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The Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War and the Balkanization of America (From the Archives)

by Paul and Phillip Collins ©, Nov. 7th, 2005

Strange Confluences: The Tanton Network

PuppeteerOn February 13, 2002, U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) and former San Diego congressman Brian Bilbray addressed a sizable audience concerned with illegal immigration issues ("The Puppeteer," no pagination). Hosted at the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, D.C., the event was the prelude to a two-day lobbying campaign (no pagination). The discerning researcher who investigates this event will automatically identify intimations of a racist Fifth Column, which threatens to subsume the Minutemen Project and subvert efforts to restore America's border integrity. A white supremacist newsletter entitled the Citizens Informer was made available at the meeting (no pagination). This newsletter is published by the Council of Conservative Citizens, a racist organization financed by the Shea Foundation (no pagination).

More importantly, this assembly was "masterminded by NumbersUSA," which is but one appendage of a larger organizational octopus (no pagination). When NumbersUSA executive director Roy Beck addressed the audience, he admonished activists to underplay the organization's involvement in the lobbying effort on Capitol Hill (no pagination). Beck candidly stated that the campaign "needs to look like a grassroots effort" (no pagination). However, NumbersUSA is anything but a grassroots organization. The Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report elaborates:

Despite attempts to appear otherwise, it [NumbersUSA] is a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Inc., a sprawling, nonprofit funding conduit that has spawned three anti-immigration groups and underwrites several others, many of which were represented at the NumbersUSA conclave. (No pagination)

NumbersUSA is part of a "loose-knit" network of groups connected to a man named John Tanton ("John Tanton's Network," no pagination). Tanton has founded, co-founded, and financed numerous organizations that are gradually redirecting the movement for immigration policy reform towards an agenda of anti-immigration bigotry. The following is a list of those groups:

American Immigration Control Foundation

AICF, 1983, funded

American Patrol/Voice of Citizens Together

1992, funded

California Coalition for Immigration Reform

CCIR, 1994, funded

Californians for Population Stabilization

1996, funded (founded separately in 1986)

Center for Immigration Studies

CIS, 1985, founded and funded

Federation for American Immigration Reform

FAIR, 1979, founded and funded


1996, founded and funded

Population-Environment Balance

1973, joined board in 1980

Pro English

1994, founded and funded


1999, funded

The Social Contract Press

1990, founded and funded

U.S. English

1983, founded and funded

U.S. Inc.

1982, founded and funded (no pagination)

Following the February 13 meeting in Washington D.C., other racist elements began to rear their ugly heads. The SPLC Intelligence Report reveals these dubious individuals and groups:

Two weeks after the NumbersUSA lobbying trip to the offices of Tom Tancredo and a series of other congressmen, Glenn Spencer, head of the Tanton-funded anti-immigrant American Patrol, was one of the main speakers at a conference hosted by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance magazine. Joining Spencer, who warned his audience that a second Mexican-American war would erupt in 2003, was an array of key extremists:

  • Mark Weber, a principal of the Holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review;
  • White power web maven, former Klansman and ex-con Don Black;
  • Gordon Lee Baum, "chief executive officer" of the CCC; and
  • several members of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. (No pagination)

Upon closer examination of this assembly, strange confluences become apparent. For instance, the Institute for Historical Review is actually connected with left-wing icon Noam Chomsky. Werner Cohn expands on this relationship:

The IHR's publishing and bookselling arm is called Noontide Press. Holocaust-denying is only one part of the anti-Semitic menu of this supermarket of Nazism. The latest NP catalog is dated 1995. Among its offerings we find Nazi-made movies that are banned in Germany because of their brazen propaganda (pp. 29, ff), as well as the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion (p. 10), books by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels (pp. 10 and 12), a book by the later Father Coughlin (p. 7). Chomsky is represented by five separate items: The Fateful Triangle (p. 16); Necessary Illusions (p. 11); and Pirates and Emperors (p. 12). Chomsky, according to the IHR, "enlightens as no other writer on Israel, Zionism, and American complicity" (p. 4). (No pagination)

What makes this association even stranger is the fact that Chomsky is Jewish. However, researchers like Cohn have found substantial evidence suggesting that Chomsky is a hofjuden (self-loathing Jew). Many icons of the left have belonged to this odd racialist tradition. Karl Marx is one case in point, as is evidenced by his book A World Without Jews. It is possible that Chomsky is yet another example.

Even more significant is Glenn Spencer, founder of the American Patrol Report and a supporter of the Minutemen Project. As was previously mentioned, Spencer forecasted a second Mexican-American war in 2003. While Spencer's prophecy was never fulfilled, his open advocacy of a race war certainly raises suspicions about his true agenda. These suspicions only intensify when one considers the fact that Spencer's operation is financed by Tanton.

We contend that there is a conspiracy to radicalize the Minutemen project, subvert efforts to restore America's border integrity, and manufacture a politically expedient race war. This conspiracy is being financed and coordinated by factions of the power elite, which have a vested interest in the destruction of America's national sovereignty and the establishment of a one-world government. The immigration issue is of particular interest to these supranational oligarchs because it directly affects America's border integrity, which is integral to a country's national sovereignty. John Tanton is no small player in this conspiracy and it is with him that we shall begin this investigation.

