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From the Archives: Meeting A Mad, Mad, Mason

WWW, FEBRUARY 2005 (ARCHIVES) - Who is "Larry"? Well, the name of a caller who phones into the talk-show "Radio Liberty" where the Freemasons are discussed. In a very entertaining phone conversation, he contradicts himself so many times that it's almost impossible not to see through the lies.

Every now and then, you'll hear stories about the Freemasons and other secret societies. Mostly can be identified as conspiracy theories. Many people laugh over the conspiracy theories that surround them, and so they should. After all, a theory is only a theory. Fiction. And a conspiracy theory therefore is like a good thriller.

Secret societies such as Skull & Bones, and the Knights Templar, are often called "fraternal organizations". Many do not know what they are and therefore think it's all fiction and irrelevant. But it's not really that mysterious.

Because the secret societies are simply the fore-runners of what we now know as the Secret Services: MI5, CIA, MOSSAD, et cetera.

There are very ancient accounts of the early Secret Services. The James Bonds of the days of old were serving EMPEROR NIMROD OF BABYLON by committing covert operations against who-ever was unwilling to bow for the ORDO SECLORUM, or WORLD ORDER OF THE AGES.

Nimrod's agents were trained at the Mystery Schools. They were initiated into the Secret Luciferian Doctrine. Today we would call it Satanism. Satan is called The Father Of Lies and it will therefore be no surprise that a crucial element of the Satanist State Religion is a course in manipulation.

This is not so far-stretched when you keep realizing how the Secret Societies or Lodges are simply the forerunners of the Secret Services. We know that the Secret Services manipulate and all. That's why they're called secret. We enjoy the great stories about James Bond, we let ourselves be entertained because we know James Bond stories are conspiracy theories: fictional stories.

But we equally know, that there are real James Bonds. We know that there is a reality which serves as foundation for the theory. And we also know that the real James Bonds are no theory. And what they do is not fiction either.

The secret societies are not fictional either. And when you know what they are, there's no need to waste your time trying to unravel the web of the conspirators.

We know there is a conspiracy, but Psalm 2 describes. The leaders of nations gather themselves against the Creator. and what does the Creator do against it? He laughs and scorns at the little conspiracy.

So it's perfectly normal to laugh over conspiracies and theories. However, there is a conspiracy reality. This reality isn't laughable at all, and not a puzzle to unravel either. Everybody can see the wickedness caused by the conspirers, whose New World Order isn't a theory but a horrible reality.

Blood of sufferers is spilled every day. And the sufferers are crying to the Creator for revenge. As the book of the Apocalypse reveals, there will be a time in which the measure of wickedness will be full. The cup which is currently filling itself with the blood of the sufferers throughout the ages will run over and that is when JAH RASTAFARI, God Almighty Himself, will stop the wickedness.

But until that time, we have to deal with the fact that Babylon system is still working.

So let's get back to Nimrod, when Babylon system was founded after the days of Noah. The mystery schools that trained the early James Bonds are still there. They make no secret about it either. No, they even brag how they're here for over 6000 years.

A very well-known mystery school is the Order Of The Freemasons. The masons are a subject of many conspiracy theories. But not everything is a theory.

Take for example the Knights Templar. Everyone who hears this, immediately thinks about the crusades. After all, the Knights Templar were a Secret Service for the Pope.

And they still exist!

They "take care of matters in Jerusalem", according to the 8th highest ranking Freemason in the United States of America. "Larry", as he calls himself, admits that the Knights Templar are a part of this network of Secret Societies of which also the Freemasons are part.

But it's not really "admitting", it's bragging. And "Larry" loves to brag!

Bragging also how the freemasons were there when the first boat arrived on the American coast, for example. Yes, the freemasons were there when the Europeans "discovered" a "new world" to build cities on.

Who is "Larry"? Well, the name of a caller who phones into the talk-show "Radio Liberty" where the Freemasons are discussed.

In a very entertaining phone conversation, he contradicts himself so many times that it's almost impossible not to see through the lies.


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