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WWW, January 2009 - George W. Bush left the White House and Barack Obama was blessed by none other than Rick Warren to become the next President of the USA.

The Obama Nation is a fact!

After eight years of George Bush, the people of the USA are in a state wherein they would, according to a commentator, even elect Mickey Mouse in the White House. The rest of the world laments over the fact that they have no voting rights in the USA, a country that always has a president claiming that "The United States Have To Lead The World".

We had eight years wherein the White House was occupied by a man mesmerizing millions of people who think of themselves as "Born Again Christians". After all, George W. talked with Billy Graham on the beach and he doesn't like abortion... The result? Any, yes, any action by Bush was defended by ground troops holding the Bible in their hands.

Obviously, George Bush is as much a Christian as the Devil himself. The Babylon Observer has reported how this "born again Christian" attends the Bohemian Grove where he gathers with other leaders against Jah and plans wars as well as rumors of wars.

But now, there is "change"...

Amerika changes from "Bush Country" to "Obama Nation" (yes, pun intended), and the abomination is becoming more and more obvious.

Where we had countless "Gospel Singers" backing up a president that took the planet into a state of war using the Name of Jesus as his foundation, we now have several Reggae singers giving praise to Barack Obama, "Black Man in the White House"...

Several Reggae vocalists who were (before?) known to Chant Down Babylon seem to have been undergoing the very same mesmerizing treatment that so many "Born Again Christians" had during the Bush era. They are among the millions and millions who celebrated as "Amerika's Pastor" Rick Warren blessed Obama into the White House, filled with talks of "hope" and "change"...

Babylon's choice to have Barack Obama become the next President of the USA is, among many other things, an obvious attack to the Movement of Rastafari. The Nyabinghy (meaning: "Death To Black and White Downpressors") Drums silence as we're now being treated with lyrics that claim stuff how "God" has to "Bless America" and worse.

However, this Barack Obama who is now present in the White House is as close to JAH and HIS KINGDOM as George W. Bush. His political view is more similar than different than that of his predecessor, too.

On countless occasions, Obama makes it clear that he thinks "The United States Should Lead The World". Just like Bush and Clinton and the rest before him!

When you take a look at the gang who he has surrounded himself with, the message to the world is clear. Obama, in his own sermons, makes it clear that he wants to send extra soldiers to Afghanistan and there are claims that say how Obama even plans to attack Pakistan.

His chief advisor is Zignew Brzinski, a man who is known to basically be the founder of the Taliban as he radicalized the Muslim Warlords in Afghanistan to make them fight against the Soviets who had invaded the country.

His secretary of state is Hillary Clinton. And she is by far not the only one who is closely related to Bill Clinton, another former president of the USA who is know to have blood on his hands, and in the cabinet of President Barack Obama.

Does this not say anything?

When the bombs start exploding under the command of that very same President who is being worshipped by so many, including -formerly?- conscious Reggae Vocalists, what will happen? Will we indeed see Rastafarians -and those who claim that they are- defending Babylon's New World Order, just like we saw countless Christians -and those who claim they are- doing the very same thing under George W. Bush?

We probably will. In fact, we already do. The Babylon Observer has already observed how people who did not support the war in Afghanistan were called "bag-o-wire" (basically, "traitor") by ones doing so claiming they know about Rastafari.

Apparently, killing people in Afghanistan is now part of "Chanting Down Babylon"...

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