The Neo-Malthusian Connection

In 1990, John Tanton founded the Social Contract Press. Those who visit the organization's website will find links to Population and Sustainability, Carrying Capacity Network, and Negative Population Growth. Obviously, these organizations are guided by a common theme: population control. Social Contract Press shares this agenda, as is evidenced by the group's mission statement:

The Social Contract Press is an educational and publishing organization advocating open discussion of such related issues as population size and rate of growth, protection of the environment and precious resources, limits on immigration, as well as preservation and promotion of a shared American language and culture. (No pagination; emphasis added)

In fact, population control is one of the primary motives underpinning the Social Contract Press's immigration reduction agenda. According to the official website, the Press members "favor immigration," but desire "fewer admissions in order to reduce the rate of America's population growth, protect jobs, preserve the environment, and foster assimilation" (No pagination; emphasis added).

Evidently, population control is one of Tanton's preoccupations. A preliminary perusal of Tanton's resume further expands on his preoccupation. Social Contract Press's website states:

His [Tanton's] conviction that continued human population growth was a large part of the conservation problem led him to chair the National Sierra Club Population Committee (1971-74), and to the national board of Zero Population Growth (1973-78, including a term as president, 1975-77). In 1979, as immigration grew to be the significant part of the U.S. population problem, he organized the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) based in Washington, D.C. (No pagination)

This preoccupation represented a natural progression from Tanton's radical environmentalist passions. A Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report elaborates:

Raising a family and practicing medicine in Petoskey, Mich., Tanton started out as a passionate environmentalist. In the 1960s and early 1970s, he was a leader in the National Audubon Society, the Sierra Club and other mainstream environmental groups.

But Tanton soon became fixated on population control, seeing environmental degradation as the inevitable result of overpopulation.

When the indigenous birth rate fell below replacement level in the United States, his preoccupation turned to immigration. And this soon led him to race. (No pagination)

A novel entitled The Camp of Saints reinforced Tanton's racialist contentions (no pagination). Authored by Jean Raspail, the book's narrative involved "an invasion of the white, Western world by a fleet of starving, dark-skinned refugees" (no pagination). Tanton was so enamored of the novel that he supported its publication in English (no pagination). The "prophetic argument" of The Camp of Saints succinctly encapsulates Tanton's messages (no pagination).

The cause of population control has been historically connected with the eugenics movement. Researchers Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin synopsize the intimate relationship between the two:

The population control or zero population growth movement, which grew rapidly in the late 1960s thanks to free media exposure and foundation grants for a stream of pseudoscientific propaganda about the alleged "population bomb" and the limits to growth," was a continuation of the old prewar, protofascist eugenics movement, which had been forced to go into temporary eclipse when the world recoiled in horror at the atrocities committed by the Nazis in the name of eugenics. By mid-1960s, the same old crackpot eugenicists had resurrected themselves as the population-control and environmentalist movement. Planned Parenthood was a perfect example of the transmogrification. Now, instead of demanding the sterilization of the inferior races, the newly packaged eugenicists talked about the population bomb, giving the poor "equal access" to birth control, and "freedom of choice." (203)

With this synopsis, the thematic continuity running throughout Tanton's work becomes clearer. It represents a continuation of the eugenics agenda. In fact, portions of Tanton's organizational network have been intimately involved in eugenics projects. FAIR, which Tanton co-founded, received $1.2 million from the Pioneer Fund between 1985 and 1994 ("The Puppeteer," no pagination). According to eugenics expert Barry Mehler, the Pioneer Fund qualified as a "neo-Nazi organization, tied to the Nazi eugenics program in the 1930s, that has never wavered in its commitment to eugenics and ideas of human and racial inferiority and superiority" (no pagination). Evidently, Tanton is keeping the eugenics tradition alive.

It comes as little surprise that Tanton also concerns himself with environmental issues. Radical environmentalism is yet one more vehicle for the population control agenda and, by extension, a eugenical agenda. It is even less surprising that Tanton was the former president of the northern Michigan branch of Planned Parenthood. This organization, which was founded by the racist Margaret Sanger, has had a long history of involvement in the eugenics movement. In her book, The Pivot of Civilization, Sanger revealed the eugenical motives underpinning the cause of birth control. She unabashedly declares:

Birth Control, which has been criticized as negative and destructive, is really the greatest and most truly eugenic method, and its adoption as part of the program of Eugenics would immediately give a concrete and realistic power to that science… as the most constructive and necessary of the means to racial health. (Sanger, The Pivot of Civilization, 189)

Sanger's talk of "racial health" in conjunction with birth control sounds awfully similar to the racialist rhetoric of Adolf Hitler. Of course, Sanger had always maintained a close association with the racial ideologues of the Third Reich. Planned Parenthood's board of directors included Nazi supporters such as Dr. Lothrop Stoddard, author of a racist tract entitled The Rising Tide of Color Against White Supremacy. In fact, Birth Control Review acted as a conduit for the dissemination of Nazi propaganda in America. In April of 1933, Dr. Ernst Rudin, Hitler's director of genetic sterilization and a founder of the Nazi Society for Racial Hygiene, published an article in Birth Control Review. Entitled "Eugenic Sterilization: An Urgent Need," the article presented the following appeal:

The danger to the community of the unsegregated feeble-minded woman is more evident. Most dangerous are the middle and high grades living at large who, despite the fact that their defect is not easily recognizable, should nevertheless be prevented from procreation.... In my view we should act without delay. (102-4)

There are numerous parallels between Sanger's ideas and the racialist policies of the Nazis. For instance, Sanger proposed the establishment of a network of concentration camps for the unfit. In an issue of Birth Control Review, she recommends that America:

...apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is already tainted... to apportion farm lands and homesteads for these segregated persons where they would be taught to work under competent instructors for the period of their entire lives… ("Plan of Peace," 107-8)

Just how many people would have qualified for internment in Sanger's gulag system? Basing her conclusions on army statistics, Sanger presents the following figures:

...nearly half--47.3 percent--of the population had the mentality of twelve-year-old children or less--in other words that they are morons. (The Pivot of Civilization, 263)

Ultimately, Sanger concluded that: "only 13,500,000 will ever show superior intelligence" (The Pivot of Civilization, 264). Thus, only 13.5% of the population would be allowed to reproduce. Meanwhile, the rest would be incarcerated for orderly disposal. Thankfully, such a program was never implemented in America. Germany, however, witnessed its tangible enactment with frightening results. Today, it is known as the Holocaust.

