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The First World Trade Center (From the Archives)

WWW, February 2005 (Archived) - Many know the age-old story of the tower of Babel. We know the word babbling, which came directly from it. Most only remember the part in which the language of the builders was changed, so that they could no longer understand each other.

The tower had an enormous symbolical significance. It was a sign of the political power of Babylon. Nimrod's Babylon, to be precise.

Nimrod, definitely the first globalist.

He founded Babylon as a system to keep people in slavery, working for him while he "protected" them against enemies by building walls around his "subjects". He called it "civilization" and spread it across the planet as fast as he could.

He invaded peoples land, lives, thoughts, and even their worshipping of the Creator. All in the name of bringing "civilization"!

What he did, of course, was building the global empire. And what he started, was furthered by his successors until this day.

The leaders today are spiritually rooted in ancient Babylon. At one of their favorite retreats, in the Californian forests, every year a ritual called "Cremation of Care" is being conducted. It is a bizarre ritual in which the ancient Gods of Babylon are not only being called upon, there are actual sacrifices that accompany this religious ritual.

This "Church for the rich" has a membership list that reads like a who's who of the power elite. Just type in "Bohemian Grove" at a search engine and you will find out that this is all recorded on video and available for download on the Internet.

Should it be a surprise that the leaders of today, who are all active globalists, like the leader of yesterday, who were all active globalists, have the same religion?

Of course not. Since the days of Nimrod, many succeeding "empires" proved to be exact "copies" of their predecessors, with a few cultural differences.

Are they "copies"? In a way, yes. But I would rather call them Perpetual stages of Globalization.

Babylon System.

A plan from ancient times.

All for this one goal: a Global Empire with Babylon's god on the throne.

Nimrod didn't build the tower, as the story goes, to reach into the universe. Oh yes, there are many writers today who make good use of this idea. Zechariah Sitchin, Erich von Daniken, and others like to speculate on this idea and write sensational stories about UFO's and landing platforms.

Like the ones who think the tower is all about language, they too miss the point.

It's not about technicalities. It's not about how the tower was built, and if there were UFO's and little green men. It's not about which language they used.

It's about what it means, what it symbolizes. And the tower symbolized the Global Empire of Babylon. Everyone who looked at the Tower knew that.

Everyone who looked at the Twin Towers in New York knew exactly the same. The word, "world trade center" reveals how they symbolized the global economic empire of today's phase of Babylon.

But where today's Twin Towers were destroyed to rebuild them, the first Tower was destroyed by the First Anti-Globalist, the Creator Himself.

There's something mystical behind globalization. It is a religion, it is the strive towards a world government which will naturally be fascist. The ones who work at the heart of globalization are all deeply religious Babylonians.

They want to finish the work that Nimrod started.

And they don't deny it either. How many times have we not heard how "the Americans" are destroying the "Cradle Of Civilization" in their destruction of Iraq? And how many times have we not heard that George Bush was doing the right thing because Saddam Hussein was "re-building Babylon" and viewed himself as a modern age Nebuchadnezzar?

Of course, Saddam Hussein was only a CIA asset. Everyone knows how Saddam was brought to and maintained in power by "the Americans". And everyone knows how crazy he was.

Within the inner circle of Globalization (the participants at the Bilderberger conferences and Bohemian Grove rituals) they knew even more how crazy he was.

Because they knew Babylon couldn't be "re-built" as we're still living in it, and they knew Saddam definitely wasn't the one appointed to head the system either as they put him in power for as long as he was of use to them.

Now it's clear, that workers of globalization are workers of the symbol where Babylon's towers stood for. From the very first ziggurat in Ancient Iraq to the hi-tech skyscrapers in New York, they symbolize this religion of the world government.

A world "united" under political, economical, cultural and religious rule by the philosophy and offspring of Nimrod, the Satanist.

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