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WWW, October 2007 - Sometimes people ask me why I write and publish about the UFO phenomena. The answer can be found in this meditation.

I remember it very clearly, even though I was a little child when it happened. It was dark, and I was looking outside to the stars as I was preparing to go to sleep. Not that I was particularly interested in what was going on up there, I just did it.

I don't know much about the stars. Needles to say, that I knew even less when I was a kid. But I did know that what I was beholding in the sky, was not an airplane and was not a star either.

It was, what we would call a UFO. It was also somewhere in the early 1970's and I had never heard about UFO's. But I did know that what I saw, was pretty unusual.

I saw three lights rotating like crazy around one light in the middle (see picture). It went on for what seemed to be hours, but was probably around 15-30 minutes. I looked and said to myself: "These are probably angels", and because there wasn't really much to see I went to bed and fell asleep.

Fast forward about 25-30 years.

In the meantime, I had been through a lot of things and experiences concerning the supernatural or the paranormal. I learned how the UFO phenomenon is "just" a part of the spiritual realms, I found out what my own position in this scheme-of-things was.

I know and reason with many people who have similar experiences. Many of my friends have (had) their own sightings, and some even seem to have the "ability" to call UFO's out of nowhere. A thing which I personally consider foolish and dangerous, unnecessary and not without consequences either.

It happened when I joined a very diverse group of friends and acquaintances for a weekend in the forests close to where I live. Nothing special, just a weekend out there...

After we put up our tents, we sat down to basically enjoy ourselves. One guy tells me: "Hey man, what's that up there?" and I look to the sky.

I see nothing.

But then, a little "star" seemed to get bigger and indeed it did. It grew until it had become larger than the moon and started to light up the place where we were.

Apart from the fact that indeed here we had another UFO, it was kind of noteworthy that this person apparently called up this UFO: he told me to look up before the thing actually showed up!

I did what I always do when I see a UFO or an ungodly spirit: I told the thing to go away in the Name of Yesus Kristos. It took the guy about 3 or 4 seconds to warn me and (make?) the UFO to show up, it took the UFO about one second to disappear in the very same way as it appeared.

Later, we read in the newspaper how a couple was less "fortunate" than we. It turned out, they had been chased by a UFO throughout a large part of the very same night, just a couple of miles from where we were camping.

So, yes, I had several sightings in my life. Sightings of UFO's and spirits. Sightings in which I myself play a part too, and it started when I was very young.

Needles to say, these kind of experiences make one want to find out what's going on out there. Obviously it's not a question as to whether UFO's are real or not, but the phenomenon definitely needs research and interpretation.

To me, none of this is theory even though I study the phenomenon on an intellectual basis too. But even without such experiences, there is proof that the whole thing is real, and therefore it has to have a place within the enormous story of the Creator and His creation.

And indeed it does...

UFO's are "chariots" for multidimensional and inter-planetary travel, in use by spirit beings and humans alike. The ancient books describe them, revealing how there's nothing new under the sun either. Archeology shows the very same thing and everything turns out to be connected with Babylon Queendom.

Keywords to find this connection can be found in the bible. When Jah walked on earth as a Man, warning us for the return of the "Days of Noah". When Jah walked on earth, describing Himself as the "Son of Man", a direct quote from the ancient Book of Enoch.

This ancient Book of Enoch (NOT to be mistaken with the New Age document "Keys of Enoch") reveals to great detail just what went on during the days of Noah. It's also described in the Bible, by the way, in Genesis 6.

The ancient accounts tell us how the Watchers or Sons of God came down and created offspring with the people -and animals- of this earth. These Watchers can best be described as "angelic beings", and their offspring are generally known as the Giants or the Nephilim.

They were also the reason why the Creator sent the Great Flood over the earth. These Nephilim were never supposed to be in existence in the first place anyway, and they were mashing up creation in such a way that no flesh JAH had created would have survived if they would have continued.

During the Days of Noah, the Watchers and the Nephilim had a great time. They were killing and corrupting all that Jah created, teaching the people how to kill each other and commit all kinds of fornication.

Ancient findings in Sumeria, such as the one of which you can see a picture here, show reptilian beings feeding babies in a way reptile animals do not. This particular statue is said to be from the days of Noah, by the way.

The Nephilim multiplied themselves to the point wherein the very existence of humanity was threatened.

In other words: humanity had almost ceased to exist.

So JAH sent the Great Flood. He also made sure that it would take the Watchers and Nephilim a very, very long time before they would be able again to try and take over the planet and kill humanity in the process.

After the Great Flood, Nephilim were born too. Actually, it happens whenever the Sons of God have sex with the Daughters of Men. They were the ancient god-kings, the god-men, of which many stories are told.

Nephilim are born, and they die. And when Nephilim die, they just lose their bodies. However, their spirits still roam the earth. We know them as the demons who look to posses bodies.

Of course, this is not an ideal situation for the wicked ones. Since they hate humans and have to use our bodies as "containers" in order to do what they want, they are working very hard to re-create the situations of the Days of Noah.

Yesus warned us for exactly this. He said, the wicked would attempt to re-install the situation as it was in the Days of Noah. In fact, they have been working on that ever since the waters of the Great Flood resided.

