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Convincing Evidence of the Devil Worshipping Nature of the Global Ruling Elite (From the Archives)

WWW, 2006 (Archives) - Do you care to know why the world often goes to hell again every generation or two? The reason is accurately explained here. And do you care to know what that statement on the back of every American Dollar "Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum" really means?

Warning: The following is not groundless information based on speculative ideas.

The following paragraphs describe the general unmistakable facts surrounding a revolution currently underway with the stated objective to enslave every man, woman, and child permanently under a one world government. In simplest terms, this is a mounting global movement of the rich against the poor. Most people of the world are poor and in debt, yet a slim minority have amassed immense wealth through corrupt practices and deceptively largescale financial scams. This trend is only continuing and the gap is only widening.

The beginning question posed by this report is: Do the people of the world really want to know "the truth"? If the people of the whole world allow themselves to be continuously lied to instead, as they are now, they will surely suffer horrible atrocities due to their widespread and ongoing lack of concern. Certainly, big consequences will spring up for the great body of people who continually accept the lies and subtle daily manipulations now being presented through their televisions. In other words, there is a BIG reason for everyone worldwide to understand *what is really going on*, albeit the greater truths presented here are somewhat difficult to comprehend at first. This major dilema is almost imperceivable for those in the middle-class to understand clearly because they have been taught all their lives that the world works in a much different way than it is actually does. Upon the discovery of the facts stated below, why would any group of freedom-loving people continue to blindly trust their government on what they are now being told in the media after so much has already been disclosed over the many years about the worsening character of their 'leaders', perhaps better said 'dealers' ?

This report is to provide fact to people of every location, culture, language, and political "opinion" - that at the top most levels this world is now being run by an exclusive roundtable of ultra wealthy elitist individuals who secretly deal in black magic, occult teachings, worship false gods, including the devil itself, popularly known as the "anti-christ", "Satan", "Lucifer", "The Great Architect", or "The Bearer of Light". This may come as a shock to the reader, you, however it is not the intention of this report to cause fear or disbelief in the facts presented here. "Lucifer" is the name currently chosen by the United Nations in reference to the "One World" or "New World Order" religion they now have in store for all the world's people. After the coming third world war, if one pledges their soul to Lucifer, the ruling class may allow an ordinary person to live longer into their earthly life; that is, as long as that person is considered profitable to have around. However, by doing so, one would choose to offer up their eternal soul as 'payment' or as a 'right to continue living tax'. Believe it or not, this is actual policy that has been drafted in this past decade by the United Nations Planetary committee.

A member of the United Nation's staff, David Spangler stated: " No one will enter the New World Order unless they first take a pledge to Lucifer. "

John, an apostle of Jesus Christ stated in his gospel text: "the whole world is under the control of the evil one". (I John 5:19) Well, was he wrong? Does his gospel contain an error? Let's use this statement as the basis for our continued examination here.

The presense of Lucifer is a part of all our daily lives around the world. The devil's image can be found on our paper money and many trademark logos of large corporations; the "all seeing eye" on top of the pyramid on the dollar, AOL's logo, or the CBS logo are just three examples. Openly recognized practices of devil worship include: paganism, witchcraft, ritual abuse, and ritual blood sacrifice - either animal or human, yet preferably human. Primarily for these reasons worship of the devil is often described as an "occult" activity. The world 'occult' literally means 'hidden'. Occult practices are conducted at the home/closet level, group level, national level, and world level. The great masses of people worldwide, the mainstream, have never accepted devil worship as completely normal. Most people feel in their soul it is basically wrong.

It is known by those who worship the devil, that they are often rewarded in some way, usually financial, for their misconduct and disobedience against God The Father, and His Laws. In others words, those who lie, cheat, steal, and murder often do so usually to gain material wealth. Our politicians may know this best as they do most of these acts over and over again each day to varying degrees. Each of them may or may not be directly involved with actual devil worship. Those who attend the "Bohemian Grove" ritual each year in northern Califonia certainly are, but most in the hallways of our congresses just turn a blind eye to these types of activities. Worst of all, congresspersons turn a blind eye to the 'hidden elite' often described as the 'illuminati' that operate (from the shadows) the world's banking monopolies, industrial empires, corporate conglomerates, most national governments, our mass televised and print media, hollywood and anything else that operates as a corporation, yes, even our churches.

