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WWW, April 2009 - A 47 minute Debunkumentary in which his theories and teaching methods are questioned, caused adept Michael Tsarion to show his contempt for the very same freedom of speech he claims to fight for.

What is wrong with Michael Tsarion?

This website has written before about Michael Tsarion. In a series called "New Age Rage", where we take a sarcastic look at a movement which usually claims "peace and love" but happens to have some serious connections with quite the opposite side as well: that's right, the New Age Movement.

We've taken this sarcastic look on Michael Tsarion, too. Himself an adept of the teachings of Blavatsky and other occult scholars/teachers, Tsarion is an upcoming star in the "Truth Movement", a Movement which attempts or claims to fight against the New World Order System we know as Babylon.

Michael Tsarion had already shown that he's not what many want to believe he is. When you watch just one of Tsarion's video's, you can see how he produces courses of the very same Mystery Schools in which the Secret Rulers Of The World had learnt to keep mankind under slavery for so many thousands of years now. He presents it as Truth, though: the ultimate research into the Illuminati.

Just like Peter Joseph, the creator of the movie sequel "Zeitgeist", Tsarion claims to be a "Truth Seeker". Just like Peter Joseph, he turns out to be doing nothing else but teaching the very same theories and practices of Helena Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley, and even Adolph Hitler and presents it as Gospel Truth.

In the episode of "New Age Rage" which featured Michael Tsarion, we could read how he threatened Chris White, host of the "Nowhere to Run" podcast. Chris White had done what you could call the ultimate research into Michael Tsarion's claims and wanted a debate.

After all, that is what Lovers of Truth do, right? Freedom of Speech and all that?


Michael Tsarion's response was basically: "The Only Debate I Will Give Is With My Fist". What seemed to be a rather physically threatening way of denying an intelligent exchange of ideas, however, has now turned into an even more ugly phase as Tsarion reveals his "fist"...

Just recently, Chris White produced what he calls a debunkumentary. It's a video wherein he critiques the Gospel Truth of Michael Tsarion, and more importantly: the methods of deception he uses to introduce Truth Seekers to his teachings.

We talk about stuff like Tsarion quoting the Bible, where Jah speaks to the serpent. The only problem, though, is that Tsarion claims it is Jah speaking to Eve!

"Errors", like Tsarion talking about the Nephilim as the first humans, where the Bible says how these Nephilim were the unholy offspring between angelic beings called the "Sons of God" and the women called "daughters of Adam".

In the debunkumentary, entitled "Michael Tsarion Is Wrong", Chris White goes in-depth as you will probably not know what he's talking about unless you've seen the brainwash education of hours and hours and even more hours of Michael Tsarion's rather boring video lectures for yourself.

Those who want to believe that Michael Tsarion Is Right, usually will see themselves as "Truth Seekers". They want to believe that Michael Tsarion fights the good fight of exposing the New World Order, Babylon System, whatever you might call the Mystery. Chris White's debunkumentary breaks down that idea to the very same level in which the Truth Seekers have been initiated into the Mystery that "Czar Michael" trained his foot soldiers in.

Without realizing it, these Truth Seekers have been trained into thinking exactly the same as the ones they think they are fighting. The very same New Age lies that moved the hippies of the 1960's into becoming the nazi's of their time, now move many in the "Truth Movement" into becoming foot soldiers for the very same New World Order they think they fight.

So in itself, we have nothing new here.

One of the first researchers who published about this link between the Nazi's and the New Age Movement of which Tsarion is obviously a member, was a North American lawyer called Constance Cumby. We owe her a lot of thanks for her research. After all, it's a link that will obviously reveal the spiritual identity of everyone who perpetuates the Satanic Teachings!

Constance Cumby went after Benjamin Creme and his Maitreya the Antichrist, exposing him since the 1980's. However, we are now a few decades further and in the meantime, Mystery Babylon is revealed more and more every day as she moves towards her ultimate downfall, when Revelation is fulfilled!

Just like the ancient prophet revealed, in this time the knowledge increases as many do research and travel to and fro. The Internet, of course. The Internet, where the Truth Movement shares knowledge and information, the research, that reveals the Mystery which holds mankind under her captivity ever since Nimrod built his Tower of Babble.

