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WWW, April 2009 - A 47 minute Debunkumentary in which his theories and teaching methods are questioned, caused adept Michael Tsarion to show his contempt for the very same freedom of speech he claims to fight for.

What is wrong with Michael Tsarion?

This website has written before about Michael Tsarion. In a series called "New Age Rage", where we take a sarcastic look at a movement which usually claims "peace and love" but happens to have some serious connections with quite the opposite side as well: that's right, the New Age Movement.

We've taken this sarcastic look on Michael Tsarion, too. Himself an adept of the teachings of Blavatsky and other occult scholars/teachers, Tsarion is an upcoming star in the "Truth Movement", a Movement which attempts or claims to fight against the New World Order System we know as Babylon.

Michael Tsarion had already shown that he's not what many want to believe he is. When you watch just one of Tsarion's video's, you can see how he produces courses of the very same Mystery Schools in which the Secret Rulers Of The World had learnt to keep mankind under slavery for so many thousands of years now. He presents it as Truth, though: the ultimate research into the Illuminati.

Just like Peter Joseph, the creator of the movie sequel "Zeitgeist", Tsarion claims to be a "Truth Seeker". Just like Peter Joseph, he turns out to be doing nothing else but teaching the very same theories and practices of Helena Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley, and even Adolph Hitler and presents it as Gospel Truth.

In the episode of "New Age Rage" which featured Michael Tsarion, we could read how he threatened Chris White, host of the "Nowhere to Run" podcast. Chris White had done what you could call the ultimate research into Michael Tsarion's claims and wanted a debate.

After all, that is what Lovers of Truth do, right? Freedom of Speech and all that?


Michael Tsarion's response was basically: "The Only Debate I Will Give Is With My Fist". What seemed to be a rather physically threatening way of denying an intelligent exchange of ideas, however, has now turned into an even more ugly phase as Tsarion reveals his "fist"...

Just recently, Chris White produced what he calls a debunkumentary. It's a video wherein he critiques the Gospel Truth of Michael Tsarion, and more importantly: the methods of deception he uses to introduce Truth Seekers to his teachings.

We talk about stuff like Tsarion quoting the Bible, where Jah speaks to the serpent. The only problem, though, is that Tsarion claims it is Jah speaking to Eve!

"Errors", like Tsarion talking about the Nephilim as the first humans, where the Bible says how these Nephilim were the unholy offspring between angelic beings called the "Sons of God" and the women called "daughters of Adam".

In the debunkumentary, entitled "Michael Tsarion Is Wrong", Chris White goes in-depth as you will probably not know what he's talking about unless you've seen the brainwash education of hours and hours and even more hours of Michael Tsarion's rather boring video lectures for yourself.

Those who want to believe that Michael Tsarion Is Right, usually will see themselves as "Truth Seekers". They want to believe that Michael Tsarion fights the good fight of exposing the New World Order, Babylon System, whatever you might call the Mystery. Chris White's debunkumentary breaks down that idea to the very same level in which the Truth Seekers have been initiated into the Mystery that "Czar Michael" trained his foot soldiers in.

Without realizing it, these Truth Seekers have been trained into thinking exactly the same as the ones they think they are fighting. The very same New Age lies that moved the hippies of the 1960's into becoming the nazi's of their time, now move many in the "Truth Movement" into becoming foot soldiers for the very same New World Order they think they fight.

So in itself, we have nothing new here.

One of the first researchers who published about this link between the Nazi's and the New Age Movement of which Tsarion is obviously a member, was a North American lawyer called Constance Cumby. We owe her a lot of thanks for her research. After all, it's a link that will obviously reveal the spiritual identity of everyone who perpetuates the Satanic Teachings!

Constance Cumby went after Benjamin Creme and his Maitreya the Antichrist, exposing him since the 1980's. However, we are now a few decades further and in the meantime, Mystery Babylon is revealed more and more every day as she moves towards her ultimate downfall, when Revelation is fulfilled!