Discoveries of Nazi atrocities shortly after World War II constituted a public relations disaster for Planned Parenthood. Yet, the organization survived and acted as a conduit for the entry of the eugenics movement into the post-war world. Tarpley and Chaitkin elaborate:

Although Planned Parenthood was forced, during the fascist era and immediately thereafter, to tone down Sanger's racist rhetoric from "race betterment" to "family planning" for the benefit of the poor and racial minorities, the organization's basic goal of curbing the population growth rate among "undesirables" never really changed. (195)

In fact, Planned Parenthood even won the approval of George Bush Sr., who would later win the presidency running as a conservative, pro-life candidate. Tarpley and Chaitkin reveal that: "Bush publicly asserted that he agreed '1,000 percent' with Planned Parenthood" (195). Sanger's eugenical tradition remained intact and continued into the late twentieth century.

Tanton belongs to this eugenical tradition. Recall his membership in Zero Population Growth. This organization's founder, Paul Ehrlich, wrote The Population Bomb. Published in 1968, Ehrlich's book presented the following prediction:

The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s the world will undergo famines--hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. At this late date nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate... (xi)

To counter this plague of global starvation, Ehrlich prescribes overtly authoritarian measures: "We must have population control at home, hopefully through a system of incentives and penalties, but by compulsion if voluntary methods fail" (xi). Of course, the arrival of the 1970s thoroughly refuted all of Ehrlich's prognostications. However, his fraudulent eschatological claims acted as a pretext for the proposal of totalitarian policies. Of course, such policies, if implemented, would have proven politically and socially expedient for the power elite. This is the true agenda underpinning the carrying capacity myth. Whether or not Ehrlich actually believed the overpopulation fables that he peddled, they still provided the ruling class with a readily exploitable threat.

Ehrlich's wife is a member of the Club of Rome, an organizational machination of the power elite. The Club specializes in manufacturing hypothetical scenarios concerning overpopulation and environmental degradation. The organization typically compiles these apocalyptic forecasts and publishes them for public consumption. It should be fairly obvious why. The following excerpt from the Club's 1991 report, The First Global Revolution, reveals the motive:

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.... But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself. (King and Schneider 115)

In making humanity the ultimate enemy, the oligarchs have the perfect pretext for world government. After all, only a massive supranational entity with unlimited powers could compel the nemesis of humanity to retard its "environmentally unsound" industrial and technological development. Thus, a global socialist totalitarian government could be erected in the name of "ecological preservation." This is the cause that men like Tanton and Ehrlich are perpetuating.

Although Ehrlich's false predictions should have qualified the man as a certifiable phony, his claims were still given credence by certain factions of the elite and government think tanks. During his Congressional career, George Bush Sr. founded and chaired the Republican Task Force on Earth Resources and Population (Tarpley and Chaitkin 199). Bush's task force subscribed to the same old eschatological claims of environmentalists. It members contended that "the world was already seriously overpopulated; that there was a fixed limit to natural resources and that this limit was rapidly being reached; and that the environment and natural species were being sacrificed to human progress. (199) The task force was thoroughly neo-Malthusian in character and provided Ehrlich with an audience. Tarpley and Chaitkin explain:

Comprised of over 20 Republican Congressman, Bush's task force was a kind of Malthusian vanguard organization, which heard testimony from assorted "race scientists," sponsored legislation, and otherwise propagandized the zero-growth outlook. In its 50-odd hearings during these years, the task force provided a public forum to nearly every well-known zero-growth fanatic, from Paul Ehrlich, founder of Zero Population Growth (ZPG), to race scientist William Shockley, to the key zero-growth advocates infesting the federal bureaucracy. (199-200)

Ehrlich suggested "a 'tough foreign policy' including termination of food aid to starving nations" (200). Naturally, people of a darker skin hue populated most of these nations. The scientific racism of such a "tough foreign policy" should be fairly axiomatic. Ehrlich's mandates for domestic population control included "the addition of… mass sterilization agents" to America's water and food supplies (200). Such ideas were given serious credence, as is evidenced by the pedigree of those comprising the task force.

