Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Review: The Ahriman Gate, Some Gates Should Not Be opened (Horn)

Almost 400 pages of profound suspense awaits you. Yours truly has read the book in one long session, unable to put the thing down until the last page was read and this review finished.

Suspense, because this is a fictional story and quite a good one indeed. It's a thriller, where secret government projects and even genetically manipulated beings appear to the scene. A far-beyond-top-secret facility turns out to be nothing less then a technical project to basically release the most evil forces creation has ever witnessed.

Profound, because the story is only a vehicle to wake the town and tell the people about some truly troublesome issues. According to ancient manuscripts such as the Book of Enoch as well as contemporary reports, the governments of the world are in continual contact with evil forces. In exchange for "supernatural" or "alien" knowledge, these forces are allowed to do the most absurd things.

Absurd, but unfortunately true. As we keep hearing about genetic manipulation and all of us are simply enraged by the fact that GM "food" is taking over natural food, the real situation with DNA goes much further.

In the Ahriman Gate we are introduced with some of the most evil applications of GM. We're talking "transgenetics" here: mixing the DNA of animals and humans. And it goes even further, when we have to take the message of The Ahriman Gate with some seriousness.

And we should.

Even though Tom Horn, who co-wrote the book with his wife Nita, is well established within the Christian Industry.

Even though he does use information by other researchers like Matthew Henry, who in their turn complain about this lack of crediting.

For it's a fictional book, and may very well serve as a starting point for a deeper research.


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