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WWW, September 2007 - As we forward towards the "Days of Noah" or "Age of Aquarius", Babylon is setting the stage for the return of the Nephilim and making a fortune while she's doing it.

Meet James Gilliland, owner of a big ranch somewhere in the USA. He's a farmer, a very very special farmer with a very very special kind of cattle.

He's raising and preparing his cattle for the slaughter. He's actively looking to increase the number of cattle in his flock, and with the help of the bigger company of which Mr. Gilliland is only an employee, he has reached to a level of which you could say: quite remarkable indeed.

Mr. Gilliland is a Soul-Farmer: a keeper of souls. He is here to help his masters prepare the planet for the return of the days of Noah. The days, of which the ancient books of Genesis and Enoch give unbelievable details. Details, confirmed by archaeology and so called "extra-biblical" manuscripts.

The ancient books speak about Lucifer and how his multitudes of merchandize eventually led him to desire the impossible: break the border between the creation and the Creator.

The books tell us how mankind was tempted and keeps being tempted to worship creation rather than worshipping Jah (God). When the Watchers came down to make themselves offspring through women, they did so in exchange for technology.

They also demanded that humans would stop worshipping the Creator, Who is Himself not a Created Being. They would deny His existence to people, by making Him a part of Creation.

Exactly this is what Mr. Gilliland's says his so-called extra-terrestrial "friends" claim too:

They see the Creator within all creation. They do not separate or divide creation from the Creator, for to them the Creator is omnipresent within all creation. (SOURCE)

The books tell us about the Days of Noah, too. The days in which the planet was literally flooded by the unholy offspring of non-human intelligent beings and humans: the Nephilim.

All of this is a big business in Babylon. For Babylon is all about business and trading, just like Lucifer. That's why people like Zechariah Sitchin and others become filthy rich by telling propaganda stories about all of this. And let's not forget our "Christian" friend either, who are busy creating their own little UFO Enterprise within the structures of the Christian Industrial Complex.

Although this business is about money, ultimately it's about the trading of souls. The good book of the Apocalypse reveals to us how souls a merchandise in the hands of Babylon (Revelation 18:12,13)

Let's not forget our American farmer in all of this!

James Gilliland is all about preparing mankind for the massive return of the days of Noah in our time. In this video, you can see how he speaks to an audience that is avidly looking for contact with the Watchers or "extra-terrestrials" as they call them.

We'll see his farm, where he gathers souls and makes them receptive to be replaced by the spirits of the Nephilim who are desperately trying to initiate the "New Age", "Age of Aquarius", "New World Order", or simply... Days of Noah!

The farm is built on a historical location. It's close to the place where a man called Kenneth Arnold saw UFO's and coined the now legendary phrase "flying saucers". Kenneth Arnold wasn't the only one to see UFO's as the sighting reports go back 100's of years. And today, it's not really different as one UFO manifestation after the other is reported on Gilliland's place.

We'll see him talk, addressing the people of the world to join him in his enterprise. And even though his Clean-Cut Hippie looks may deceive you into thinking how he's not to be taken serious, millions of people actually do take him serious and if only for that, the Babylon Observer observes...

He's a frequent guest on the most popular paranormal and UFO related media channels, people hang on his lips as the "extra-terrestrials" manifest themselves in front of camera's and witnesses to "confirm" his propaganda.

Mr. Gilliland claims how his "extra-terrestrial" friends want to "help "humanity" to reach into the next "evolutionary phase", meaning: forget about being the seed of Adam and Eve. He hails the "technology" that the Watchers have to offer, but fails to explain why his friends are unable to save the world as he claims they can.

Something is holding them back, obviously. That something, according to Mr. Gilliland is the so-called "negativity" of those that disagree with his ideas.

Or the ideas he propagates.

See for yourself!



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