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WWW, March 2009 - One could have waited for this: the anti-smokers lobby found a new toy and it is called "Third Hand Smoke". In their ever-lasting crusade against smokers, the freedom-haters have succesfully created the first place where there is not just a smoking ban, but rather a smokers ban.


The sign (see picture) is very clear: not only does it say that smokers are not allowed, the smoker has de facto become a second class citizen much like the Jews in Nazi Germany were first banned from all kinds of public places, only to be taken into concentration camps. "In the interest of others", Jews were banned. After all, their mere presence was considered to be a danger for the public health et cetera.

Fast forward to 2009. For a number of years, the smoking ban (which was introduced during Hitler's reign as well) has been introduced in just about every public place. In the name of "public health", and equiped with fables surrounding "Second Hand Smoke", the freedom-haters and health fetishists who could for the most part not tell you where they are living for themselves, have killed a number of cultural activities. In-door Reggae Concerts? No smoking. A Country Pub where the locals take a drink and a smoke? No longer possible.

Unfortunately for the freedom-haters, a mere smoking ban does not kill the pleasure of life that smoking is for many people. After all, smokers go outside, stick together, and have a good time outside. This is unacceptable for the health fetishists but they were still facing the fact that humans have human rights.

They needed to come up with a new idea, to go beyond the smoking ban, and now they found it in a new fable called "Third Hand Smoke" (THS). THS proponents claims, that smokers carry toxic gasses with them, in their clothing, in their breathing, in their bodies. The consequence of this theory is just what the freedom-haters want: the mere presence of a smoker in a room may cause death for the "others", and so, these "others" have to be "protected" from the mere presence of a smoker.

The Royal Oldham Hospital (UK) is the first place where the myth of THS is being elevated to Bible Truth. The hospital has created a room where there is not just a smoking ban, but a smokers ban. The reasoning behind it, even though in itself fraudulent, has led the hospital to divide humanity into two species. After all, when the mere presence of one category of humans is considered a danger for "public health" (whatever that may mean, by the way) for "the others", we see that humans themselves are being seen as inferior to claims and theories.

Smokers and non-smokers who respect the humanity of their fellow (wo)men, should be alarmed by this disturbing development. It's not just the myth and lie that is THS, it is the dividing of humanity into super and sub species.

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