The Internet, where Michael Tsarion's video's and lectures can be found all over. And if you can't find them, you can go to one of the countless podcasts where he will happily tell you all about the year 2012 where mankind will be enlightened and how the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve are really the nephilim that were judged in the Days of Noah, or how Yesus Kristos is just an invention by the ancient Egyptians where in fact that theory was invented after Yesus walked on the shores of Galilee.

You can go to Alex Jones, for example, who did a perfect job exposing Peter Joseph, the name behind the movie sequel "Zeitgeist", wherein Hitler's Utopia was presented to the "Truth Seekers" who had woken up to the truth just a little bit too much in the eyes of the Satanic Elite that runs the world like Psalm 2 describes.

But here's the catch...

Even though the same can and should be said about Michael Tsarion and his Luciferian Teachings or Satanic Indoctrination, for some reason it never dawned to Alex Jones how there really is not that much difference between Peter Joseph and Michael Tsarion, or Jordan Maxwell, or David Icke...

Michael Tsarion openly says that he admires Aleister Crowley, and Mme Blavatsky. These very same things were -rightfully- used against Peter Joseph but ignored in Tsarion's case.

I believe, that this reason is this: there is a difference between Truth Seekers and Truth Lovers. Truth Seekers do not necessarily Love the Truth. They just want to Use The Truth for their own gain, or whatever.

Truth Lovers, however, seek the Truth as a result of Love. Love for freedom. In the Words of Yesus: "You Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Will Set You Free"!

Nowhere can the difference between a Lover of Truth and a Seeker of Truth be seen more clearly than in the case of Michael Tsarion vs. Chris White. Completely contradictoire to what even resembles a Love for Truth, for Freedom of Speech, Tsarion now abuses Copyright Laws to write to YouTube and Google Video and have not just all Chris White's video's removed, but even to have his accounts deleted!

That's right, you can't watch the debunkumentary on YouTube anymore. You can't see for yourself if Michael Tsarion is so right as he claims he is. "Czar" Michael's respect for Freedom of Speech apparently ends where his rule is questioned!

However, he also reveals himself here to an extend he might not want. For it is obvious, how Tsarion makes false claims of copyright. Deceitful ways, obviously, distinguish Truth Seekers from Truth Lovers.

On top of that, Tsarion's claims are obviously nothing but damage control as Chris White's successfully threatens the validity of his teachings by putting some Truth Light on them!

Completely in league with those that would love to kill the Internet, for Cyberspace truly is the only place where true Freedom of Speech is applied, Michael Tsarion now joins the ranks of the Hollywood Industry and other Channels of Propaganda.

At the moment I write this, you can still look for yourself what is so dangerous for Tsarion that he can only show himself to be the Babylonian that he is. The Black Vault website doesn't bow for the "Czar" and stands up against this violation of JAH Given Human Right of Freedom of Speech.

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5

It's clear: Chris White makes use of what the Copyright laws called "Fair Use". Tsarion's false claims to copyrights won't even make him win in court! The text goes like this:

§ 107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use

Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include-
(1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
(2) the nature of the copyrighted work;
(3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
(4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.

This "Fair Use" policy is one of the foundations of Freedom of Speech.

Without it, you can't criticize nothing, because you can't quote a thing. It's Elite Enemy Number One. And Chris White's debunkumentary is a school example of Fair Use, as the video is for non-profit purpose, for research and criticism.

Michael Tsarion's enormous claims obviously should be able to stand a thorough and in-depth critique. After all, he claims it to be "the Truth" and the fact that he lets just about everybody use his material, even allows the fact that people upload full copies of his expensive DVD series to YouTube and other Video Sites, doesn't make him much credible when he turns out to be worried about his "copy rights" the second someone just asks questions and posts a video online asking these questions.

Indeed, Michael Tsarion's "fist", turns out to be just what it is: an act of brute violence. And Lovers of Truth know all too well: violence speaks where Truth has to be silenced.

To give him credit, though: Michael Tsarion was right in one thing. Indeed, he will only "debate" Chris White with his "fist". The reason for that is, that Michael Tsarion is simply unable to answer to the Truth in any other way!

Michael Tsarion is not a Lover of Truth, because he is not a Lover of Freedom. His "fist" simply reveals his hate against the Truth. And there can be only one reason to hate the Truth, which is that you hate Freedom.

