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You might know, that I am fascinated by ancient history, especially the suppressed parts and the many so-called mysteries one can find all over the planet. And, so it seems, even beyond that.

Take a look at this picture: it's a photograph taken from the surface of the planet Mars, from the Cydonia region.

On the top-right, there's the image of what looks like a face.

Subsequently, go to the bottom-left and you'll see the ruins of what looks like a five-sided pyramid. Then go upward and look to what many refer to as "The City" or "The Fort".

Of course, there's a lot of debate about it. Is it just a glimpse of light, or not? And what to say about the complicated geometry, the many similarities between ancient monuments on our own planet? But that's not the point I'm trying to make.

The point is, that in Babylon many people have been brainwashed into believing that there is no such thing as the supernatural. That there is no such thing as ancient civilizations that were technically advanced and far superior to "our" current level of technology. They simply cannot imagine how there would be such things on Mars, or how the pyramids would have been built with superior technology and by being who were not human, but intelligent still.

But why is that so? Let's take a look at history, especially western history. Because it is in that western civilization or Babylon, that we see a fundamentalists' belief in the theory of evolution and empirical exclusivity otherwise known as materialism.

And let's compare that history with the ancient history of all people throughout the entire planet.

There is one striking difference.

It seems like each and every ancient civilization did not only have a concept of the supernatural, like a religion or a spirituality, the supernatural beings and their physical offspring were more often than not in direct contact with the leaders and kings, if they were not the leaders and kings themselves.

And all of this was considered pretty normal in these civilizations. They did not consider the monuments to be a mystery at all. They would not have debated about the face on Mars, in fact they might even have knowledge about it themselves.

Take a look at this picture. It is an ancient Sumerian statue of an "Annunaki". It is obviously not a human being.

Closer look reveals, that this is a reptilian being. It's not a mere reptilian creature, though.

Reptiles are no mammals. But this reptilian being is a female who feeds her little baby child just like a human mother would do under normal circumstances.

These beings were in no means considered "symbolical" or "mythological" by the ancient Sumerians. And the Sumerians were definitely not unique.

In fact, each and every ancient civilization have stories about these beings and most of them have incredible monuments and other structures to proof their case.

But when you talk about these things going on today, you are considered a "conspiracy theorist" or a "UFO nutcase", something like that. The basis for such allegations can directly be traced to what the brothers Collins call "the scientific dictatorship" in their equally titled book. Thanks to Babylon-sponsored Christianity, that completely erased all knowledge about these things and imposed a religious fascism on the people that make people hate Yesus Kristos until the very day of today, a feeding soil was created for the rise of atheism and evolutionary thinking.

But obviously, atheism is an unproven theory, just like evolution. As time progresses and serious scientists discover one groundbreaking thing after the other, it becomes clear that we were no caveman thousands of years ago. Ancient civilizations turn out to be highly sophisticated and developed, instead of evolutionary thinking. It becomes clear, that indeed the leaders of this world do have contact with supernatural beings and even claim to be their offspring, in spite of the materialistic world view you can find present in the minds of so many people living in a Babylon today.

And so, even though I am fascinated by all of the so-called "mysteries", I am by no means surprised by the fact that supernatural beings are actually involved with mankind throughout history and until the day of today.

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