Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Review: Operation Trojan Horse (John A. Keel)

This is a very remarkable book.

Not only because it completely wipes away all intellectual relevance around the many glossy UFO books with sensational stories and ditto photo's. Not only because it was written back in the 1960's and didn't lose one inch of it's actuality along the decades.

The book is remarkable because it makes sense out of those things concerning the UFO phenomena that usually doesn't make any sense.

An example. When the UFO's were flying over the western world in the 1800's, they didn't look at all like the pictures we all know. And the aliens also looked quite different.

Many people who think that UFO's do not exist use these facts to proof that they can't possible be somewhere other than in the fantasies of failed writers.

But there are still plenty facts that simply proofs the existence of these machines and their inhabitants.

The writer of Operation Trojan Horse makes sense out of what seems to be non-sense. He makes a lot of sense!

Instead of going after the many stories, trying to (dis)proof the authenticity of them, John A Keel simply looks at the actions of the Unidentified Flying Objects throughout history.

In the big picture that comes to the surface, we are introduced to an intelligent Master Plan. It appears that UFO's have been developed in an adjustment to human perception. More simply put: they look the way they want us to see them.

Keel doesn't really go in to the temptation to answer, or even ask where UFO's come from. In fact, he leaves these things over to the reader. A reader who knows that that question is not so relevant when it comes to this whole issue.

John Keel simply bypasses all the crap in this whole UFO story. The sensational stories, the irrelevant questions, the paranoia. He goes straight to the core of the matter.

He ends his book in a state of "reasonable confusion". Operation Trojan Horse is clearly in effect and it involves a lot of bizarre technology.

But being a believer in a-theism and evolution, Keel has some intellectual problems to overcome. A matter which he considers private and not the subject of this book. Fortunately.

Because that makes it even more interesting for Truth Seekers.


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