The tell-tale signature or footprint of the devil's hijacking of our history has not been previously seen by the great many of us or pointed out as time and events have passed us by. One of the principle 'occult' practices of devil worship is the practice of using certain numbers associated with as many aspects of the ritual event as possible. These numbers are considered the most magical or powerful of numbers (3,6,7,9,11,13,18,19,27,93 and 666) 3 represents (or mocks) the Trinity of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 6 is the number assigned to 'the beast', or the devil itself. 7 is the number associated with the Divine presence of God, The Father. 9 represents 3 threes and an upside-down 6. 11 is considered to be the most magical of numbers: it represents the 11 horns of the final beast that arises in biblical prophecy (Daniel 7:7-8/Revelation 17:12), it mocks the final "11" disciples (Judas Iscariot had already perished by the time of the Ascension), and to astrologers "11" marks the Age of Aquarius - or the "New Age". 13 represents disobedience to The Father, the 12 disciples (including Judas) + Jesus. 18 is the summation of the number of the beast, 6+6+6, or 3 times 6. 19 represents "salvation" in the illuminati's numerology, 27 is 3 times 3 times 3 or 9 times 3. 93 is used as a synonym for the number of the beast as 3 9's or 999; it is viewed as the number of the beast, just upside down. Believe it or not, this is what the people who worship black magic believe in and use in their practice of devil worship. You can ask others familiar with this, or find this information posted in many places across the internet.

A group of devil worshipping elitists whose family names are intentionally hidden from mainstream view operate our whole world through their financial dominance. The Rothschild family is known to actually leave an empty chair and place setting at their master dining table in case the devil cares to drop in to share in the meal being served. This strange behavior explains why satanism is an officially accepted religion even in our armed services as well.

However, familes such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, DuPonts, Freemans, Krupps, ... can't go passing themselves as devil worshippers; so many take on religious 'fronts'. The Rothschilds pass themselves off as Jewish; The Rockefellers Roman Catholic, and the list goes on...

Timothy said it best when he coined the phrase "the love of money is the root of all evil". Who controls the flow of money literally controls the whole world. The wealthiest family in the world, the House of Rothschild, once produced the family's most revered and diabolical banking monopolist. His name was Nathan Rothschild. He once publically stated "Allow me to control a nation's currency, and I care not who makes its laws." Well, today the House of Rothschild out of Europe, along with their financial conspirator friends of the West, The Rockefellers, are two of the principal partners in printing the familiar green and black American money - right out of thin air. JD Rockefeller, the grandfather of the family dynasty once publically stated, in his view, "Competition is sin." These two interests are not alone however, there are a dozen or so other private partners who own and control the Federal Reserve. In small terms, they are literally the bank holding most of the colored paper money of the world-wide monopoly board. This is still true today.

Yes - "The Fed" is basically a private bank that determines national monetary policy for the United States of America. This is well known among concerned economists. No, today's paper and electronic money is not backed by any sort of Reserve, such as gold or silver bullion. Yes, Fort Knox is guarded today just so no inquiring citizen can look in and confirm that there is no gold stored there anymore. No, it isn't 'Federal' since Congress only 'borrows' money when they determine they need to spend more and they don't vote on such things as the 'interest rate'. That is, the American government and people are not furnished with freshly minted money by a national treasury at nominal cost. Recipients of Federal Reserve notes have to pay interest on it, as on a loan, to the private international interests who own the Federal Reserve that prints the money out of thin air. It costs "The Fed" the same to print a 100 dollar bill as it does to print a 1 dollar bill. However, they know if they print up too many dollars, the value of the money in circulation goes down, then inflation increases, and people tend to take notice more - so they tend not to go hog wild in printing it up. In order to print more dollars though "at cost and bearing interest", they retrieve much of it back in every year through an unconstitutional federal income tax enforced by the IRS. The money from the IRS is not received into the federal treasury as one would naturally presume, it simply goes to make interest payments on the ever growing national debt. All that tax money literally is paid direct to the Fed's creditors for all intents and purposes! The IRS was set up through the unratified 16th amendment shortly after the installation of the Federal Reserve. This is America's ugly financial truth. In short, it is a largescale scam on the American People.

