Sunday, January 9, 2011

Congresswoman Shot In The Head Point Blank 6 Other People Killed

WWW, January 2011 - A US congreswoman has been shot in the head and several others killed in Tucson, Arizona. The killer, whose name appears to be Jared Lee Loughner seemed to have a Youtube page here. The congreswoman, whose name is Gabrielle Giffords, was holding a meeting with people who elected her as the massacre started.

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  1. i notice in news like seems automatically that nothing would ever happen like a problem in the agency....they say at one point....all the agencies work so well together. And they have "suspect".....but if it was to say a "inside job" this kind of news would never share that....i think :)
    Its a shame the Women was killed regardless the bottom of it.

  2. More often than not we see that when these things happen they are the result of some kind of program. And even if it is not on that detailed level, it's obvious that trigger words are used in the news and on the (other) propaganda websites.

    People are talking about this Sarah Palin facebook page where she used gun-sight target things plus a number of names. She took ot off her page, which in my idea is strange when it would not be relevant to the killing as she claim now in the channels.


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