growing evidence across the Arab world that Saddam held a series of meetings with senior American officials prior to his invasion of Iran in 1980 - both he and the US administration believed that the Islamic Republic would collapse if Saddam sent his legions across the border - and the Pentagon was instructed to assist Iraq's military machine by providing intelligence on the Iranian order of battle. One frosty day in 1987, not far from Cologne, I met the German arms dealer who initiated those first direct contacts between Washington and Baghdad - at America's request.

"Mr Fisk... at the very beginning of the war, in September of 1980, I was invited to go to the Pentagon," he said. "There I was handed the very latest US satellite photographs of the Iranian front lines. You could see everything on the pictures. There were the Iranian gun emplacements in Abadan and behind Khorramshahr, the lines of trenches on the eastern side of the Karun river, the tank revetments - thousands of them - all the way up the Iranian side of the border towards Kurdistan. No army could want more than this. And I travelled with these maps from Washington by air to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt on Iraqi Airways straight to Baghdad. The Iraqis were very, very grateful!"

I was with Saddam's forward commandos at the time, under Iranian shellfire, noting how the Iraqi forces aligned their artillery positions far back from the battle front with detailed maps of the Iranian lines. Their shelling against Iran outside Basra allowed the first Iraqi tanks to cross the Karun within a week. The commander of that tank unit cheerfully refused to tell me how he had managed to choose the one river crossing undefended by Iranian armour. Two years ago, we met again, in Amman and his junior officers called him "General" - the rank awarded him by Saddam after that tank attack east of Basra, courtesy of Washington's intelligence information.

Iran's official history of the eight-year war with Iraq states that Saddam first used chemical weapons against it on 13 January 1981. AP's correspondent in Baghdad, Mohamed Salaam, was taken to see the scene of an Iraqi military victory east of Basra. "We started counting - we walked miles and miles in this fucking desert, just counting," he said. "We got to 700 and got muddled and had to start counting again ... The Iraqis had used, for the first time, a combination - the nerve gas would paralyse their bodies ... the mustard gas would drown them in their own lungs. That's why they spat blood."

At the time, the Iranians claimed that this terrible cocktail had been given to Saddam by the US. Washington denied this. But the Iranians were right. The lengthy negotiations which led to America's complicity in this atrocity remain secret - Donald Rumsfeld was one of President Ronald Reagan's point-men at this period - although Saddam undoubtedly knew every detail. But a largely unreported document, "United States Chemical and Biological Warfare-related Dual-use exports to Iraq and their possible impact on the Health Consequences of the Persian Gulf War", stated that prior to 1985 and afterwards, US companies had sent government-approved shipments of biological agents to Iraq. These included Bacillus anthracis, which produces anthrax, andEscherichia coli (E. coli). That Senate report concluded that: "The United States provided the Government of Iraq with 'dual use' licensed materials which assisted in the development of Iraqi chemical, biological and missile-systems programs, including ... chemical warfare agent production facility plant and technical drawings, chemical warfare filling equipment."

Nor was the Pentagon unaware of the extent of Iraqi use of chemical weapons. In 1988, for example, Saddam gave his personal permission for Lt-Col Rick Francona, a US defence intelligence officer - one of 60 American officers who were secretly providing members of the Iraqi general staff with detailed information on Iranian deployments, tactical planning and bomb damage assessments - to visit the Fao peninsula after Iraqi forces had recaptured the town from the Iranians. He reported back to Washington that the Iraqis had used chemical weapons to achieve their victory. The senior defence intelligence officer at the time, Col Walter Lang, later said that the use of gas on the battlefield by the Iraqis "was not a matter of deep strategic concern".

I saw the results, however. On a long military hospital train back to Tehran from the battle front, I found hundreds of Iranian soldiers coughing blood and mucus from their lungs - the very carriages stank so much of gas that I had to open the windows - and their arms and faces were covered with boils. Later, new bubbles of skin appeared on top of their original boils. Many were fearfully burnt. These same gases were later used on the Kurds of Halabja. No wonder that Saddam was primarily tried in Baghdad for the slaughter of Shia villagers, not for his war crimes against Iran.

We still don't know - and with Saddam's execution we will probably never know - the extent of US credits to Iraq, which began in 1982. The initial tranche, the sum of which was spent on the purchase of American weapons from Jordan and Kuwait, came to $300m. By 1987, Saddam was being promised $1bn in credit. By 1990, just before Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, annual trade between Iraq and the US had grown to $3.5bn a year. Pressed by Saddam's foreign minister, Tariq Aziz, to continue US credits, James Baker then Secretary of State, but the same James Baker who has just produced a report intended to drag George Bush from the catastrophe of present- day Iraq - pushed for new guarantees worth $1bn from the US.

In 1989, Britain, which had been giving its own covert military assistance to Saddam guaranteed £250m to Iraq shortly after the arrest of Observer journalist Farzad Bazoft in Baghdad. Bazoft, who had been investigating an explosion at a factory at Hilla which was using the very chemical components sent by the US, was later hanged. Within a month of Bazoft's arrest William Waldegrave, then a Foreign Office minister, said: "I doubt if there is any future market of such a scale anywhere where the UK is potentially so well-placed if we play our diplomatic hand correctly... A few more Bazofts or another bout of internal oppression would make it more difficult."