Tsarion might be a Seeker of Truth, though, because he looks at Truth in a rather technological way. After all, his teachings are nothing but a rather silly attempt to "reverse engineer" the Truth. However, Truth can never be the ultimate tool for the enslavers. That's why they so desperately try to keep the real Truth Seekers from discovering the Truth.

That's also why Michael Tsarion will ultimately fail in his attempts to initiate Truth Seekers into the Mystery Teachings of Babylon. Just like he will ultimately fail to steal Chris White's JAH-given Human Right Of Freedom Of Speech.

That is why Michael Tsarion is so angry.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread



  1. I'm sorry, but this is SO off the mark. Who do you work for?

  2. No arguments, no references, and straight to the ad-hominem attack of "Who do you work for?"

    So, assumptions. This must be something personal motivation from someone, or even a conspiracy theory: "This bloke must work for some group that..."

    Anyway, as you can read just below the title, this is a commentary by me. It is my opinion, to which I am entitled. And you don't have to agree to it.

    But who I work for? I work for the people who like to read my articles and so on, many of whom will disagree with me on many issues.

    I also work for the freedom of speech that is being attacked by Michael Tsarion. He abused copyright laws in order to shut down someone who disagrees with him in his teachings.

    That shows, as far as I'm concerned, how this Michael Tsarion character has no interest in the preservation of rights and freedom of others when they disagree with him.

    One Love,

    1. I also work for the freedom of speech that is being attacked by Michael Tsarion. If that's the case then why does chris white disable the comments on all his anti tsarion videos???

  3. lol Chris White didn't "Ask questions", he accused and accused. And then went on to speak about his family.

    I don't mind that you see this at a different angle. It's really down to where we're coming from.

    I will say that some of these claims of what Tsarion teaches are wrong.

    1. The fact that they are so aggressive about it, leans towards some sort of personal motivation, Chris white is an idiot Christian Salesman. All hes trying to do is make a buck. http://chriswhiteministries.com/ Look at the lies this guy will push in order to make a few dollars. He took the same method Tsarion takes to support his research and watered it down with the Christian viewpoint ( which ridicules him ) then they are quick to do the exact same thing. PPL DONT BELIEVE IN THESE ANTI TRUTH CHRISTIAN ACTIVISTS. IT BOTHERS THEM TO REALIZE THERE REALITY IS A FICTION AFTER ALL THESE YEARS AND WOULD RATHER YOU BE WRONG THEN HAVING TO CHANGE OR ACCEPT THE TRUTH THEMSELVES.

  4. Is my comment going to be posted, or is it going to be dishonoured?

  5. Where would we be without the TEACHINGS of gentlemen like Michael Tsarion, David Icke, and Jordon Maxwell?
    Thank you for WHAT YOU DO and your COURAGE.
    I LOVE these Heroic men. Most people are too chicken shit or PATHETICALLY selfish to do anything about the corruption in our world.
    We need more people like Icke, Tsarion and Maxwell.

    Fix this planet already

    Dana ( recovering Catholic/Christian/New Age/ Mystery School/NESARA First Contact/ Highschool teacher/ disinfo victim)


  6. Michael Tsarion and Jordon Maxwell both promote the teachings of the new age and the new world order. They pretend to be on the side of the people or truth seekers.. They sound good sometimes but they are into the occult.. which means hidden. They hide their true intentions. On the other hand, david icke is more truthful as he is not promoting the occult, i just dont think that there are reptilians ruling us.. as he says. Other than that.. think for yourself.. dont be led by these few people!! THINK FOR YOUESELF!!!

  7. I have to disagree with your view of Michael...

    He is an intense man, with some very provocative ideas...and admires some controversial historical figures.
    His research is immense...he may be off on some of his wilder speculations...but I truly feel he is spot on with many of his ideas...especially the Druids and Bards.
    Certainly admiring Crowley is not grounds to discredit anyone...in my narrow view anyway.
    Many seek to brand him as an anti-semite...anti-zionist certainly...but he is no anti-semite.
    Thank you for the discussion...and for posting my comment.

    Jason/ California, US.

  8. Hi,
    Michael Tsarion is a gladiator for the truth and it's great to see and hear the passion he has for uncovering the truth. Religious fanatical talk such as Chris White's will do nothing to stop him. Whoever wrote this article would do well to actually listen to what he has to say and also study his many writings. It's plainly clear that White's interpretation is seen through a christian radicals filter that only listens to what he wants to hear to further his religious agenda.