Nathan Rothschild, his family, and their private banking houses throughout Europe got their way with America, a hefty grip right on her purse-strings. The redcoats were sent bank to England during the Revolutionary War, but the big wigs out of Europe terminally hijacked our money supply in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve system. Now the USA is literally bankrupt - by design. See, they had to 'trick' the American people into allowing them to install their private bank over America around the turn of the century. They succeeded not only in that, but in setting the stage for World War I, The Great Depression of 1929, World War II, the highs and lows of the stock market over the decades, and now the final act of their diabolical plot to rule the whole world, World War III. The financial overlords of our country and basically the rest of the world are not your Jesus loving pacifist and benovolent kings who try their best to keep The Father's Commandments at all cost. No, they are actually power mongering ruthless competitors with a perpetual bloodlust for more wealth and power, and they all know warfare is the quickest route to huge profits and maximizing their power over the whole world. The future for America involves the total and declared bankruptcy of the government and a greater depression than the one of 1929 to occur onto the American people. The United Nations is being set up for America to fall under their Luciferian version of a globalized government: where life, liberty, and the pursuit of justice will not be valued as it has been in early American history. This is true and currently the fate of our children's lives.

Once the dust settles from world wars, like lizards, they often lie still over many years with a watchful eye over most everything from atop their ivory towers; still, and not arousing, but actually diminishing suspicion amongst their prey, The People, over time. Sometimes they congregate at the highly secretive international banking "Bilderberg" meetings. They send their establishment political and military minions from their many puppet governments to "Tri-Lateral Commission" conventions. Non-elected officials in the various 'shadow governments', such as war-criminal "Henry Kissinger", rank higher than the elected officials who attend these secretive meetings. They make sure the populous never becomes aware of their diabolicial plans by making it a requirement of major press organizations to join their "Council of Foreign Relations". They often select presidents who have been trained in the art of ruthless deception and warfare through secretive societies they have set up, notably "Skull & Bones". Tax breaks for the rich establishment chairpersons controlling each media outfit (print or televised) and nothing short of death threats are used to control the entire enslaved press. Historian's for hire adulterate true history to obscure any involvment of the elite in the world's happenings within the covers of university level history books; making wars themselves appear to be accidental, and not profitable acts of criminal financial conspiracy for the principle benefit of the hidden ruling class. This is why the world's wealthiest family, The Rothschilds, never makes public a political 'opinion' about anything apparently going on in the world. They just keep operating the strings and pullies of the world's financial system from behind the curtain like wizards of oz. Who wants to follow the yellow brick trail all the way to the very end? This is how the world has been operated. This is truth.

" We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries. " -David Rockefeller, Baden-Baden, Germany 1991, Master Conspiring Globalist (true)

" In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all. " - Strobe Talbot, President Clinton's Deputy Secretary of State, as quoted in Time Magazine, July 20th, 1992.

( There are 100's of other quotes that all allude to the same global happening yet it would at least triple the size of this report to include a 1/10th of them. Our country's founding fathers said so much as well to warn us of how our Republic might eventually be corrupted - only from within! )

Now, getting back to the topic of devil worship and how it is being used to control all our lives. A congenial and harmless man who grew on a farm in the middle of America, Fritz Springmeier, became an avid fan of history throughout his youth. However, he eventually learned how things were actually being manipulated behind the scenes of what is presented to the vast populations of the world. This alarmed and deeply disturbed him as a man who had developed a deep love of the truth as a devout believer in Jesus Christ. So Fritz decided to unmask the financial conspiracy running the world and he published a book that had its final revision come out shortly after September 11th, 2001. He entitled his expose of the world's ruling elite "The Bloodlines of the Illuminati" Revision II. In it, he detailed the 13 key families, many listed above who basically get together around a roundtable when they do and set the agenda for how the world is being operated as of today. They decide when the populations will be terrorized or put in a state of shock or fear. They decide what will happen next as well. However, since the so-called illuminati families did not like Fritz reporting on them, and as these families control the world, they had the FBI frame him as a bank robber and now he is serving a life sentence in a federal prison. Poor Fritz gets put in jail for just trying to tell the people of America and the world the ugly truth. However, his faith is unwaivering and a wonderful reward is most likely in his eternal future as a lover of the truth and believer in the gospels. In his book he exposes not only the individuals and families ultimately responsible for the world's greatest atrocities, but also their worship of the devil and ongoing satanic ritual abuse.

