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The Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War and the Balkanization of America Part Two: Is California Ground Zero? (From the Archives)

by Paul Collins ©, July 6th, 2006 - In part one we presented evidence suggesting the Minutemen project was being radicalized by white supremacists and certain leading lights in the power elite. This radicalization process is meant to undermine efforts to restore America's border integrity and to manufacture a politically expedient race war. Radicalized border activists and Chicano radicals are being set up to enter into conflict with one another. California seems to be the ideal staging grounds for the beginning of this conflict.

Ground Zero: California

The most likely place for a race war to begin is California. It is in this state that two individuals possessing radical racist views have risen to political power. These individuals will be able to mobilize the different racist groups for a confrontation. They are Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Antonio Villaraigosa would lead the Mexican racists' charge. Roger D. McGrath describes Villaraigosa's racist background:

Antonio Villaraigosa was known as Tony Villar when he was growing up on the Eastside. (He combined his surname with that of his wife, Corina Raigosa, to create the last name he uses now.) As Villar, he attended East Los Angeles Junior College and then transferred to UCLA in 1972 under an "affirmative action" program. By the time he left UCLA in 1975, he had not graduated but had risen to a position of leadership in the campus chapter of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, better known by its acronym, MEChA. The group was organized in 1969 by Mexican-American college students, for the most part, who preferred to call themselves Chicanos and Chicanas. MEChA proudly proclaims that its mission is to reclaim California and the rest of the Southwest—an area MECha calls Aztlan—from "the foreigner 'gabacho' who exploits our riches and destroys our culture… [W]e declare the independence of our mestizo nation. We are a bronze people with a bronze culture. Before the world, before all of North America, before all our brothers in the bronze continent, we are a nation, we are a union of free pueblos, we are Aztlan." (12)

There is no evidence that Villaraigosa ever abandoned MEChA's racist ideology. Roger D. McGrath reports: "When asked if he still supported MEChA's mission and goals during an interview on a talk-radio station in Los Angeles, Villaraigosa refused to answer" (13). Villaraigosa's refusal to answer may as well be taken as an admission of guilt. The former MEChaista remains firmly dedicated to a thoroughly racist ideology. The problem is that Villaraigosa is not some low level street thug. On May 17, 2005, he was elected mayor of Los Angeles. This makes him a racist with authority and lots of political clout.

Mention the name of Schwarzenegger and most people think of ridiculous action films featuring Arnold jumping from one explosion to the next. The man's escapades in bodybuilding and the movie industry cause most people to view Arnold as just one more celebrity with a humorous back-story. However, closer examination reveals that many of Schwarzenegger's closet skeletons come dressed in Nazi uniforms. In Arnold: The Unauthorized Biography, Wendy Leigh reveals some of Schwarzenegger's darker aspects:

According to Rick Wayne, who is black, when they discussed apartheid Arnold said he thought South Africa was right, saying things like "If you gave these blacks a country to run, they would run it down the tubes." However, Rick was accustomed to Arnold's reactionary views and quirky ways. He and Arnold had posed together in Munich. In his book, Muscle Wars, a study of bodybuilding politics, Rick recalled that after Arnold had "struck a pose reminiscent of the Nazi salute," he received less applause from the German audience than he had expected. Arnold's response was to comment to Rick, "These people are nothing without an Austrian to lead them." (68-9)

Many close to Schwarzenegger viewed Arnold's Nazi mask as part of his body building façade. One such person was Dick Tyler. Tyler had given posing lessons to Schwarzenegger. According to Leigh: "Tyler commented that if Hitler had wanted to advertise the Aryan ideal, Arnold would have been its perfect representative" (87). Leigh continues:

Tyler's remarks may sound a trifle barbed; however, since 1977 rumors have circulated in the bodybuilding world that during the filming of Pumping Iron, the pseudo-documentary film that transformed him into a legend, Arnold said he admired Hitler. When contacted for a newspaper article in 1988, George Butler, the producer and director of the film and still a close friend of Arnold's today, admitted that during the filming of Pumping Iron Arnold definitely did say that he admired Hitler. Butler then conceded that the remark was cut from the final version of the film, adding that Arnold expressed his admiration of "Hitler and Kennedy in almost the same breath as people who were leaders." When asked why Arnold admired Hitler, Butler replied that the context in the film was that Arnold was saying he had "always wanted to be remembered like the most famous people in history, like Jesus and so on. . ." (87-88)

