Wednesday, October 8, 2008

VIDEO - Aktenzeichen 9/11

VIDEO - Aktenzeichen 9/11

It is said, that the makers of this documentary were fired because of the contents of "Aktenzeichen 9/11" (File Reference 9/11). Which could very well be the case. The video was originally aired in Germany, by the "West Deutche Rundfunk". And it doesn't really contain what the avarage mainstream media usually put out.

The documentary shows, how the official conspiracy theory is not backed up by the facts and by avarage sense.

We will be taken to the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and to a place somewhere in the countryside. It was there, that the official conspiracy theory claims a plane hit the ground as the result of the actions by passengers. The local mayor however claims that there was nothing but a big hole in the ground.

The Pentagon. It is also , that a plane crashed into the building. But there are almost no parts to be found either. The hole in the wall could never have contained a full passenger plane.

Just before the WTC towers fell, and building 7 as well, explosions were heard.

Would Osama Bin Laden be able to organize all of this from a cave somewhere in Afghanistan? Asking the question is answering it.

And who is Osama Bin Laden anyway? As the video shows, he was recruited by the CIA to fight against the Sowiet Union's invasion of Afghanistan.

The documentary presents "The Northwoods Documents" as well. It was an official US government plan to start terror campaigns in the USA and abroad in order to create a pretext for war.

It goes on and on and on. In almost 45 minutes, the documentary presents a big number of facts and anomalies in the official conspiracy theory. The english subtitles will enable those who do not understand the German language to follow the video as well.


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