Fritz details the banking intrigue that has gotten the world into the world wars, etc. His book is over 600 pages of unmistakable fact. Many excepts from his books can be found on the internet for downloadable reading as well. Actually, all this is actually hidden in plain view while the 'sheeple' are kept generally comfortable and unalarmed - for the time being. All a truth seeker has to do is go type in the search phrase "New World Order" into an internet search engine or search for the large array of books now covering the topic at bookstores such as

So, how is the devil disguising itself today within today's world events? Again, as noted above, numerology is often used as the fingerprint of their dastardly deeds that are performed with ritualistic intent. A ritual sacrifice to Satan was called for in the mid-1990's under then US president Clinton, a decendent of the Collin's family illuminati bloodline. His Attorney General, Janet Reno, followed the date prescribed by her satantic overlords and ordered the blood sacrifice of the entire Davidian church in a firey maelstrom on April "19th", 1995. The "19th" was used again in the subsequent Oklahoma City bombing, which killed even more innocent men, women, and children in America's heartland. Apparently during these events, 'salvation' of their devilish system was deemed most important, by not letting America continue to get progressively prosperous, happy, or free.

However, the use of satanic numerology in dates of global events that have created much fear or suspense, their starting or finale dates, goes back hundreds of years.

For brevity, let's just examine more of the number-coded timeline from the finale of World War I.

The powers-that-were then decided, out of Germany, the best time the declare the official end of World War I was on November 11th, 1918 at 11am or 11/11/18 at 11am. Here the number 11 is highly celebrated.

On "September 11th", 1941 the groundbreaking ceremonies of the Pentagon (modelled after the inside of a satantic pentagram symbol) were held. Therefore on the morning of the 60th anniversary of the Pentagon, the WTC was destroyed. Just a coincidence? Hardly. This was also the United Nation's declared annual "International Day of Peace!" (Wow, those peace loving globalists of the UN couldn't have anything to do with it - they just wanted to celebrate that day of global peace!)

On 10/22(11x2)/1962 JFK delivered a speech about the closest nuclear confrontation (although staged for this fear inducing effect) ever to occur between the East and West, The Cuban Missle Crisis, and it was scripted to last "13" days.

Exactly 1 year and 1 month later, due to it being sensed by his masters that JFK had ambitions to defect against the ruling elite and expose them: abolish the Federal Reserve and IRS, withdraw American troops from Vietnam (and other 'no-nos' to the elite), an assassination plot to remove him succeeded on 11/22(2x11)/1963. This also occured in the middle of the Masonically architected Dealy Plaza which happens to be right on the 33rd(3x11) longitudinal parallel.

JFK's ambition for America to go to the moon, was theatrically presented to the American people later that decade, named "Apollo 11". At the time of the launch, the countdown clock was abruptly halted at T-minus 9 hours, and an "11" hour hold was inserted - holding the whole world in simultaneous suspense an extra 11 hours. Apollo 7 and 13 were the other two notable Apollo missions.

The World Trade Center was conceived in the early 1960s by the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Development Association to revitalize the seedy radio row dominated by electronic stores. Chase Manhattan Bank chairman David Rockefeller, founder of the development association, and his brother, New York governor Nelson Rockefeller, pushed hard for the project, insisting it would benefit the entire city.

On August 5th, 1966 (8+5="13") groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the constuction of two 110 (that is 11 times 10) story skyscrapers in lower Manhatten. 88,000 (or 8 times 11 thousand) windows were used in the construction. Each tower was designed to be four hundred and "11" meters tall.

On "September 11th", 1971, the USSR's Nikita Krushchev died a mysterious death.

On "11/9"/1989 the Berlin Wall was removed and passage was allowed at 6:30pm. Notice how any date with two ones and a nine, such a 1/19, 9/11, or 11/9 contain digits themselves that when added together sum to "11"; a seemingly perfect number to the freemasons and the devil worshipping ruling elite. (1+9+1 =11)

On April "11"th of the following year, Mikhail Gorbechev was quoted as saying "We are only beginning to shape the New World Order." Exactly 5 months later on September 11th, 1990 George Bush I, as president at that time in a speech he entitled "Toward a New World" stated: "What is at stake is more that one country [meaning the United States of America], it is a New World Order, where diverse nations are brought together in common cause to reach the aspirations of mankind..." Yes, he stated this on "9/11"/1990!!!