Schwarzenegger associate Manfred Thellig's account is also very telling:

Manfred Thellig, who worked with Arnold in Munich, offers a similar interpretation. According to Thellig, Arnold "definitely admires the Teutonic period of the Third Reich. He just loved those leftover relics of the Third Reich in Munich—those Teutonic statues." He added that Arnold would say, "If I had lived at that time, I would have been one of those Teutonic breeders" but explains, "Whenever he opened his mouth and it sounded like 'Oh, there is a neo-Nazi,' this was just playing Tarzan. It wasn't serious. . ." (88-9)

However, there is evidence that Arnold's Nazi antics were not so tongue and cheek:

There are, nevertheless, witnesses over the years who have seen Arnold break into the "Sieg Heil" salute and play his records of Hitler's speeches. Arnold responded to this issue during a 1989 Penthouse interview with journalist Sharon Churcher. According to Churcher, a former associate of Arnold's during the seventies had heard from a mutual acquaintance that Arnold had Nazi paraphernalia in his apartment. According to the associate, Arnold's reaction at that time was to claim through Pumping Iron producer George Butler, that his interest "was only that of a student." Butler, professing to have forgotten the above exchange, says that he had never seen any Nazi paraphernalia at Arnold's house. (89)

Arnold's family background is also steeped in Nazism. Leigh elaborates:

Arnold personified Aryan supremacy and Germanic strength of will. To top that, his father had been a member of the Nazi party. Both his heritage and his image were inescapable. Inescapable, but not ineradicable. Yet Arnold, far from underplaying his roots, embraced and advertised them. (89-90)

The Schwarzenegger family's Nazi background apparently had a profound influence on Arnold's life. Consider the testimony of black bodybuilder Dave DuPre:

Black bodybuilder Dave DuPre, who would appear with Arnold years later in Pumping Iron, says Arnold declared one time while working out at Gold's. "Serge is your only black hope to beat me. Black people are inferior. You are not capable of achieving the success of white people. Black people are stupid." Black people weren't the only target of his venom, for as usual he was completely democratic in his heckling. According to DuPre, "He would make fun of Jews. If anybody looked Jewish, he would point it out and tell them that they were inferior." (101)

Schwarzenegger's past certainly makes him a candidate for mobilizing white supremacists for a race war. Even more disturbing is the fact that, as governor of California, Schwarzenegger has the political clout and influence to make this more than just a remote possibility.

With two racist demagogues planted high up in Californian politics, the stage has been set for a race war. When the time is right, both Schwarzenegger and Villaraigosa will be in a position to mobilize the two racist camps for the fighting. All that is needed now is a pretext. A violent border incident involving radicalized Minutemen and illegals could provide just such a pretext.

The idea of an inevitable war with Aztlan beginning in California may already be spreading among white racist groups. One purveyor of the idea is Stephen McNallen. McNallen is the head of Asatru', a white racist group steeped in satanism and Norse paganism. Mattias Gardell describes McNallen's propaganda:

Alarmed by activities of radical Chicano separatists who want to establish an independent Aztlan Nation out of what is now California and the Southwest, McNallen believes that California soon will be a battleground. "The spiritual descendants of the Aztec are looking northward," and Euro-Americans will either resign to a subordinate position or rise from their slumber to resist the conquest. McNallen suggests that accumulating ethnic tension is a reflection of deeper movements in the collective unconsciousness of Chicanos and northern Europeans. While admitting that the great majority of Mexican descendants are Christian, McNallen uses Jung to explain that the "old Aztec and Mayan deities never really went away, they simply went underground." What if Jung's analysis of the rise of national socialism as a manifestation of the Wotan archetype in the Germanic soul is applied to explain the emergent Hispanic nationalist scene? "Are Tonatzin and Tezcatlipoca moving among their folk, stirring them to conquest?" And who should better lead Euro-American resistance than their own archetypal deities? "Mighty psychic forces, and powerful religious impulses are on the move. The old Gods of Mexico, and the Gods of ancient Europe, are stirring their respective peoples." The spiritual "awakening" of the northern European folk is vital to accomplish lest they would follow Kennewick Man into obliteration. (283)

While not all racists may buy the Jungian and Norse pagan elements of McNallen's rhetoric, his presentation of California as battleground between Aztlan and white supremacist forces would appeal to most racists seeking an excuse to start shedding blood. This includes white supremacist infiltrants within the ranks of the Minutemen.