  9. Sometimes a fist is the only thingg an idiot can listen to.....

  10. I find it very confusing. I'm not sure who to believe anymore. On one hand Michael Tsarion and the other guys like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell certainly have alot of interesting research to share, and they certainly have 'awoken' alot of people(unless it's a type of mind-control and nothing to do with spirituality-consciousness...) and on the other the Christians say that they are satanic and actually disinfomation agents! Too much confusion! Why can't God, if there is such a thing, come down and tell us the truth of things so that we don't need to research depressing shit anymore to find the truth. Fuck the truth it ain't fucken anywhere, certainly not on the internet LOL.

  11. After far too many hours of listening to Micheal Tsarion I felt special because I got to know socalled the real truth on history. But then I remembered that great persons like Alexander The Great always listened to two sides of a story not just one side and so I stumbled upon Chris White's side of the story which thankfully unprogrammed me from bullshit that seemed to be gold before. If Micheal Tsarion is smart and sneaky he would socalled debunk all historical figures who always listened to two sides of a story and turn them into abstract figures like some star sign. lol!

  12. Having just been to see a talk by Tsarion, I would say that the depth and breadth of his research is quite amazing; although it is up to the individual to pick and choose what part of the information Tsarion presents one wishes to appropriate.

    I listened to what he had to say, took notes, and now am conducting my own research.

    No one has all the answers, and following another uncritically and without question is known as fanaticism in my view.

    Tsarion might be just mislead in some cases, after all he is human, so let's try not to ascribe harmful motives and secret allegiences where they may not exist.

    Even if Tsarion is a Freemason or Rosicrucian or whatever, this does not prevent us from benefiting from certain information which he presents and rejecting others. If nothing else this whole controversy is a message to stop relying on gurus and decide for oneself what to accept or reject.

    Perhaps trying to silence and slander Tsarion is an attack on the very freedom of speech that is in
    question here. Just a thought.

    1. I agree. I've listened to Michael Tsarion and last time I checked being part of the freemasons isn't a bad thing, imo. The other thing is that one should test the validity of what someone is saying rather than just debunking everything someone says. I don't necessarily agree with Michael's view of Nazis for instance but his general ideas are spot on.

  13. All my opinion - burn it from your mind if you don't like it :)

    Tsarion looks to be writing new mythologies to our modern lost in this ever increasing apathetic world. He is stitching a quilted blanket of half truths that are so wonderfully awe inspiring that it can be hard to give up - like a good story in a book that echoes to the lonely and bored as a purpose to fight for. Our life as a civilization has been made up of these events as many wars and now for us in the bubbles we are feeling like we are missing out on something.

    As a test - go stitch a story together yourself - about something from your history of your area, mix a bit of maddness and go convince someone on it. We eat it up.

    I feel Tsarion knows this and opens his arms - for longer term our wallets for being taught in his online Mystery School. Costs a lot though. Last I looked it was $550 though that may have changed. And I find this funny, I wouldn't think he'd be so keen to gain riches from the 'oppressed' since he puts himself across as a bit of a Robin Hood or Glorious Leader whether he admit it or not. It's like he's jumping into one of Jung's Archetypes, but I believe we smell it the more he runs. If he wanted to lead by example why not get it out for free? If the money wasn't so important why not promote the use of cocoa beads as money as he says the Mayans do? Why doesn't he practice what he preaches and lead by example? I think he knows why and it isn't that conspiracy like.

    Tsarion may or may not be a Freemason, that I don't care about - but he's coming across more and more to me as a 'charlatan'. I haven't seen him around some of his older haunts since White's posts and you know what - that paradoxically smells too. If you are believing in his patchworked tapestry of myths and legends with clinks of history go please look at it again. Watch him and more so watch yourself and how much you take on what he says as face value as I believe this is the true problem - as does Michael.

    He tells you to do your homework - but we all know most of us won't - or it'll be too obscure.

    I found this on Tsarion via a comment online elsewhere

    'I've recently begun watching this guy's work. It seems he knows quite a bit about this subject, but after doing some research on his business in WA state, I discovered his real name is not Michael Tsarion; it is actually Brian Heatley. I don't know if this means anything since his real name is a common one, and is likely why he uses a stage name, but it makes me a bit suspicious. If anyone has more info about him, please share.'