Ehrlich's fellow traveler, William Shockley, was even less circumspect about his scientific racism. During the 60s, this race scientist had generated a substantial amount of controversy by promoting his already refuted thesis that black people were mentally and cognitively inferior to white people (200). In the same year that the GOP task force supplied him with a congressional platform, Shockley wrote:

"Our nobly intended welfare programs may be encouraging dysgenics - retrogressive evolution through disproportionate reproduction of the genetically disadvantaged… We fear that 'fatuous beliefs' in the power of welfare money, unaided by eugenic foresight, may contribute to a decline of human quality for all segments of society." (200)

This is the sort of thinking that motivates Tanton. As a former member of ZPG and Planned Parenthood, he lays claim to a neo-Malthusian heritage. Neo-Malthusianism originated with the ideas of Thomas Malthus, an Anglican clergyman who had received the blessings of French deist Jean-Jacques Rousseau and radical empiricist David Hume (Keynes 99). Malthus authored Essay on the Principle of Population, a treatise premised upon the thesis: "Population, when unchecked, increases in a geometrical ratio. Subsistence increases only in an arithmetic ratio" (qutd. in Taylor 61). Although Malthus articulated his observations in succinct mathematical equations, the labyrinthine and complex machinations comprising the natural order typically defy such overly simplistic reductionism. Nonetheless, Malthus concluded that society should adopt certain social policies to prevent the human population from growing disproportionately larger than the food supply. Of course, these social policies were anything but humane. They stipulated the stultification of industrial and technological development in poor communities. With the inevitable depreciation of vital infrastructure, society's "dysgenics" would eventually be purged by the elements. According to Malthus, such sacrifice guaranteed a healthy society.

Tanton's anti-immigration racism synchronizes comfortably with neo-Malthusian thought. Neo-Malthusians harbor no small amount of disdain for pro-fertility belief systems. According Wikipedia online encyclopedia, this disdain is directly related to the population question:

In any group some individuals will be more pro-fertility in their beliefs and practices than others. According to neo-Malthusian theory, these pro-fertility individuals will not only have more children, but also pass their pro-fertility on to their children, meaning a constant selection for pro-fertility similar to the constant evolutionary selection for beneficial genes (except much faster because of greater diversity). According to neo-Malthusians, this increase in fertility will lead to hyperexponential population growth that will eventually outstrip growth in economic production. (No pagination)

Of course, Hispanic immigrants come from predominantly Catholic countries. Catholicism is a pro-fertility belief system. Such a system encourages "careless breeding." Therefore, Hispanic immigrants represent a threat to neo-Malthusians. Moreover, neo-Malthusians contend that immigrants contribute very little to the nation's economy. Wikipedia online encyclopedia elaborates:

Neo-Malthusians argue that although adult immigrants (who, at the very least, arrive with human capital) contribute to economic production, there is little or no increase in economic production from increased natural growth and fertility. Neo-Malthusians argue that hyperexponential population growth has begun or will begin soon in developed countries. (No pagination)

Herein is the true motive underpinning Tanton's promotion of limits to immigration. His ultimate objectives are the culling of surplus population and the eugenical regimentation of society. Tanton's network is gradually redirecting the Minutemen Project towards these objectives.

Connections to the Power Elite and the Intelligence Community

However, it would be wrong to consider Tanton the center of the onion. Behind him lurk the controlling hands of the Power Elite. While this fact can be seen through Tanton's connection to the Club of Rome by way of Ehrlich's ZPG, it can also be seen through the different tax-exempt foundations that supply a steady flow of capital to Tanton's network. Tax-exempt foundations allow the elite to shield their money from the income tax and conduct social engineering projects.

Two foundations funding the Tanton network are significant because of their connections to the U.S. intelligence community. The first is the Smith Richardson Foundation ("The Puppeteer", no pagination). The financing for Smith Richardson comes from the Vicks Vaporub fortune ("Smith Richardson Foundation", no pagination). In 1973, the Smith Richardson Foundation came under the presidency of R. Richardson Randolph (no pagination). With a mind-boggling net worth of 870 million dollars, the Richardsons are one of America's richest families. We are far off the trajectory of back hill bubbas and rednecks and have entered the realm of the Power Elite.

The origin of the Smith Richardson Foundation's involves a rogue gallery that includes the Bush family dynasty, the Yale secret society of Skull and Bones, and Nazi sympathizers. Tarpley and Chaitkin explain:

The Bush family knew Richardson and his wife through their mutual friendship with Sears Roebuck's chairman, Gen. Robert E. Wood. General Wood had been president of the America First organization, which had lobbied against war with Hitler Germany. H. Smith Richardson had contributed the start-up money for America First and had spoken out against the U.S. "joining the Communists" by fighting Hitler. Richardson's wife was a proud relative of Nancy Langehorne from Virginia, who married Lord Astor and backed the Nazis from their Cliveden Estate.

General Wood's daughter Mary had married the son of Standard Oil president William Stamps Farish. The Bushes had stuck with the Farishes through their disastrous exposure during World War II... Young George Bush and his bride Barbara were especially close to Mary Farish, and to her son W.S. Farish III, who would be the great confidante of George's presidency.

The H. Smith Richardson Foundation was organized by Eugene Stetson, Jr., Richardson's son-in-law. Stetson (Skull and Bones, 1934) had worked for Prescott Bush as assistant manager of the New York branch of Brown Brothers Harriman. (77)

Tarpley and Chaitkin also point out the Smith Richardson Foundation's connections to the U.S. intelligence community:

In the late 1950s, the H. Smith Richardson Foundation took part in the "psychological warfare" of the CIA. This was not a foreign, but a domestic, covert operation, carried out mainly against unwitting U.S. citizens. CIA Director Allen Dulles and his British allies organized "MK-Ultra," the testing of psychotropic drugs including LSD on a very large scale, allegedly to evaluate "chemical warfare" possibilities. In this period, the Richardson Foundation helped finance experiments at Bridgewater Hospital in Massachusetts, the center of some of the most brutal MK-Ultra tortures. These outrages have been graphically portrayed in the movies Titticut Follies.

