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WWW, February 2009 -?In this documentary soaked in humor, we meet well-known author and lecturer David Icke and his opponents during some rather hilarious events.

Meet David Icke, well-known author and lecturer based in the UK. In the 1980's, he was a presenter of sport news at the BBC until he found himself in the middle of some mystical New Age experience which put an end to his career. When he subsequently went on the popular "Wogan" talk show claiming he was the "son of God", David Icke became a popular subject of jokes.

David Icke subsequently developed his New Age experience with a rather extensive research into Mystery Babylon which led him to come to remarkable conclusions.?

He was able to trace back the bloodlines of the ruling elite to the times of ancient Sumeria, when Nimrod founded Babylon. David Icke met with mind control victims and African teachers who told him about the reptilian nature of this ruling elite.

When you compare David Icke's research with the teaching of old by the prophets Enoch and others, you will find that the conclusions are not so far away from each other even though there is an unbridgeable gap between the teachings of David Icke and that of the ancient prophets.

According to David Icke, the evil ones which the Bible describes as the Serpent Seed are a type of species from somewhere else in the universe that came to earth a long time ago. According to the ancient prophets, these Watchers are fallen beings that come from a different dimension.

What stands, is the fact that there is indeed a ruling elite that has a bloodline which is not human in the sense of them being descendants of Adam and Eve. This is a message that you can also read in the Bible.?

What also stands, is the fact that there are many theories concerning the Serpent Seed. Some claim that they are the black people, or the Jews, or the white people, or any other kind of people. Racist theories that want to give themselves a Christian sauce, such as the Christian Identity Movement, make a grateful use of the fact that there is not much known concerning the Serpent Seed and so they come up with all kinds of outrageous teachings.

What stands on top of that, is the fact that David Icke does hit the nail on the head on many occasions. Much to the chagrin of Mystery Babylon, he does wake up masses of people to the fact that Mystery Babylon is a reality and most people are her slaves.?

And so, the establishment does everything it can to silence David Icke.

This video is about a really pathetic way, David Icke was attacked on a visit he did in Canada. British film maker Ron Johnson accompanies the lecturer and also goes to the ones who try to stop him. And this is where things get rather funny.

We see, how people will claim that David Icke is an anti-Semite. They do so, because they say that whenever David Icke mentions "lizards", he really means "Jews". A pathetic kind of paranoia that seems to be taken seriously still by the ones who try to stop David Icke.

They call into Radio Stations and Book Shops to stop David Icke from promoting his works, and they are rather successful at start. Until the tide turns...

Enjoy a good laugh with this documentary that could only be created in the UK. Ron Johnson has a great sense of humor, as he addresses rather serious topics in his own way.

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