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WWW, November 2008 - Millions of people celebrate on the streets as the first Black president of the USA is a fact. Will their hopes be fulfilled?

A checklist...

The first Black president of the USA is a fact. A fact to rejoice over, which is exactly what millions of people did when it became clear that Barack Obama had won the election.

Months earlier, Reggae singer Coco Tea released a tune with a video in which he expressed his support for Obama. Carrying the Red Gold and Green, he voiced the hopes of many for "change". A cynic would say, that Coco Tea almost presented Obama as a Rastaman.

A Rasta in the White House?

Of course, the first Black president of the USA is a fact and that is a thing which in itself is very important. However, the reason why this is important has to do directly with the fact that Babylon is a reality.

In his speech after it became known that he had won the election, Barak Obama referred to the days of slavery. He spoke about a long way from the slave plantation to the White House, even though he did not use these words.

Millions of people were taken from Afrika, to work as slaves in what was called the "New World". This was part of a process which started in ancient times and we have come to identify her as Mystery Babylon.

Does Obama deserve the support of those that know themselves to Chant Down Babylon? Will he remember that the White House was built by Black Slaves?

Let's make a short list of things he should do and not neglect, if that was the case. Let's see, if our joy can stay a little longer.
  • Close Guantanamo Bay and all other Torture camps
  • Reverse the Police State at home and Empire-building abroad
  • Have those people arrested who committed torture and other crimes, including the politicians responsible
  • Stop the "War on Drugs"
will Obama really make a "Change", as he promised? Will he at least try to reverse what has been done to the people of the world especially these last eight years during the Bush era?

It's November 2008...

Let's see...

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