During 1990, an investigator for this book toured H. Smith Richardson's Center for Creative Leadership just north of Greensboro, North Carolina. The tour guide said that in these rooms, agents of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Secret Service are trained. He demonstrated the two-way mirrors through which the government employees are watched, while they are put through mind-bending psychodramas. The guide explained that "virtually everyone who becomes a general" in the U.S. armed forces also goes through this "training" at the Richardson Center.

Another office of the Center for Creative Leadership is in Langley, Virginia, at the Headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency. Here also, Richardson's Center trains leaders of the CIA. (77-78; emphasis in original)

The second contributor to the Tanton network is Richard Mellon Scaife. The SPLC Intelligence Report documents this relationship:

Tanton's most important funding source for the last two decades may well have been the Scaife family, heirs to the Mellon Bank fortune. Richard Mellon Scaife, a reclusive figure, has been instrumental in establishing right-wing organizations like the Heritage Foundation and supporting causes like the "Arkansas Project," an effort to dig up dirt on President Clinton. Scaife family foundations, including those controlled by Scaife's sister, Cordelia May Scaife, provided some $1.4 million to FAIR from 1986-2000. (No pagination)

Scaife's attacks on Clinton might lead many to believe he is a genuine crusader against elite criminality. However, Scaife's skirmishes with the Clintons amounted to little more than factionalism in the ranks of the oligarchs. Richard Mellon Scaife's elite pedigree is impeccable. Like most bluebloods, Scaife has a fixation with eugenics. Robert G. Kaiser and Ira Chinoy report:

Scaife has long favored abortion rights, to the chagrin of many of those he has supported. In the first years of his philanthropy he stuck to a pattern set by his mother and sister and gave millions to Planned Parenthood and other population control groups, though most such giving stopped in the 1970s. (No pagination)

In addition to supporting eugenics, Scaife also attended the 1964 Bohemian Grove retreat, a major blueblood gathering (Kaiser and Chinoy, no pagination). Scaife is also connected to the U.S. intelligence community. Richard was, at one time, the head of the publishing organ Forum World Feature, which was publicly named as a CIA front organization ("Richard Mellon Scaife," no pagination). However, Scaife's intelligence connection is even deeper. Edward Spannaus goes into this connection:

Dickie Scaife is what one might call a second-generation ``OSS brat.'' During World War II, Dickie's father, as well as a number of his father's close business and familial associates, occupied high positions in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)--America's wartime intelligence service. Alan Scaife, his father, was a lieutenant colonel in the OSS. A number of cousins of Dickie's mother, Sarah Mellon Scaife, also had very high positions in the OSS.

For example: Paul Mellon (a cousin of Dickie's mother and a rabid Anglophile) was recruited in London to the OSS by his brother-in-law, David Bruce. Paul trained with British troops, became a major in the OSS, worked under Allen Dulles in Berne, Switzerland, and commanded a unit responsible for conducting propaganda operations behind disintegrating German lines.

David Bruce, husband of Paul Mellon's sister Ailsa Mellon Bruce, was designated by OSS head William Donovan to oversee all OSS operations in Europe from his base in London. (Although some say, with justification, that it was Bruce who was designated by the U.S. banking-establishment families to oversee Donovan.) Another OSS cousin was Larimer Mellon, who likewise worked on Allen Dulles's staff in Berne. David Bruce (a direct descendant of the Scottish Bruce dynasty) later divorced Ailsa and married his second wife, Evangeline, an OSS secretary whose father had been a special liaison to British intelligence from the U.S. State Department.

It is reliably reported that these Anglophilic OSS circles around Scaife's father were the crucial influence on steering Dickie into intelligence-related ``philanthropy''--i.e., the private funding of joint British-U.S. intelligence projects which were commonly mis-identified as ``CIA'' projects or fronts. (No pagination)

Funding on the part of the Smith Richardson Foundation and Scaife makes it quite possible that the Tanton network is an intelligence project meant to foment race war. Would intelligence groups such as the CIA be interested in manufacturing such chaos? During an interview with William Norman Grigg, former DEA agent Michael Levine recounted a discussion he had with a CIA spook. The discussion, which occurred in Argentina in 1979, suggested that this is the case:

"There was a small group of us gathered for a drinking party at the CIA guy's apartment. There were several Argentine police officers there as well; at the time, Argentina was a police state in which people could be taken into custody without warning, tortured, and then 'disappeared.'"

"At one point my associate in the CIA said that he preferred Argentina's approach to social order, and that America should be more like that country," Levine continues. "Somebody asked, 'Well, how does a change of that sort happen?' The spook replied that it was necessary to create a situation of public fear -- a sense of impending anarchy and social upheaval..." (No pagination)

Such a "situation of public fear" could be incited by agent provocateurs within the ranks of white supremacists. If the idea of intelligence agents working within white supremacist groups seems foreign, consider the following report by John Hooper:

Germany's most notorious postwar neo-Nazi party was led by an intelligence agent working for the British, according to both published and unpublished German sources.

The alleged agent - the late Adolf von Thadden - came closer than anyone to giving the far-right real influence over postwar German politics.

Under his leadership, the National Democratic party (NPD) made a string of impressive showings in regional elections in the late 60s, and there were widespread fears that it would gain representation in the federal parliament.

Yet, according to a report earlier this year in the Cologne daily, the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, the man dubbed "the New Führer" was working for British intelligence throughout the four years he led the NPD, from 1967 to 1971.