    Someone start digging if you truly value yourself and your view just as he says. I cannot find anything on Brain Heatley but it doesn't mean there's nothing out there. You have the ability and the right to think for yourself and you are your own God as many of these people have said. Sad thing is we are all gods so our battle is epic and likely endless. Until the last one of us fall that is.

    If he is taking you like the Piped Piper to a new place - just make sure you don't ask 'where are we going?' and then take it thick at the end of the journey. You decided to follow.

  14. Don't shoot the messenger. All roads do not lead to Rome. The UN agenda 21 is real. Your freedom and your life are both at risk. Human, Living and natural planetary resources are now under the new Overseers. See what you can dig up on British Zionism and the last 100 years of activity by members of the Pilgrim's Society. Then critically examine the truth about America and Europe.

  15. ok so what is tsarions real last name?

  16. Heatley apparently ...

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. What a bunch of ad hominem crap!

    Have any of you cynics and slanderers even listen to Tsarion's talks about his real beliefs or even message him? I have done both and he is not even close to what this blog or Chris White's fallacious so-called debunking has purported him to be!

    Tsarion does not advocate 'any collective movements' such as the New Age 'clap-trap' which he has stated in many of his interviews and he has a disdain for all secret societies, whether they be benevolent or malevolent. And what does it matter about the personal life of someone? That's their own business and not anyone else - would any of you like it if people started slandering you because your so-called personal life or history is not comfortable or in sync with their perspective(s)? Highly doubt it! I don't know about anyone else, but I judge a man by their actions, and Tsarion has proven time and again that he is not even close to being a disinformation artists and always imply people to do their own homework!

    Also, have any of you cynical and skeptical people read the reference sources he has supplied in all his works? Have any of you cynics or skeptics done that? And what is this logical fallacy about a researcher who must be infallible and omniscient in facts about every single detail there is regarding their works or statements?! Nobody in reality has ever escaped from making a mistake! What a delusional lunacy people encompass in their minds these days! More over, have any of you even rechecked possible facts relating to some of his thesis and some of his self-proclaimed (yes he does mention a lot of his work is ongoing because the facts have been suppressed or undiscovered) speculations about earth's history and especially atlantis? Because ever since I've read his works, time and again, mainstream science has found evidence a great 'cosmic' cataclysm did happened 12,500 years ago and that Atlantis (a city not a continent) may have been in fact in the North Sea where the British Isles and the Scandinavian areas are.

    People love to attack with their filtered and narrowed super-egos and egos, yet have no definitive proof of their own to substantiate their fallacious claims! It's easy to talk trash, but where are your facts?! If there is none, then you're the idiot!

    Lastly, Michael Tsarion, David Icke, and Jordan Maxwell are not affiliated or initiated with any orders or cabals whatsoever. This is disinformation and propaganda by big brother agents or pure ignoramuses who have nothing better to do than the continual support of the hands that have enslaved their body and minds since birth! In fact, Maxwell himself has lost all of his research because of fraudulent people who scammed him to give 'all' his rights over his works to them, and now sleeps on the ground at one of his friends house because he's homeless and penniless, simply because he has the heart and courage to reveal occulted (or secret) knowledge about the real worldly enemy, while the 'real' criminals have done everything to destroy him! Other 'real' alternative researchers, those who don't prance in suits and ties in public all day (watch for this) and who have lost a lot in their lives, privately and publicly, for being outspoken against the worldly establishments, have only one true enemy, as the Hellenic philosopher Socrates himself had undergone before he was forced to drank Hemlock poison and died... and that is the 'ignorant masses' of stupid and idiotic slave-minded people out there, who couldn't tell the difference between good and evil if were simply labeled on two distinct colored buttons of white and black or green and fucking rainbow!

    Dwell in ignorance and stupidity, as for those who do care for knowledge, stay vigilant and persevere, because 'this' form of evil is nearing it's death throes... if the ignorant masses would move out of the bloody way!

