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WWW, March 2009 - In what should be seen as another reason for Reggae artists not to worship the president of America as if the man is Jah Rastafari, Barack Obama recently answered a question from an Internet audience about the legalization of ganja. He was extremely amused by the idea of legalization, and even ridiculed the people who proposed it.

The question was posed as part of an "Internet Town Hall Meeting", in which Barack Obama answered questions by an online audience. Before answering with a big fat NO, Obama admitted that the question was "fairly high on the list" and that therefore he had to answer it. Obama's reluctance in answering the question could very well have to do with the fact that so many people, including many who call themselves Rastafarians, think and claim that Obama is for legalization of ganja, one reason for many to have voted for him.

A few years ago, Obama was recorded as saying that he was for de-criminalizing ganja, but not legalization. In answering the question for the online audience this month, he even didn't hint to decriminalizing and instead turned to laughter and riducule. Backed up by a group who couldn't stop laughing either about what they obviously saw as a ridiculous proposal, Obama said that the question said something about the "online audience rather then about the proposal itself.

Apart from the fact that it is highly inapropriate to laugh about this matter, for there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in the American prisons just for posession of a few grams of herb, Obama's ridiculizing of proponents of legalization should at least wake up a few people who have been blinded by what Hip Hop artist KRS-ONE calls "Black Face On The New World Order".

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