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Free Book Download and/or Online Read: Fritz Springmeier - Bloodlines Of The Illuminati

A very interesting study into thirteen of the most powerful families, their links with the satanic plotters and their relevance in world events.

The writer was arrested for a crime he didn't commit as the result of exposing this information.


Book Review: Painful Questions: An Analysis of the September 11th Attack (Eric Hufschmid)

When the Twin Towers fell to the ground, Erich Huffschmid had no reason to doubt the conspiracy theory we know as the official version of what happened that tragic day.

After all, with most sensible people he thought that "conspiracy theories" were usually expressions of paranoia. So he probably had to answer one very painful question for himself, before he could write the book we are reviewing here.

"Is the Government story concerning September eleven a conspiracy theory?"

Recent polls show, that a majority of people answer this painful question with "yes".

And Eric Huffschmid is one of them.

Mr. Hasid is a respected software engineer and programmer, respected in what he does. And successful too. Has he become a "conspiracy theorist"?

In a way, yes.

The writer of this great book doesn't really propose another "what really happened" version. And he doesn't speculate either. He's just doing what the title of the book suggests: asking very Painful Questions.

Huffschmid not proposing a conspiracy theory, he is exposing one. By simply asking questions. Each of them can be answered. But the answers will not back up the official version.

Let's take a look at a few of these questions:

  • Why is the military hiding the video of Flight 77 as it crashes into the Pentagon?
  • Why did the WTC fall down in exactly the same unique way as advertized by the demolition company who cleaned up the ruins afterwards?
  • Why do so few people know what Building 7 is and why it collapsed at 5:30 PM?
  • Why do the official stories claim that the Twin Towers melted to the ground through fire where it is a scientifically proven fact steel buildings never do?
  • Why didn't seismic stations pick up the crash of Flight 77 into the Pentagon?

This book truly asks the questions. Questions so painful that it doesn't really matter whether they are answered or not.

NOTE: The writer of this book has, after releasing what can only be considered a classic on the topic, moved on to anti-semitic realms where we at the Dubroom most definitely would not want to follow him.


Book Review: Operation Trojan Horse (John A. Keel)

This is a very remarkable book.

Not only because it completely wipes away all intellectual relevance around the many glossy UFO books with sensational stories and ditto photo's. Not only because it was written back in the 1960's and didn't lose one inch of it's actuality along the decades.

The book is remarkable because it makes sense out of those things concerning the UFO phenomena that usually doesn't make any sense.

An example. When the UFO's were flying over the western world in the 1800's, they didn't look at all like the pictures we all know. And the aliens also looked quite different.

Many people who think that UFO's do not exist use these facts to proof that they can't possible be somewhere other than in the fantasies of failed writers.

But there are still plenty facts that simply proofs the existence of these machines and their inhabitants.

The writer of Operation Trojan Horse makes sense out of what seems to be non-sense. He makes a lot of sense!

Instead of going after the many stories, trying to (dis)proof the authenticity of them, John A Keel simply looks at the actions of the Unidentified Flying Objects throughout history.

In the big picture that comes to the surface, we are introduced to an intelligent Master Plan. It appears that UFO's have been developed in an adjustment to human perception. More simply put: they look the way they want us to see them.

Keel doesn't really go in to the temptation to answer, or even ask where UFO's come from. In fact, he leaves these things over to the reader. A reader who knows that that question is not so relevant when it comes to this whole issue.

John Keel simply bypasses all the crap in this whole UFO story. The sensational stories, the irrelevant questions, the paranoia. He goes straight to the core of the matter.

He ends his book in a state of "reasonable confusion". Operation Trojan Horse is clearly in effect and it involves a lot of bizarre technology.

But being a believer in a-theism and evolution, Keel has some intellectual problems to overcome. A matter which he considers private and not the subject of this book. Fortunately.

Because that makes it even more interesting for Truth Seekers.


Book Review: The Hidden Face of Terrorism: The Dark Side of Social Engineering, from Antiquity to September 11 (Collins)

When you're studying at the University, there comes a moment in which you have to write an essay about a certain subject and you better make sure that you know what you write in it. Especially when your essay contains a thesis which is, to say the least, unconformed to the established order.

Paul David Collins wrote an essay about a contemporary subject. As the title already shows, Collins claims how Terrorism is "the dark side of social engineering". And it's like that since very ancient times. But how do you convince a University Professor that it's really like that? That terrorism is in reality a technique used by the power elite to bring about social change?

The answer is in this book. Collins is not only convincing, he proofs without the shadow of a doubt how true the title is.

Even though the subject as well as the contents are kind of heavyweight, it's still not very difficult to read it. Sure, you might have to read a sentence again, but the matters which are discussed deserve that, to say the least.

For "the hidden face of terrorism" should be exposed to everyone so that we know that we're being fooled big-time!

Terrorism turns out to be a mere tool in the hands of the power elite. Through sophisticated manipulation mechanisms known as "problem -> reaction -> solution" they practice "Social Engineering".

"Social Engineering"? Yes. It's also known as "Social Darwinism"...

Groups such as Al Qaida turn out to be nothing less than Intelligence Assets: groups created by people who are on the payroll of the Western Secret Agencies: the CIA and the like.

And everything is hidden in plain view! The knowledge is out there. The Hidden Face Of Terrorism is Hidden In Plain View!

Paul David Collins is definitely not a conspiracy theorist. His research included official government documents with plans to commit terrorism to bring social change. He puts Nero's reason to burn down Rome into the same context as well and together with a lot of other arguments a very convincing argument comes to the surface.

When you are interested in the true motives behind these terrible acts of terror that brutalize the people of the world, be like that university professor.

check out The Hidden Face Of Terrorism and shiver as you realize that you have absolutely nothing to counter the challenging thesis of Paul David Collins' book "The Hidden Face Of Terrorism"


Book Review: The Ahriman Gate, Some Gates Should Not Be opened (Horn)

Almost 400 pages of profound suspense awaits you. Yours truly has read the book in one long session, unable to put the thing down until the last page was read and this review finished.

Suspense, because this is a fictional story and quite a good one indeed. It's a thriller, where secret government projects and even genetically manipulated beings appear to the scene. A far-beyond-top-secret facility turns out to be nothing less then a technical project to basically release the most evil forces creation has ever witnessed.

Profound, because the story is only a vehicle to wake the town and tell the people about some truly troublesome issues. According to ancient manuscripts such as the Book of Enoch as well as contemporary reports, the governments of the world are in continual contact with evil forces. In exchange for "supernatural" or "alien" knowledge, these forces are allowed to do the most absurd things.

Absurd, but unfortunately true. As we keep hearing about genetic manipulation and all of us are simply enraged by the fact that GM "food" is taking over natural food, the real situation with DNA goes much further.

In the Ahriman Gate we are introduced with some of the most evil applications of GM. We're talking "transgenetics" here: mixing the DNA of animals and humans. And it goes even further, when we have to take the message of The Ahriman Gate with some seriousness.

And we should.

Even though Tom Horn, who co-wrote the book with his wife Nita, is well established within the Christian Industry.

Even though he does use information by other researchers like Matthew Henry, who in their turn complain about this lack of crediting.

For it's a fictional book, and may very well serve as a starting point for a deeper research.


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