  19. Is there anyone out there that hasn't been debunked, and anyway, knowing what we know, or rather, being sure about what we believe is true or not, in the words of an alleged CIA plant lol, damn fine singer nonetheless, Jim Morrison, "What are you gonna do about it!!?" Seriously, you could debunk the entire Truth movement by saying that it's all talk and no action, a bunch of talking head shiftworkers sending redundant do-gooders on a wild goose chase. Seriously, I appreciate all the info I get from everyone, debunked and debunkers. It's like a giant jigsaw. But again, I would love to find truthers that haven't been debunked. Where are they? Dead? Or is there the realisation that no search for truth ever changed anything when it was always going to be mislead, hijacked or tampered by the powers dat bee and bogged down in mis-dis-"fist"-info. Maybe what we need are solvers, not observers, or lovers, or seekers of truth. Where are the bloody solvers?

  20. He died 2000 years ago and rose from the dead.

  21. If Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell and David Icke are disinformation experts with Masonic Satanic Devil Worshipping backgrounds then why do they live in low income and in Jordan Maxwell's case utter poverty? Why are their Internet Websites routinely shut down? Why are their Interviews sometimes cut off? Did you know Icke lives in a tiny apartment in England? Did you know Michael Tsarion was unemployed in Ireland and worked at low paying service jobs in America? If as you skeptics insist these are SHILLs for BIG BROTHER than why are they paid for service well done? Why did David Icke suffer a mental breakdown after years of STRESS before he started to speak out against the establishment. Why aren't these men highly educated Oxford snobs? Why do they insist you do your homework before blindly accepting anything on FAITH. Michael Tsarion is constantly correcting and updating his sites and never say he has all the answers BUt if he is a shill why does he bother correcting any mistakes? You armchair critics should walk afew blocks in their shoes to see just how hard it really is to work for truth. Alot of people NEVER listen to Michael's talks yet they accuse him of being a Satanist or Illuminati Shill, yet he openly says he is NOT a member of any MASONIC group and admitted to being (GASP!!!) a Christian! That's right if any of you Christian Skeptics out there had ever bothered to listen to any of his interviews he thinks of himself as being a Christian..not a NEW AGER!!! However why should he have to tell you idiots anything anyway because your minds are CLOSED.

    1. Why do you say that these men live in utter poverty. Oh, BECAUSE THEY TOLD YOU SO! Ever considered that they lied? Just asking.

  22. Tsarion is worth a brief listen for entertainment purposes but if you take his beliefs seriously it might lead you down a very dark and depressing path.

    Too often he criticizes the bible and in the next breath references it later to use as a footnote for his own research.

    He also does a lot of "speculating" when it comes to interpreting his research and his biggest problem is he doesn't actually give you his sources of where he gets ANY of his information from.

    I think he's incredibly intelligent and knowledgable about history but that doesn't mean he's the messiah.

    He comes off as extremely sarcastic, and very serious. I personally couldn't listen to him talk for more than a few hours before I started to feel like I was being dragged down the wrong rabbit hole.

    I don't think he is the the worst guy out there but I don't think he's someone you should form your belief system around.

    I definitely saw that he starts off as very self righteous then like a few hours later he's praising the people like Blavatsky and Crowley and I was just like, ok, I've heard enough now, OFF. Why self-sabotage your own noble cause by doing this? Did he just reveal he is a new ager or is he simply saying he respects them but at the same time condemns their beliefs? It was a big red flag for me.

    If he just stuck to getting out the facts and done much less speculation and a lot less praising of known villains, I would have kept listening to him.


  23. he's very sarcastic its annoying dude is full of himself

  24. I call BS on this. I think the jews where evil from Babylon killing their babies to evil ( gods ) raping children. .. Jesuits are crypto jews.

  25. Michael roots his work in personal discovery and being well within.Who cares if he was off on the Irish origins info. It's all speculation anyways.

  26. The Bible is just one more book, nothing Holy or Sacred about it above any other book of world mythology, and anyone who is out to protect their belief in the "bible" and Christianity has already discredited themselves as seekers of truth, they are simply apologist for their own faith.

  27. The Bible is just one more book, nothing Holy or Sacred about it above any other book of world mythology, and anyone who is out to protect their belief in the "bible" and Christianity has already discredited themselves as seekers of truth, they are simply apologist for their own faith.

  28. What happened to 2012? Brian Heatly pounded that drum with vigor... and nothing happened. No alien overlords. No end of the world. When I initially got into "Tsarion" I was fascinated and wanted to learn more, as it turns out I learned that he twists theory and opinion into fact. The few items of reference he has posted are little more than cobbled together theory built around other theorists superstition and supposition. And if there were in fact such powerful secret orders in place would they really allow this man to 'expose' them? Not a chance, I say. If your going to make stuff up and try to sell it, please label it as what it is. Fiction.