However, a former senior officer in German intelligence told the Guardian this week that he had been informed of a much longer-standing link between Von Thadden and British intelligence. His recollection raises the question of whether the German far-right-winger was under the sway of M16 when he and others founded the NPD in 1964.

Dr Hans Josef Horchem, who was the head of the Hamburg office of the Verfassungsschutz - the West German security service - from 1969 to 1981, said he received regular visits from British intelligence liaison officers.

"We held general discussions on security. At one of these - I think it was towards the end of the 70s- they said, 'Adolf von Thadden was in contact with us', and that was in the 1950s". Mr Horchem did not know whether the links between the German and British intelligence had continued into the 60s and 70s. According to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, whose report passed virtually unnoticed when it was published, the neo-Nazi leader met his British contact at a hotel in Hamburg. (No pagination)

As the above example clearly illustrates, government control of radical groups is really nothing new. The evidence suggests that shadowy factions of the intelligence community are pulling Tanton's strings. As the Tanton network entangles itself with the Minutemen project, the very same sinister hands may soon hold what started as a legitimate attempt at immigration reform.

Promulgating Racial Dialectics

Among one of the racist ideologies disseminated by the ruling class is the racial myth of Aztlan. According to this myth, the southwestern states—California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas—comprise the original homeland of the Aztec Indians (Grigg, "Revolution in America,"9). Many of the groups that adhere to this myth believe that these lands must be forcefully reclaimed by "la Raza," the Mexican race (9). Ominously enough, some of the Aztlan cult is "equipped with a paramilitary auxiliary" (9).

Automatically, one will recognize the Marxist concept of a people's revolution, which is farcical at best. Invariably, such revolutions result in the creation and maintenance of new class distinctions. The ostensible proletarian dictatorship is merely another oligarchy in disguise. Moreover, one might notice parallels between this myth and the Aryan myth of Nazi Germany. In sum total, the doctrine of Aztlan amounts to little more than a racialist variety of socialism. The Aztlan myth culminates with La Raza's reclamation of the southwestern states and the establishment of the Chicano Homeland (9). This "worker's paradise" would become a nation-state unto itself, separate from the United States of America (9). Thus, the Chicano Aryan would have his Lebensborn.

This virulent racism was promoted through tax-exempt foundations, which insulate the wealth of the oligarchs from the income tax. While the common American is subject to the institutionalized theft of the IRS, the power elite receives a tax write-off. However, tax-exempt foundations are more than simple tax shelters. They allow the ruling class a channel for the dissemination of racist ideologies. Henry Santiestevan, who formerly headed the Southwest Council of La Raza, confessed as much when he stated: "It can be said that without the Ford Foundation's commitment to a strategy of national and local institutions-building, the Chicano movement would have withered away in many areas" (Jasper 35).

Santiestevan had good reason to express such gratitude. New American journalist William F. Jasper reveals that "a tabulation of Ford Foundation grants to the Hispanic radicals during the period of 1968 to 1992 came to over $31 million" (35). To make matters worse, Jasper adds: "Millions have been added since" (35). Jasper proceeds to enumerate various grants listed from the Ford Foundation's Summer/Fall 1995 report:

  • National Council of La Raza, $160,000 and $75,000.
  • Northern New Mexico Legal Services, $20,000.
  • Mexican Academy of Human Rights, $20,000.
  • Hispanic Leadership Opportunity Program, $2,325,000 (including $525,000 for MALDEF).
  • Immigrant Legal Resource Center, $145,000.
  • National Immigration Law Center, $335,000.
  • National Immigration Law Forum, $130,000.
  • Urban Institute Program for Research on Immigration Policy, $900,000.
  • Hispanics in Philanthropy, $100,000. (35)

Ironically, the Aztlan movement may hold more in common with the white supremacist movement than one might expect. It certainly is no more popular with the Anti-Defamation League than the standard white hate group. In fact, the ADL contends that many of the Aztlan movement's doctrines are similar to neo-Nazi and white supremacy ideas. According to Wikipedia, these parallels include Holocaust-denial, homophobia, and anti-Israeli sentiments (no pagination). In fact, both the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center have accused the movement's official webzine, La Voz de Aztlán, of promulgating anti-Jewish conspiracy theories (no pagination). One such theory is that Jews plotted the infamous anthrax mailings of 2001 (no pagination). If the allegations leveled at La Voz de Aztlán are true, then the Aztlan cult is a certifiable counterpart of the white supremacy movement.

The founder of La Voz de Aztlán is Hector Carreon, who is a former member of the Brown Berets (no pagination). The Brown Berets were a community youth organization birthed from the tumult of the 60s counterculture ("Brown Berets," no pagination). The group was heavily influenced by several other radical revolutionary movements, particularly the Black Panthers (no pagination). Like the Aztlan cult of today, the Black Panthers were financed and controlled by the power elite. In fact, some Black Panther members may have been aware of the manipulation. One such Panther was Stokely Carmichael, who was also the leader of SNCC. Former Communist Party member and FBI informant James Kirk made the following observations concerning Carmichael:

Mr. Carmichael was obviously in the middle of something very important which made him more nervous and tense than in the past…He started speaking of things which he said he could not have said before because his research was not finished…

He repeated the line from the song he liked so well, "Something is happening here, but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?" He kept hitting on the theme that a very large monopoly capitalist money group, the bankers to be exact, was instrumental in fomenting (the) idea that the Jews are the ones actually behind the oppression of the blacks…In the agencies of this power, he cited banks, the chief among which were Morgan Guaranty Trust and Chase Manhattan. And the foundations connected with these monoliths. (Griffin 108)

Apparently, Carmichael's revelations presented a distinct threat to the hidden manipulators. According to researcher Des Griffin: "Within weeks Carmichael had been mysteriously removed from SNCC and the Black Panthers. He had learned too much!" (108) Evidently, this tradition of manipulation continues within the ranks of the Aztlan movement today.

