Sunday, October 9, 2011

Babylon Observer Video Report: Reefer Madness In The Netherlands Part 2

WWW, October 2011 - Reefer madness in the Netherlands continues as the right-wing minority coalition of the country announced it will label Cannabis products with a THC level higher than 15% as "hard drugs".

The controversial decision has been made without parliamental approval and is already in effect.

The decree is part of a government crack-down on the legendary Dutch tolerance policy towards Cannabis and will affect Coffee Shops and it's owners.

Secretary of "security and justice" Ivo Opstelten announced that police will raid coffee shops in search of the so-called "hard drugs".

Should Cannabis with a THC level above 15% be found, coffee shop owners will be persecuted as hard drug dealers.


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  1. Yet another amazing plan of this gov't, a minority coalition with support by the right wing extremist Geert Wilders and his "Freedom Party" whose racism against Arabs is well established, as well as the heavy Christian Calvinistic Theocracy party "SGP" (State-Reformed Party, Reformed as in the denomination) who wants to abolish women's voting rights and re-instutute the death penalty. Only because the "big parties" have so much lost their voters that such extreme parties actually do have a say in the every day policy of the administration.

    The current administration has a very ancient view on ganja and the coffee shops. They refuse to regulate the "back door", that is where the coffee shop owners get their weed, have succesfully preyed upon the small growers who en masse have stopped growing because of totalitarian repression so that now the majority of the weed growing in the Netherlands has come in the hands of criminal gangs. All of this in an evironment in Europe and the USA and Canada where there seems to be a tendencee towards regulating, decriminalizing et cetera of the weed smokers.

    Now they want to put weed with a THC level higher than 15% in the same category as heroin and cokane. This is not only an absurdity, it is also not controlable. Should coffee shop owners all build a laboratory where they have to check every single bud on it's THC level? And should the police do the same when they check out the weed storage of a coffeeshop? Not, that this matters to this administration: they will most likely say: "because we can't check it, all coffee shops must be closed". This is exactly what at least one of the two parties of the minority coalition aims at, and they're quite open and frank about it too.

    This country is being held hostage by neo-cons, theocrats, and racists like Geert Wilders. I personally find it incredible to be observing all of the things the current coalition wants to put through parliaments. This country is already a police state, where many of the laws during Nazi occupation are re-introduced (like the obligation to carry ID etc) under the guise of "security". Racist laws are already there or are in preparation, open talks about the creation of ghetto's ("thug villages", as Geert Wilders calls them) et cetera.

    In my personal journey with Jah I am detaching more and more, so I'm not touched by it like I would have been a few years ago. Yesus said: "My Kingdom Is Not Of This World" and that's a thing I learn more and more every day. Maranatha, Come Lord Yesus!


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