Then exactly eleven years to the hour of his speech when his son is now the president, Flight "11" impacts the world's largest freestanding structure shaped like an "11". Flight 175 (1+7+5="13!") collides next. This flight carried 92 (9+2=11) passengers and crew. Flight 77 (7 times 11) is made to appear as if it hit the pentagon, but little is known what actually happened to it and its passengers; as debris of a Boeing 757 certainly was not found at the Pentagon crash site. (a smaller drone plane named the Globalhawk with a explosive warhead was used the photographic evidence has shown). Flight "93" is shot out of the air by a military aircraft. The public is told the passengers were 'heros' for overpowering the terrorists and crashing the plane into a field in Pennsylvania themselves.

WTC Building 7, which mysteriously fell all by itself on the same fateful day, was constructed to be 47 (and 4+7=11) stories tall. It fell like a rock. It was admitted afterwards that the building had already been pre-wired for demolition and somebody decided they better press the button and bring it down as well. (Why would this standalone steel skyscraper fall all by its own without being hit by anything that same afternoon otherwise?)

Walmart's CEO gets in the action later that day and reports in the press that Walmart sold a record "88,000"(8x"11",000) American flags that day.

While the nation recoils in shock, Bush II calls for "11" days of national mourning and the flag is flown half-staff until September "22"nd, also the day the world first becomes aware of the "Patriot Act" that starts the shredding of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights.

On the afternoon of September 15th, during Bush's visit to the disaster site, he picks Bob the fireman to climb onto the rubble with his bullhorn. As sickening as it might appear, the president may have chosen him as Bob's hat number was 164 (and 1+6+4=11) to please his devil worshipping overlords watching from afar.

6 months and 11 days after 9/11, on March 22(2x11), 2002 the WTC center is 'illuminated' with 88(8x11) floodlights making the world's tallest "11" for 33(3x11) nights. The lights are programmed to go on at 6:30 and off at (11):00pm.

Exactly 7 months after 9-11-01, on April "11"th, 2002, the ICC or International Criminal Court is ratified at a Landmark UN Treaty Event. Ten Countries Ratified the ICC Treaty (Note: Revelation 17:12 states there will be 10 horns on the beast that makes war with the Lamb). The ICC is decided to be located in the Hague, the Netherlands. At this facility, they have a huge black spider statue overhanging the entrance, appearing as if it is knitting a web over the whole world.

On the first anniversary of 9-11, the NYC lottery balls mysterious came up "911" *and* that morning the Chicago Board of Trade's Standard & Poore's Futures Index opened up at "911.00", a ten million to one combined probability alone! The People seemed to not take much notice of these sick illuminati inside jokes on this day of rememberance and mourning.

On 3/"19"/03 Bush I holds another predidential address and Iraq is re-bombed that evening.

On 12"13"/03 Saddaam is supposedly "captured". Have we heard a thing he might have to say though yet? Is that really him in the picture?

Then exactly 911 days after 9-11-01 multiple bombs go off across Madrid's commuter train system, killing 202 European travellers, on March "11"th, 2004.

Wow, Al-QUEDA, or is that 'al-CIA-da' really likes that number "11" apparently! Why hasn't anyone in the press taken notice of this rather bizzare string of extremely unlikely and highly suspicious numerical anomalies surrounding these recent global terror events!?!? Maybe they are still told to ignore it! But, if the 'illuminati' devil worshipping elite controllers don't really exist - then who forbid the press from covering this aspect of the unfolding events and why?

On 8/3/04 (8+3=11) (US Army General Tommy Franks appears on FOX TV's Hannity & Colmes and admits to the world that he forsaw the trade towers collapsing a week before it happened. This video clip is on FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL .

More recently on 11/11/04 Arafat dies a highly suspicious death at precicely 3:30am! Could Israeli interests in bed with the illuminati ruling class have been behind a conspiracy to assassinate the revered Palestinian leader? A fair presumption in the light of the above information would be a resounding 'YES!'. Eerily also on that day, 6 hours after Arafat's speculative death, the United Nation's WHO (World Health Organization) conducted an unusal meeting with an unusual agenda for that afternoon. They met to prepare the world for a global pandemic Influenza-A plague that is expected to kill tens of millions of people as it did in 1918 as well, known as the "Spanish Flu". So, how does the UN know in advance that a plague is coming right around the corner? Well, perhaps it will not be accidental, and perhaps it involves a conspiracy to weaken the American resistance to tyranny and reduce the population of the world by several billion people? (as their New World Agenda openly calls for written into granite on the mysterious "Georgia Guidestones"!)

Interestingly Bible prophecy fortells that an "abomination that causes a desolation" is going to be set up after 1260th day and another on the 1290th day after some key event in our history. Using 9-11-01 as that index date, the 1260th day become 2/22(2x11)/05. That mysteriously also happens to be exactly 3 months and "11" days past the WHO conference on the coming pandemic plague held on 11/11/04! The 1290th day written in Daniel 12 states another abomination is going to be set up. Based on 9-11-01 as the index date, that is March 24th, 2005. That also happens to be Holy (or "Maundy") Thursday, the day believers celebrate rememberance of Jesus' Last Supper! Amazing timing here!

And when you arrive at the 1335th day (as it is written: Blessed art those who survive the prophetic tribulations until that day so they can witness the Second Coming), that day is Sunday May 8th, 2005! This is not only the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II, VE Day, (and Mothers' Day as well), this day is known to believers as "Ascencion Sunday". Perhaps it will be Descension Sunday this time, after a prophetic "time, times, and half a time". Possibly! This date and hour of Christ's Second Coming is still one of the world's Greatest mysteries.

So does the amazing sequence of events with the obvious use of occult numerology in the dates surprise you?

My dear friends and fellow people of the world - what are you going to do? Are you going to at least warn your fellow brothers and sisters around the world to prepare for days of chaos and tribulation and possibly study the message in the bible and right oneself with their Father in Heaven? Psalm 37, 51, and 91 provide a message of comfort and salvation against these ominous days of tribulation that our devil worshipping overlords just may have planned for us. With the proper amount of spiritual faith, it is said one may overcome the coming deadly pestilence and plagues. May the Father Bless those who know the value of truth and educate others on how they have been deceived by this current world system operated and controlled by the darkest forces now within mankind.

In the meantime, the author of this report, Eric Rainbowlt, recommends that you do not receive any implantable microchips or numbering schemes. Also, let the wise who listen to this message beware that 1/19/05 may be a day of another staged terror attack on the populations by the ruling class; as it is the remaining day similar to 11/9 and 9/11 that has not been used; where the digits of the month and day add up to "11" itself. However, that is the *only* assumption made in this entire report, the statements and dates above are fact, they already happened!

This information is not meant to deceive, it is simply meant to inform and hopefully help reform this world we currently call our home. As it is written, those who overcome may look forward to the coming Kingdom of God, The Father, and His Son's return to Earth for us to enjoy a millenial rein with the divine Son and Our Ultimate Lord and Saviour, His Beautiful (and Honest) Majesty Jesus Christ. On this final note, may you be blessed with this knowledge and your willingness to continuously share it with others!

Read (Daniel 7:7-8) Read (Revelation 17:12)

The four beasts of Daniel's (Chapter 7) prophetic vision may just be:
1) Lion (Great Britain uses this symbol) with Eagles Wings (obviously America)
2) Bear (Symbol of Communism) with 3 ribs in mouth (Russia, China, Korea)
3) Leopard (Germany has used this symbol; 'panzar' (leopard tank) with 4 heads (1st,2nd,3rd,4th Reichs)
and 4 bird wings (always done under the wings of the establishment churches)
Germany is always where the darkest illuminati have secretly ruled out of (somewhere in Bavaria).
4) Global 10 horned beast (Possibly Commonwealth of ten European States or 10 UN biosphere regions; 10 nations ratified the ICC - or the International Criminal Court as well!)

The eleventh ("11"th) horn is the prophetic anti-Christ! (Daniel 7:8)

When #11 rises, it also makes the Skull & Bones 322 secret number turn into 666!

Like this: 3x2x(11)^2 or 3x2x(11)x(11)= 666!!! Solved!

Read The UNtruth of the World, The Dawn of New Kings available by Van Cleave Publishing, publisher of "Webs of Power".


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