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WWW, October 2005 (ARCHIVES) - Aka Green, age 63, is a preacher in Sweden. Aka Green is currently in a judicial process. In one of his sermons, he preached a traditional Christian message which could lead him to up to four years in jail. US based Christian Radio program "Crosstalk" interviews a spokesman for Aka Green.

It was a message about sin and grace, and homosexuality was mentioned in it, too. The homosexual lobby in Sweden makes use of a new "hate speech" law which the Swedish parliament voted into existence. When they read in the newspaper how this preacher was preaching that homosexuality is a sin, they were "deeply offended" by this "disrespectful talk" and put a lawyer on the case.

A lower court agreed with the homosexual lobby, "establishing" how Aka Green was "preaching with the intention to deeply offend the homosexual community". Of course, Aka Green appealed to the ruling of the lower court. The second court agreed with the preacher and turned down the complaints of the homosexual lobby. They were not amused and took the case to the Swedish Supreme Courts. Currently, Aka Green is waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court.

There are many in Sweden who do not really speak up against this abuse against a preacher. The "hate crimes law" is obviously intimidating a lot of other preachers who are afraid to end down in jail too. However, people are also organizing a demonstration to be held in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

Download a revealing interview with Stefan Grevle (President of the Swedish group, "Christian Oganization for Faith and Lifestyle."), as it was broadcasted by Crosstalk Radio. In the show, there was a call for USA citizens to contact the Swedish Embassy and Bureau of Tourism as well as other representational institutes with a word of protest. November 9, 2005 there will be a demonstration in Stockholm.


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