Just like the ancient prophet revealed, in this time the knowledge increases as many do research and travel to and fro. The Internet, of course. The Internet, where the Truth Movement shares knowledge and information, the research, that reveals the Mystery which holds mankind under her captivity ever since Nimrod built his Tower of Babble.

The Internet, where Michael Tsarion's video's and lectures can be found all over. And if you can't find them, you can go to one of the countless podcasts where he will happily tell you all about the year 2012 where mankind will be enlightened and how the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve are really the nephilim that were judged in the Days of Noah, or how Yesus Kristos is just an invention by the ancient Egyptians where in fact that theory was invented after Yesus walked on the shores of Galilee.

You can go to Alex Jones, for example, who did a perfect job exposing Peter Joseph, the name behind the movie sequel "Zeitgeist", wherein Hitler's Utopia was presented to the "Truth Seekers" who had woken up to the truth just a little bit too much in the eyes of the Satanic Elite that runs the world like Psalm 2 describes.

But here's the catch...

Even though the same can and should be said about Michael Tsarion and his Luciferian Teachings or Satanic Indoctrination, for some reason it never dawned to Alex Jones how there really is not that much difference between Peter Joseph and Michael Tsarion, or Jordan Maxwell, or David Icke...

Michael Tsarion openly says that he admires Aleister Crowley, and Mme Blavatsky. These very same things were -rightfully- used against Peter Joseph but ignored in Tsarion's case.

I believe, that this reason is this: there is a difference between Truth Seekers and Truth Lovers. Truth Seekers do not necessarily Love the Truth. They just want to Use The Truth for their own gain, or whatever.

Truth Lovers, however, seek the Truth as a result of Love. Love for freedom. In the Words of Yesus: "You Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Will Set You Free"!

Nowhere can the difference between a Lover of Truth and a Seeker of Truth be seen more clearly than in the case of Michael Tsarion vs. Chris White. Completely contradictoire to what even resembles a Love for Truth, for Freedom of Speech, Tsarion now abuses Copyright Laws to write to YouTube and Google Video and have not just all Chris White's video's removed, but even to have his accounts deleted!

That's right, you can't watch the debunkumentary on YouTube anymore. You can't see for yourself if Michael Tsarion is so right as he claims he is. "Czar" Michael's respect for Freedom of Speech apparently ends where his rule is questioned!

However, he also reveals himself here to an extend he might not want. For it is obvious, how Tsarion makes false claims of copyright. Deceitful ways, obviously, distinguish Truth Seekers from Truth Lovers.

On top of that, Tsarion's claims are obviously nothing but damage control as Chris White's successfully threatens the validity of his teachings by putting some Truth Light on them!

Completely in league with those that would love to kill the Internet, for Cyberspace truly is the only place where true Freedom of Speech is applied, Michael Tsarion now joins the ranks of the Hollywood Industry and other Channels of Propaganda.

At the moment I write this, you can still look for yourself what is so dangerous for Tsarion that he can only show himself to be the Babylonian that he is. The Black Vault website doesn't bow for the "Czar" and stands up against this violation of JAH Given Human Right of Freedom of Speech.

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5

It's clear: Chris White makes use of what the Copyright laws called "Fair Use". Tsarion's false claims to copyrights won't even make him win in court! The text goes like this:

§ 107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use

Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include-
(1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
(2) the nature of the copyrighted work;
(3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
(4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.

This "Fair Use" policy is one of the foundations of Freedom of Speech.

Without it, you can't criticize nothing, because you can't quote a thing. It's Elite Enemy Number One. And Chris White's debunkumentary is a school example of Fair Use, as the video is for non-profit purpose, for research and criticism.

Michael Tsarion's enormous claims obviously should be able to stand a thorough and in-depth critique. After all, he claims it to be "the Truth" and the fact that he lets just about everybody use his material, even allows the fact that people upload full copies of his expensive DVD series to YouTube and other Video Sites, doesn't make him much credible when he turns out to be worried about his "copy rights" the second someone just asks questions and posts a video online asking these questions.

Indeed, Michael Tsarion's "fist", turns out to be just what it is: an act of brute violence. And Lovers of Truth know all too well: violence speaks where Truth has to be silenced.