Financed and propagandized by the elite, these radical Chicano organizations are helping to create a cultural milieu of neo-tribalism, which further contributes to the ongoing social fragmentation of America. If such militant revolutionaries boast "a paramilitary auxiliary," then imagine the potential chaos should some branch of the Aztlan movement were to engage in armed conflict with a radicalized sect of Minutemen.

In fact, according to Observer journalist Paul Harris, just such a state of affairs is already developing:

Michael Nicley, head of US Border Patrol in the sector where the Minutemen will operate, has called it a 'recipe for tragedy'. The Reverend Robin Hoover, of local relief group Humane Borders, said: 'It looks destined to deteriorate into some form of confrontation.'

The Minutemen have become a great cause among white supremacists, including the notorious Aryan Nation. Though organizers screen all volunteers for links to extremists, there are fears some will descend on the area. The Hispanic criminal gang MS-13 has said it will try to attack the Minutemen. (No pagination)

White supremacist efforts to co-opt the Minutemen could represent a ruling class conspiracy in promulgating racial dialectics. If the ranks of the Minutemen project can be inculcated into some form of militant white supremacy, then they can be subsequently pitted against factions of the radical Marxist Aztlan movement. Such a manufactured race war would be extremely advantageous for the power elite.

The Dialectic of Race: A Hegelian Manipulation

Upon closer examination, the dialectic of race merely camouflages a broader Hegelian manipulation. Marginalized and deprived of any substantial political capital, many ethnic and racial groups are predisposed to exploitation by socialist revolutionary movements. Race war invariably becomes class war and class war invariably results in some form of dictatorship. Whether the resulting dictatorship ostensibly belongs to the proletariat or bourgeoisie, absolute primacy is always held by a hidden oligarchy. An October 15, 2005 riot in Toledo, Ohio offers a prime case study in racial dialectics. The National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi organization, was scheduled to conduct a demonstration against so-called "black crime" ("Planned neo-Nazi march sparks violence," no pagination). The protest received a violent response. A CNN news report explains:

Most of the violence happened when residents, who had pelted the Nazi marchers with bottles and rocks, took out their anger on police, said Brian Jagodzinski, chief news photographer for CNN affiliate WTVG. Video showed crowds at around 2:25 p.m. using bats to bring down a wooden fence as looters broke into a small grocery store.

"The crowd was very ... extremely agitated at the police ... for doing this [making arrests in] the community when they should be doing this to the Nazis," Jagodzinski said.

Around 3 p.m., crowds of young men pelted the outside of a two-story residence with rocks, smashed out the windows with wooden crates, ran inside and threw out the furniture and lamps from the upper-level windows to the sidewalk below. No police were on the scene. About 10 minutes later, the building's second story was in flames as a crowd of people watched. When police arrived, they used pepper spray on counter-demonstrators and shot tear gas containers into the crowd, Jagodzinski said. He added that his news van and a police car had windows smashed and doors bent back. (No pagination)

This civil unrest created a pretext for the implementation of authoritarian measures and considerable restrictions on personal liberties. The CNN news report elaborates:

Toledo Mayor Jack Ford declared a state of emergency and asked for 50 highway patrol officers to reinforce Toledo police. A curfew came into effect at 8 p.m. for people "roaming around the streets," he said. (No pagination)

Several oddities surround this event, suggesting that it was orchestrated to create politically and socially expedient chaos. First, there is the question concerning the demonstration's venue:

It's not clear why the National Socialist Movement chose north Toledo for its march, said Ford, himself African-American. "It is not a neighborhood where you have a lot of friction in the first place," he said. (No pagination)

In response to this question, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) issued an interesting allegation:

A spokesman for the [NSM] group, Bill White, blamed the riot on Toledo police, saying the police intentionally changed the group's march route to make it collide with a counter-demonstration. (No pagination)

Given White's dubious affiliations with neo-Nazi and white supremacist interests, one could certainly question the voracity of his claim. However, his allegation gains more credence when one examines the "counter-demonstration":

About 20 members from both the International Socialists Organization and One People's Project showed up, and some handed eggs to African-American residents to throw at the Nazi marchers, White said. Ford said that scenario was likely.

"Based on the intelligence we received, that's exactly what they do -- they come into town and get people riled up," Ford said. "I think that's a very common technique." (No pagination)

Herein is the second oddity suggesting Hegelian manipulation. It should not be lost upon the astute reader that the NSM demonstration and its counter-demonstration rival both represent some variety of socialism. The NSM represents national socialism or, more succinctly, fascism. The International Socialist Organization represents a more traditional variety of Marxism, something more akin to communism. The distinctions, however, are superficial. This becomes clear when one contemplates the etymology of "communism" and "fascism." The appellation of "communism" comes from the Latin root communis, which means "group" living. Fascism is a derivation of the Italian word fascio, which is translated as "bundle" or "group." Both fascism and communism are forms of coercive group living, or more succinctly, collectivism. The only substantial difference between the two is fascism's limited observance of private property rights, which is ostensible at best given its susceptibility to rigid government regulation. In 1933, Hitler candidly admitted to Hermann Rauschning that: "the whole of National Socialism is based on Marx" (Martin 239). Nazism (a variant of fascism) is derivative of Marxism. The historical conflicts between communism and fascism were merely feuds between two socialist totalitarian camps, not two dichotomously related forces.

