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WWW, January 2009 - How can it be that the USA backs up Israel in just about everything this state does? The answer is partly given in the title of this Dutch documentary with English subtitles.

The recent strike on Gaza by the Israeli military sent shockwaves among people world-wide. Once again, one might add. There is hardly any conflict in the world that triggers more emotion and even empathy than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It's a conflict where religion, politics, history and ethnicity blend together in an explosive situation. People in the street are the biggest sufferers, as those in power fuel the conflict at the cost of innocent blood, every day.

In this documentary, we try to find an answer to a significant aspect of this complicated matter: the fact that the USA seems to back up the Israeli state in just about everything it does. After all, it is because of this -as it seems- unconditional support that the state of Israel can do what it does.

The documentary was produced by Dutch public broadcasting company VPRO, and is almost completely in English. The few Dutch words spoken are subtitled in the English language.

We'll meet with Richard Perle, a well-known Neo-con and advisor of George Bush. We'll see someone who worked on the presentation that Colin Powell gave to the United Nations which caused the war in Iraq.

We also see an Amerikan evangelical pastor explaining how he has millions and millions of people under his wings who he can, and will, mobilize any time an American politician votes against Israel in some or another resolution.

We see Barack Obama, "presidential candidate", and George Bush as well as Dick Cheney as they visit an organization called AIPAC. This organization is extremely powerful. It seems like every politician who wants to be(come) something in American politics, needs the approval of AIPAC.

We see... The Israel Lobby.


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