To give him credit, though: Michael Tsarion was right in one thing. Indeed, he will only "debate" Chris White with his "fist". The reason for that is, that Michael Tsarion is simply unable to answer to the Truth in any other way!

Michael Tsarion is not a Lover of Truth, because he is not a Lover of Freedom. His "fist" simply reveals his hate against the Truth. And there can be only one reason to hate the Truth, which is that you hate Freedom.

Tsarion might be a Seeker of Truth, though, because he looks at Truth in a rather technological way. After all, his teachings are nothing but a rather silly attempt to "reverse engineer" the Truth. However, Truth can never be the ultimate tool for the enslavers. That's why they so desperately try to keep the real Truth Seekers from discovering the Truth.

That's also why Michael Tsarion will ultimately fail in his attempts to initiate Truth Seekers into the Mystery Teachings of Babylon. Just like he will ultimately fail to steal Chris White's JAH-given Human Right Of Freedom Of Speech.

That is why Michael Tsarion is so angry.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread


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WWW, March 2009 - One could have waited for this: the anti-smokers lobby found a new toy and it is called "Third Hand Smoke". In their ever-lasting crusade against smokers, the freedom-haters have succesfully created the first place where there is not just a smoking ban, but rather a smokers ban.


The sign (see picture) is very clear: not only does it say that smokers are not allowed, the smoker has de facto become a second class citizen much like the Jews in Nazi Germany were first banned from all kinds of public places, only to be taken into concentration camps. "In the interest of others", Jews were banned. After all, their mere presence was considered to be a danger for the public health et cetera.

Fast forward to 2009. For a number of years, the smoking ban (which was introduced during Hitler's reign as well) has been introduced in just about every public place. In the name of "public health", and equiped with fables surrounding "Second Hand Smoke", the freedom-haters and health fetishists who could for the most part not tell you where they are living for themselves, have killed a number of cultural activities. In-door Reggae Concerts? No smoking. A Country Pub where the locals take a drink and a smoke? No longer possible.

Unfortunately for the freedom-haters, a mere smoking ban does not kill the pleasure of life that smoking is for many people. After all, smokers go outside, stick together, and have a good time outside. This is unacceptable for the health fetishists but they were still facing the fact that humans have human rights.

They needed to come up with a new idea, to go beyond the smoking ban, and now they found it in a new fable called "Third Hand Smoke" (THS). THS proponents claims, that smokers carry toxic gasses with them, in their clothing, in their breathing, in their bodies. The consequence of this theory is just what the freedom-haters want: the mere presence of a smoker in a room may cause death for the "others", and so, these "others" have to be "protected" from the mere presence of a smoker.

The Royal Oldham Hospital (UK) is the first place where the myth of THS is being elevated to Bible Truth. The hospital has created a room where there is not just a smoking ban, but a smokers ban. The reasoning behind it, even though in itself fraudulent, has led the hospital to divide humanity into two species. After all, when the mere presence of one category of humans is considered a danger for "public health" (whatever that may mean, by the way) for "the others", we see that humans themselves are being seen as inferior to claims and theories.

Smokers and non-smokers who respect the humanity of their fellow (wo)men, should be alarmed by this disturbing development. It's not just the myth and lie that is THS, it is the dividing of humanity into super and sub species.

More info:

Obama Administration Takes First Steps Towards THE DRAFT

Obama Administration Takes First Steps Towards THE DRAFT

WWW, March 2008 - It's one of the strongest ways for the state to imprison their youths: Conscription or the Draft. That's right, Obama is running out of soldiers and by the way, he needs to build up his civilian Stasi-style "civilian corps" and he's not looking for volunteers!

Of course, the US army isn't a voluntarily army at all. Just look at the recruits, who join the military because they simply have no other perspective in life.But still, the illusion was there. This illusion is no longer neccesary with Obama. Although he is quickly running out of the support he got when he was selected as President of the USA, he is now in the position to simply demand the support he needs to build the Police State on a yet deeper level than his predecessor could do.

