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The Babylon Observer is a Dubroom research project, aimed at documenting and reviewing material concerning the activities and philosophies of major drivers behind "Globalization", "New Age" or "New World Order" as they push forward to their goal and ultimate fall.

You can hear the name in many Reggae tracks. You read it in the Bible, too. You have to learn the name in school, and you're continually reminded of the same name when you research what actually drives the forces that bring us into the New Age or the New World Order.

That name is: Babylon.

Yes, in Reggae you can hear how the children of Africa are taken to Babylon in order to build the great cities.

In the Bible, the name is given to the New World Order and a simple referance to the Tower of Babel "incident" will reveal how we deal with a system that wants globalization and has tried to bring about this New World Order ever since Nimrod tried to build the tower of Babel.

In school, you hear the name too when you are in the history class and they tell you all about how "human civilization" started in the land of Sumeria, or Babylon.

And when you research just what drives the globalists and their New Age, or New World Order, you find it's their ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion, Luciferianism.

The Babylon Observer website is all about providing information about Babylon.

From a truth perspective.

In our Research Archive, you will find a number of subjects which will lead you to some very interesting information. In our news section we take a daily tour through cyberspace. We watch the propaganda and also put out articles of our own. There is also a very active Message Board where you can find even more.

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