Even more repulsive were the remarks of the then Deputy Prime Minister, Geoffrey Howe, on relaxing controls on British arms sales to Iraq. He kept this secret, he wrote, because "it would look very cynical if, so soon after expressing outrage about the treatment of the Kurds, we adopt a more flexible approach to arms sales".

Saddam knew, too, the secrets of the attack on the USS Stark when, on 17 May 1987, an Iraqi jet launched a missile attack on the American frigate, killing more than a sixth of the crew and almost sinking the vessel. The US accepted Saddam's excuse that the ship was mistaken for an Iranian vessel and allowed Saddam to refuse their request to interview the Iraqi pilot.

The whole truth died with Saddam Hussein in the Baghdad execution chamber yesterday. Many in Washington and London must have sighed with relief that the old man had been silenced for ever.

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Washington Post: Secret Service worked on Microsoft Vista

For Windows Vista Security, Microsoft Called in Pros

By Alec Klein and Ellen Nakashima
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, January 9, 2007; D01

When Microsoft introduces its long-awaited Windows Vista operating system this month, it will have an unlikely partner to thank for making its flagship product safe and secure for millions of computer users across the world: the National Security Agency.

For the first time, the giant software maker is acknowledging the help of the secretive agency, better known for eavesdropping on foreign officials and, more recently, U.S. citizens as part of the Bush administration's effort to combat terrorism. The agency said it has helped in the development of the security of Microsoft's new operating system -- the brains of a computer -- to protect it from worms, Trojan horses and other insidious computer attackers.

"Our intention is to help everyone with security," Tony W. Sager, the NSA's chief of vulnerability analysis and operations group, said yesterday.

The NSA's impact may be felt widely. Windows commands more than 90 percent of the worldwide market share in desktop operating systems, and Vista, which is set to be released to consumers Jan. 30, is expected to be used by more than 600 million computer users by 2010, according to Al Gillen, an analyst at market research firm International Data.

Microsoft has not promoted the NSA's contributions, mentioning on its Web site the agency's role only at the end of its "Windows Vista Security Guide," which states that the "guide is not intended for home users" but for information and security specialists.

The Redmond, Wash., software maker declined to be specific about the contributions the NSA made to secure the Windows operating system.

The NSA also declined to be specific but said it used two groups -- a "red team" and a "blue team" -- to test Vista's security. The red team, for instance, posed as "the determined, technically competent adversary" to disrupt, corrupt or steal information. "They pretend to be bad guys," Sager said. The blue team helped Defense Department system administrators with Vista's configuration .

Microsoft said this is not the first time it has sought help from the NSA. For about four years, Microsoft has tapped the spy agency for security expertise in reviewing its operating systems, including the Windows XP consumer version and the Windows Server 2003 for corporate customers.

With hundreds of thousands of Defense Department employees using Microsoft's software, the NSA realizes that it's in its own interest to make the product as secure as possible. "It's partly a recognition that this is a commercial world," Sager said. "Our customers have spoken."

Microsoft also has sought the security expertise of other U.S. government and international entities, including NATO. "I cannot mention any of the other international agencies," said Donald R. Armstrong, senior program manager of Microsoft's government security program, citing the wishes of those agencies to remain anonymous.

Microsoft's concerns extend beyond the welfare of its software when it seeks the security expertise of government agencies. "When you get into an environment where a Microsoft product is used in a battlefield situation or a government situation where if a system is compromised, identities could be found out," and it could be a matter of life and death, Armstrong said.

Other software makers have turned to government agencies for security advice, including Apple, which makes the Mac OS X operating system. "We work with a number of U.S. government agencies on Mac OS X security and collaborated with the NSA on the Mac OS X security configuration guide," said Apple spokesman Anuj Nayar in an e-mail.

Novell, which sells a Linux-based operating system, also works with government agencies on software security issues, spokesman Bruce Lowry said in an e-mail, "but we're not in a position to go into specifics of the who, what, when types of questions."

The NSA declined to comment on its security work with other software firms, but Sager said Microsoft is the only one "with this kind of relationship at this point where there's an acknowledgment publicly."

The NSA, which provided its service free, said it was Microsoft's idea to acknowledge the spy agency's role.

The NSA's primary mission is signals intelligence -- monitoring the communications of foreign powers, terrorists and others. But its secondary objection is "information assurance," under which the security of Microsoft's operating system falls.

Industry observers suggest that both the NSA and Microsoft have good reason to disclose their relationship. For Microsoft, the NSA's imprimatur may be viewed as a vote of confidence in the operating system's security.

"I kind of call it a Good Housekeeping seal" of approval, said Michael Cherry, a former Windows program manager who now analyzes the product for Directions on Microsoft, a firm that tracks the software maker.

Cherry says the NSA's involvement can help counter the perception that Windows is not entirely secure and help create a perception that Microsoft has solved the security problems that have plagued it in the past. "Microsoft also wants to make the case that [the new Windows] more secure than its earlier versions," he said.

Armstrong, the Microsoft manager, said: "The entire crux of Vista was security. . . . Security is at the forefront of our thoughts and our methods in developments and is critically important to our customers." AR2007010801352_pf.html

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