Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Christian" preachers predicting the end at May 2011 on video

WWW, January 2011 - It does not matter that the bible clearly states that "no man knows just exactly when the things will happen that are prophesied in the book, here we have a "pastor" that leads the sheep away from simply faith in Jesus Christ. He tries to make people believe that the rapture and subsequent destruction of creation will take place in the period from May to October in this year, that is 2011.

There are always groups and individuals who claim the end of the world on a certain date, obviously they've all become exposed later but not after they did indeed fool sometimes masses into selling their goods and wait for the pye in the sky.

This "pastor" is not the only one that claims the dat, by the way. Another one called Harold Camping is also among those that have fallen into deceiving the people with their strange predictions:

Note the fact that there are even people wearing T-shirts with the date "May 21, 2011" on their backs...



  1. /viewed this web scream just now - Johann/

    Stamping Out Harold Camping

    Is Second Coming date-setter Harold Camping worthy of death? He already has a zero batting average after his September 1994 prediction fizzle and, according to the Bible, is a false prophet.
    Nevertheless that California shaman, who should be ashamed, claims he's found out that Christ's return will be on May 21, 2011 even though Matt. 24:36 says that no one knows the "day" or "hour" of it!
    A Google article ("Obama Fulfilling the Bible") points out that "Deut. 18:20-22 in the Old Testament requires the death penalty for false prophets."
    The same article reveals that "Christians are commanded to ask God to send severe judgment on persons who commit and support the worst forms of evil (see I Cor. 5 and note 'taken away')."
    Theologically radioactive Harold Camping and his ga-ga groupies (with their billboards featuring "May 21, 2011") should worry about being "stamped out" if many persons decide to follow the I Cor. 5 command.
    The above article concludes: "False prophets in the OT were stoned to death. Today they are just stoned!"

  2. Well, there's already a lot of warmongering talk so let's not see anything of this apart from Yesus words "Let He That Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone"

  3. These times i have read about and seen 30 years of...seem to be that we are where Jah wants us.
    May 2011...these men are saying. Only the Almity will let us know that date
    I see the days of Noah now as in today.
    The story of Nineveh is one that means a lot to me as well.
    Lots of time i have to stop and shut my mouth cause me..i am not perfect but if i was perfect then why would i need a Savior. So when i hear..."Let He That Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone" i realize where i am and who i am.
    The Almighty works of Jah are far above me and my understanding.

  4. Absolutely! We are not perfect and therefore need the Saviour, which is why -at least in my perception- we are not to practice the punishments written in the Old Testament. That is not to say that we should let these false prophets go uncritisized and exposed.

    Jah's Children will know what to do: not believing them....


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