With propaganda concerning the Days of Noah, with promises of a "post-humanity" as a next step in the so-called "evolution of mankind", with UFO sightings and writers like Zechariah Sitchin and Erich von Daniken, with attempts of ones like Adolph Hitler who tried to create "The New Man", the "Aryan" which was NOT a human, we have signs galore that we have indeed reached.. the Days of Noah!

2012. Atlantis. The "return of the gods". A "global awakening of mankind". Too much evidence that all of this is talking about real things.

We find out, that the governments of the earth are in contact with the Watchers. Of course! The Bible describes it in the second psalm, for example. We find out, that there's nuff things going on in outer space, and directly around us in dimensions that we cannot usually see with our physical senses.

We find out, that the Watchers present themselves as "Star People", people from different solar systems and planets. And in fact, these beings do exist and they come in many forms and varieties, species and races.

Yes, they drive UFO's too.

Sure, they work with the governments and give them a little technology too. Just like the Book of Enoch describes, the governments want the technology and the Watchers want... women!

So we see stories about abductions, where secret government programs and alien beings are involved in what seems to be a desperate attempt to create a new species, a new form of Nephilim, to replace mankind.

Far-stretched? When you think about the evolution theories, when you think about the fact that we face all kinds of genetic manipulation and realize how universities have conferences on how to deal with "post-humans", it shouldn't be.

When you realize how Hitler was talking about the "Aryans", a term he got from Mme Blavatsky who referred to them as a race of giants from the Days of Noah, you realize even more.

There is a certain race of white "aliens", called the "Nordics" (picture). They look like white people, but they are not white people.

Could these be the real Aryans that Hitler and Blavatsky spoke about? Aryans looking for bodies to posses, preferably of the white race?

For we have to connect this with the knowledge that many Nephilim are disembodied spirits, looking for humans to posses.

I believe that Hitler wanted the Europeans to be possessed with the spirits of the Nephilim, making the Europeans think that they themselves were the Aryans. Breeding programs like "Lebensborn" in which the Nazi's tried to create the Super Race out of the penis of an SS soldier are very relevant in this context!

Possession. UFO's. A plan, even a program, to re-create the Days of Noah. A connection with Adolph Hitler and the New Age Movement. All of this as a close cooperation project between the "Kings and Rulers", both physical and spiritual.

We have come to know it under the name "Mystery of Iniquity". We have come to know it under the name "Mystery Babylon".

As time goes on, and Babylon is working towards her coming downstruction -since Jah is not going to allow them to succeed-, the signs become more and more clear.

And this is where I believe my own personal experiences and research come in. This is why I publish about all of this.

I saw UFO's, and I was possessed by demons from a very young age. I know from experience, that "something is out there" and I equally know by experience that "someone's possessed me".

It was Yesus Kristos, Who set me free. I am a free man for many years now, and I waited for many years before starting to write about all of this in the way I do currently. I can witness and testify about the reality of Babylon System, about the demons and the UFO's, but I can also witness and testify that I know JAH is going to end her wicked plan before all flesh is corrupted again.

I know that weird times are ahead of us. Weird times, in which the atheists and all other world religions will be forced to admit their flaws. Will be forced to admit how they really are... one, for they all come out of the same inspirational source indeed.

Times in which "mankind will unite" together with our "space brothers" who will help us get into the next phase of our "human evolution".

Times which Yesus called the Days of Noah.

I am just a very humble, small witness. I know people who have witnessed much more heavy stuff than I did. But it's not about that at all.

It's about what all these things mean.

They mean trouble. They mean trouble for the human race and even for the whole of creation. They indicate that we are entering into the Armageddon times.

Much of what we know about the Days of Noah comes straight from the Book of Enoch. Quoted and called prophecy in the Bible, this book had been preserved in the ancient land of Ethiopia. Next to the Ark of the Covenant. Next to the bloodline of King David, even.

My own personal experiences simply will do not give me the luxury to treat all of this as a nice topic to research, some conspiracy theory to waste my mind with.

I know and respect the fact that -fortunately- there are still many people who have not been through such experiences. I don't expect anyone to believe me, which is exactly why I publish material about all of this.

It is a serious topic. Yes, there is evidence. Nuff, nuff evidence. To deny the existence of the UFO's and the Nephilim is to deny the existence of Mystery Babylon. To deny the existence of UFO's and the Nephilim is to deny the fact that Yesus warned us for the Days of Noah and kept information about it in Ethiopia until the days were there that things had to be revealed.

To laugh about UFO's is even far worse. The things that happen in these things are -according to witnesses- too perverse to mention on this page. Satanic Ritual Abuse, abominable genetic manipulation, and yes: slavery.

So everything is connected: From the Space Ships (UFO's) who take humans and rape -even kill- them and make them works as slaves, to the Slave Ships that took the Africans to the so-called New World to build a society that "founding father" Francis Bacon described in his book "The new Atlantis", centuries ago.

All I do, in this context, is to be a witness. A witness of my own personal experiences, and a witness of the findings of my research, too.

One Love, Give Thanks
Messian Dread

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