The Larger Picture

It is quite possible that the manufactured conflict between Chicano radicals and radicalized border activists is merely part of a much larger power elite project. This project would be a worldwide balkanization campaign. It is no secret to the informed minority that the elite intend to unite the world under the banner of a common ideology, a new world religion. However, people still must be conditioned to accept this ideology. Until that time, people must be kept fighting one another to prevent a unified grassroots front forming against the oligarchs.

One place that can be look[ed] at for examples of the worldwide balkanization project is Iraq, which has been brought to the brink of civil war. The bombing of the Askariya mosque in Samarra played no small role in bringing about the social fragmentation one sees in Iraq. Interestingly, it has been suggested that the Samarra bombing was a state-sponsored terrorist act. During an interview with Alex Jones, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern made it clear that such a possibility cannot be ruled out:

"The main question is Qui Bono? Who benefits from this kind of thing? You don't have to be very conspiratorial or even paranoid to suggest that there are a whole bunch of likely suspects out there and not only the Sunnis. You know, the British officers were arrested, dressed up in Arab garb, riding around in a car, so this stuff goes on." (No pagination)

There is a body of evidence that supports the contention that the Askariya bombing may have involved government hands. Iraq's Construction Minister's findings concerning the bombing raised a major question pointing to state sponsorship:

Construction Minister Jassem Mohammed Jaafar, who toured Sammara and inspected the damage incurred to the shrine, said the placing of explosives inside the dome was meticulous and must have taken at least 12 hours.

"Holes were dug into the mausoleum's four main pillars and packed with explosives," he told the media, adding that work on each pillar must have taken at least four hours. This is an astounding statement to make. This means that the perpetrators had free rein for much of the time to carry out their heinous crime. How did they get access to the shrine in the first place? (Al-Atraqchi, no pagination)

Firas Al-Atraqchi points out several other disturbing details and questions surrounding the mosque bombing:

Initial reports said that four men, one donning Interior Ministry commando garb, stormed the Shrine after dawn prayers on Wednesday, took the five guards hostage, and fled before detonating their explosive charge.

They released the guards and mingled with worshippers for the Fajr prayers before slipping out.

Reports later said that the attackers were 10 men dressed in commando outfits and that they had been apprehended.

The shrine is meant to be protected by a contingent of 35 Interior Ministry troops because the Mosque is of particular importance to the Shia community.

Questions abound. Why was the security detail reduced from 35 to only five men guarding such an important shrine?

If it took at least 12 hours to plant the explosives, why did no one notice that the five police guards had been taken hostage? If it took at least 12 hours to plant the explosives, would that not have meant access to the shrine during evening prayers the night before? (No pagination)

It should also be noted that Samarra eyewitnesses claimed on various websites that "U.S. and Iraqi forces had sealed off access ways to the Shrine the night prior to the explosion" (No pagination). It seems that people in high places using the American and Iraqi governments as their personal prostitutes may have been involved in the bombing. What was the goal? Firas Al Atraqchi may have provided a precise answer to that question: "The conspiracy is to tear Iraq at the seams and pit sectarian differences into a diabolical civil war" (No pagination).

Patriots and activists need to be on their toes during this volatile period in history. Much of the chaos we see in the streets below was instigated by the bluebloods above. There is absolutely nothing civil about civil wars. That's because they are orchestrated by those who lack all civility: the power elite. We ignore this fact at our own peril.

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About the author

Paul D. Collins has studied suppressed history and the shadowy undercurrents of world political dynamics for roughly eleven years. In 1999, he earned his Associate of Arts and Science degree. In 2006, he completed his bachelor's degree with a major in liberal studies and a minor political science. Paul has authored another book entitled The Hidden Face of Terrorism: The Dark Side of Social Engineering, From Antiquity to September 11. Published in November 2002, the book is available online from,, and also It can be purchased as an e-book (ISBN 1-4033-6798-1) or in paperback format (ISBN 1-4033-6799-X). Paul also co-authored The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship (ISBN 1-4196-3932-3).


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