  29. In order to believe what a person is saying I need to know who they are. Are they a reliable source or is there an agenda? Is the person unstable or do they have a history of lying? All questions that must be asked when someone puts themselves forward and wants to tell me about the origins of the human race. To be fair this is not something that can be done in a moment, but it must be done every time someone puts a belief system out there. Humans are multifaceted and flawed so perfection can never be expected, but openness and honesty and other character traits are completely relevant to the discussion.

    Michael claims to be Irish, yet his wiki page says nothing about his family or his background, just that he was born in Ireland. He is accused of using a pen name, something that is usually done by fictional writers. That makes me a bit uncomfortable. I think that he should address that one. I would have to know a whole lot more about him to decide if he is a good source of information.

    His stories are interesting, but so far I see no definitive proof that they are true. Without more information about his character and background there is no way I can accept what he says as truth. I don't completely disregard it, of course. I will continue to listen until I get a feel of where he is coming from, but no way will I run out and embrace his teachings. Giving anyone complete trust is never wise, especially someone who is a complete stranger.

    1. If you look up the names of the occult authors and so called yogis and teachers on Wikipedia who were around in the 1960s before what eventually became what is now referred to as "The New Age Movement" you will notice one thing. They all had nom de plumes and never used their real name. This is because they were ordinary people and charlatans who made themselves seem more important by hiding behind fancy names. I read many of these types of books in the 1960s until I became a genuine "born again" regenerated, Holy Spirit filled Christian. None of these New Age teachings ever did anything for me except make me feel proud, puffed up and superior to others just like their originator Satan the proud, haughty fallen angel who appears as an angel of light to deceive people 2Cor 11:14. A mention of just a few of these people such as yoga writers Raphael Hurst aka Paul Brunton; William Walker Atkinson aka Yogi Ramacharaka; Mieczyslaw Demetriusz Sudowski aka Mouni Sadhu who claimed to be and I quote “the highest yogi as lived.” William John Warner aka Cheiro the astrologist, numerologist and palm reader. James Alexander Cannon aka Alexander Cannon a quack psychiatrist who wrote books on the occult and hypnosis. and practiced electrotherapy he was another deceiver who opened up a practice in Harley Street under the fraudulent tile of "His Excellency Sir Dr Alexander Cannon" he even managed to conn Edward VII before his abdication. All these people made a lot of money by duping unsuspecting people who were like me when I was 16-18 years old rather naive. John 8:44

      Through reading vast amount of the Bible I went on to become enlightened and eventually was baptised in the Holy Spirit and received the gift of speaking in tongues. Not a few garbled words but a several thousand word vocabulary which changes daily. I only received this after I confessed to God, and repented of my involvement with 80 separate occultic subjects and activities. After I received the power of the Holy Spirit Baptism I was called to a deliverance ministry specifically by God who said He wanted me to learn how to get rid of my inner demons myself (from "The New Age Movement”) and then He would send people to me. I already had the gift of discerning of spirits and could see demons in people including myself, but I didn't know what to do. So I said "well I don't know how to do it so you'll have to help me get some books on it" . I had hundreds of spare pounds at the time and so I bought 50 books on deliverance ministry(exorcism) from a shop that imported books from America. I studied them for 3 years while at the same time having many sessions of self deliverance lasting several hours at a time. I found it very easy and received a good anointing for this work. I changed so much that it astounded people who previously knew me. I saw marvellous improvements in everyone the Lord sent. I did it for several years and even met my wife who was a complete mess but with huge potential. I had the answers and abilities she needed and so it went very well. She ended up doing it for herself and eventually joined me as my assistant in ministry. It is impossible to get through to New Agers as they are convinced they are right being completely deceived by the devil as it says in 2 Corinthians 4:3 But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, 4 whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them.  Only a powerful work of the Holy Spirit can save them because they are not only mentally deceived, but they usually have deep seated rejection and feelings of inferiority in their heart and the occult ministers pride to cover this deep empty hole inside. The world says pride goes before a fall wrongly quoting scripture as these types often do. But the real scripture is
      Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.


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