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Saddam's Statue replaced with Sumer Style statue (From the Archives)

WWW, 2006 (Archived) - Do you remember the staged "people's uprising" in Iraq (only a few dozen people in reality)where the americans teared down Saddam's statue? Well the neo-BABYLONIANS put a new statue at the location. This one is filled with the occultic symbolism that rooted in the bloody and godless "culture" of Sumer.

You'll see the sun, this represents satan in occultic symbology. You'll see the moon, the symbol of Semirames. She was Nimrod's wife and Nimrod founded babylon. Semirames is is fact the she-gods such as Ishtar and Diana.

When you read the article, you will see I'm not joking. They say that this statue indeed resembles ancient Sumeria, although the say the moon is symbol for Islam the roots of the moon can be traced back to Sumer too. When you read the article, you will read that they call Sumerian civilizxation "peacefull"

Yeah, they were peacefull. They put children in the fire, they were ruled by the bloody and violent nephilim/annunaki who were a cross-breed between fallen angels and humans. Oh how lovely they were.... NOT!

But it shows the connection that the globalist forces have with the ancient globalist forces. It's the same spirit, it's the same bloodline, and JAH has said that one day...


New statue replaces Saddam A group of Iraqi artists has unveiled a sculpture to replace the statue of Saddam Hussein which was torn down by US troops and Iraqis on the day the Iraqi president lost control of Baghdad.

The new sculpture is seven metres (23 feet) high and shows a symbolic Iraqi family holding aloft a crescent moon and a sun.

The sculpture was erected in the Fardus square by a group called the Najin - the survivors, alluding to the fact that they evaded the authorities during Saddam Hussein's rule.

The square is opposite the Palestine Hotel, which was the base for international media during the Iraq war.

One of the group told Kurdish TV that the sculpture represents Iraqi society, with the crescent moon representing Islam and the sun representing the Sumerian civilization in Iraq.

"These two civilizations have called for love, peace and freedom," he said.

The group said the sculpture was only one third of the work they had planned for the Fardus square and the other two thirds would cover the whole area. They added that financial problems had delayed its completion.

The sculptor of the piece, Basim Hamad, was optimistic about the future for the Iraqi people after the war.

"What we see today in our country could be the first signs of freedom," he said. "What remains is a history that we will make together with the Najin group at its heart."

BBC Monitoring , based in Caversham in southern England, selects and translates information from radio, television, press, news agencies and the Internet from 150 countries in more than 70 languages.


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