The dialectic of race merely disguises a larger Hegelian dialectic: communism against fascism. Ayn Rand probably provides the most eloquent summation of this dialectic:

It is obvious what the fraudulent issue of fascism versus communism accomplishes: it sets up, as opposites, two variants of the same political system... it switches the choice of "Freedom or dictatorship?" into "Which kind of dictatorship?"--thus establishing dictatorship as an inevitable fact and offering only a choice of rulers. The choice--according to the proponents of the fraud - is: a dictatorship of the rich (fascism) or a dictatorship of the poor (communism). (180)

The Toledo riot represents a tangible enactment of this traditional Hegelian dialectic. The National Socialist Movement (thesis) superficially conflicts with the International Socialist Movement (antithesis) resulting in Toledo's transformation into a miniature garrison state (synthesis). Toledo is only a microcosm. On the macrocosmic level, the final Hegelian synthesis is a global socialist state.

If the Minutemen are successfully radicalized by some variety of National Socialism, then it can be set on a collision course with the radical Marxists of the Aztlan movement. Not only would such a dialectic effectively confuse the issues of border integrity and national sovereignty, but it would also facilitate America's Fabian migration towards the ultimate Hegelian synthesis: state socialism.

The Solution

Racism, quite simply, is evil. However, it would be a gross oversimplification to assume that racism is evil merely because it is premised upon hate. In fact, one must hate the principle of evil itself in order to align himself/herself with the principle of good. Thus, hatred, in and of itself, is not evil. It is the principles toward which one's hatred is directed that determine whether or not one is evil. For instance, the individual who hates justice is evil because he/she hates the intrinsic goodness of justice. The individual who hates injustice, on the other hand, is good because he/she hates the intrinsic evil of injustice.

Thus, racism is evil because of its misallocation of hatred and the criteria according to which that hatred is applied. What is the ultimate object of racial hate? It is the individual. After all, a racial criterion for determining human value presupposes that one derives value from a group. This criterion precludes all personal merit, thus subordinating the individual to the collective. In short, racism is collectivism, albeit a racially defined form of collectivism. This explains why Marxism, whether disseminated on the popular level as fascism or communism, tends to accompany racialist movements. Remember, the Nazis were National Socialists.

Racism is irreconcilable with Americanism, which observes the rights of the individual within the parameters of natural law. Any movement seeking to restore America must logically reject racism. Otherwise, that movement is merely advocating some form of race-based socialism. Socialism, as history has irrefutably demonstrated, is an equal opportunity oppressor. An organization devoted to race-based socialism invariably promotes an ecumenical socialism. Such was the case with the Nazi Germany, which eventually oppressed its own citizens along with Jews. If racist elements continue to co-opt the Minutemen, then it will become a similar aberration.

There are two necessary courses of action that must be taken to remedy this problem. First, any good grass roots movement requires some periodic house cleaning. The Minutemen Project is no exception. Although Gilchrist and other luminaries within the movement claim that members are screened, the overwhelming evidence suggests that the present screening criteria is not stringent enough. For the issues of border integrity and national sovereignty to be clearly addressed, there must be absolutely no bigots or racists included in the debate. Such people equate national identity with race, confusing the real issues at hand. For all their flaws and ideological biases, the journalists of the Southern Poverty Law Center make a valid point:

The danger is not that immigration levels are debated by Americans, but that the debate is controlled by bigots and extremists whose views are anathema to the ideals on which this country was founded. (No pagination)

This point provides an excellent segue for discussing the second course of action needed. This course of action may not be readily accepted by the purveyors of populist pseudo-intellectualism that currently people the so-called "Patriot movement." Such individuals seem to be under the spell of the WASP mystique and parrot Patrick Buchanan's contention that America owes her greatness to Anglo-Saxon culture (a contention reminiscent of John Ruskin's race patriotism). Nonetheless, the second action is a vital step in winning the war against the power elite and restoring America as a constitutional republic. There must be an enormous cultural paradigm shift. America must finally overcome the neo-tribalism of race distinctions. Otherwise, the vision of Americanism cannot be realized. After all, the axiomatic values of human liberty and dignity are irreconcilable with racial hierarchies and caste systems. Abraham Lincoln correctly observed that the nation would either survive as entirely free or entirely enslaved. No doubt, the oligarchs desire the latter. If humanity does not "grow up," so-to-speak, then the oligarchs shall have their wish.

Sources Cited

About the Authors

Paul D. Collins has studied suppressed history and the shadowy undercurrents of world political dynamics for roughly eleven years. In 1999, he completed his Associate of Arts and Science degree. He is working to complete his Bachelor's degree, with a major in Communications and a minor in Political Science. Paul has authored another book entitled The Hidden Face of Terrorism: The Dark Side of Social Engineering, From Antiquity to September 11. Published in November 2002, the book is available online from www.1stbooks.com, barnesandnoble.com, and also amazon.com. It can be purchased as an e-book (ISBN 1-4033-6798-1) or in paperback format (ISBN 1-4033-6799-X).

Phillip D. Collins acted as the editor for The Hidden Face of Terrorism. He has also written articles for Paranoia Magazine, MKzine, News With Views, B.I.P.E.D.: The Official Website of Darwinian D

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