He running to it, quick.

As PrisonPlanet's Steve Watson concludes, the Americanm parliament has recently approved the first step to conscription.

House Passes Mandatory National Service Bill

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, March 19, 2009

House Passes Mandatory National Service Bill 190309top

The House passed a bill yesterday which includes disturbing language indicating young people will be forced to undertake mandatory national service programs as fears about President Barack Obama's promised "civilian national security force" intensify.

The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, known as the GIVE Act, was passed yesterday by a 321-105 margin and now goes to the Senate.

Under section 6104 of the bill, entitled "Duties," in subsection B6, the legislation states that a commission will be set up to investigate, "Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds."

Section 120 of the bill also discusses the "Youth Engagement Zone Program" and states that "service learning" will be "a mandatory part of the curriculum in all of the secondary schools served by the local educational agency."

"The legislation, slated to cost $6 billion over five years, would create 175,000 "new service opportunities" under AmeriCorps, bringing the number of participants in the national volunteer program to 250,000. It would also create additional "corps" to expand the reach of volunteerism into new sectors, including a Clean Energy Corps, Education Corps, Healthy Futures Corps and Veterans Service Corps, and it expands the National Civilian Community Corps to focus on additional areas like disaster relief and energy conservation," reports Fox News.

The Senate is also considering a similar piece of legislation known as the "Serve America Act," which also includes language about "Youth Engagement Zones".

Fears about Obama's plans to create involuntary servitude were first stoked in July 2008, when Obama told a rally in Colorado Springs, "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."

Despite denials that Obama plans to institute a mandatory program of national service, his original change.gov website stated that Americans would be "required" to complete "50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year". The text was only later changed to state that Americans would be "encouraged" to undertake such programs.

In addition, Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, publicly stated his intention to help create "universal civil defense training" in 2006.

"The bill's opponents - and there are only a few in Congress - say it could cram ideology down the throats of young "volunteers," many of whom could be forced into service since the bill creates a "Congressional Commission on Civic Service," reports Fox.

"We contribute our time and money under no government coercion on a scale the rest of the world doesn't emulate and probably can't imagine," said Luke Sheahan, contributing editor for the Family Security Foundation. "The idea that government should order its people to perform acts of charity is contrary to the idea of charity and it removes the responsibility for charity from the people to the government, destroying private initiative."

Lee Cary of the conservative American Thinker warns that Obama's agenda is to, "tap into the already active volunteerism of millions of Americans and recruit them to become cogs in a gigantic government machine grinding out his social re-engineering agenda."

CFR luminary Gary Hart hit back at critics, claiming in a Huffington Post piece that, "Resistance to expanded public service programs can be expected from the ideologically sclerotic, those who occupy the negative ground between government as the problem and government as our enemy."




WWW, March 2009 - In what should be seen as another reason for Reggae artists not to worship the president of America as if the man is Jah Rastafari, Barack Obama recently answered a question from an Internet audience about the legalization of ganja. He was extremely amused by the idea of legalization, and even ridiculed the people who proposed it.

The question was posed as part of an "Internet Town Hall Meeting", in which Barack Obama answered questions by an online audience. Before answering with a big fat NO, Obama admitted that the question was "fairly high on the list" and that therefore he had to answer it. Obama's reluctance in answering the question could very well have to do with the fact that so many people, including many who call themselves Rastafarians, think and claim that Obama is for legalization of ganja, one reason for many to have voted for him.

A few years ago, Obama was recorded as saying that he was for de-criminalizing ganja, but not legalization. In answering the question for the online audience this month, he even didn't hint to decriminalizing and instead turned to laughter and riducule. Backed up by a group who couldn't stop laughing either about what they obviously saw as a ridiculous proposal, Obama said that the question said something about the "online audience rather then about the proposal itself.

Apart from the fact that it is highly inapropriate to laugh about this matter, for there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in the American prisons just for posession of a few grams of herb, Obama's ridiculizing of proponents of legalization should at least wake up a few people who have been blinded by what Hip Hop artist KRS-ONE calls "Black Face On The New World Order".

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