Wednesday, October 8, 2008


When you live in the United States of America, and you pay what is called "income tax": better not wait a minute more, and start watching this video now.

Ah, well, better wait before you read this review.

Meet Aaron Russo. He is a Hollywood film maker who worked with Eddy Murphy and other famous actors. Russo won several awards, and so you could say that he knows how to make a good movie.

"Freedom to Fascism" is not only a well directed movie, it also contains some vital information for US citizens and in fact, the people of the entire world. Aaron Russo travels across the country of the USA to interview politicians, researchers and activists about one of the biggest scams in the history of the United states.

Sure, it is often said that it is a free country and all of that, but we all know that this was definitely not so for the Africans who were taken from their homeland, or for the original inhabitants of the continent. But that wasn't enough for the ruling elite, and in the 1930's a new phase was launched: the creation of a private company called the "Federal Reserve".

You don't have to be economically educated in order to understand just what the video is all about. In plain words, the viewer is taught about the fact that when they live in the USA they do not have to pay income taxes. There simply is no law that says to do so.

But how come, too many people do not know this and continue to pay these taxes, of which the video shows every cent lands in the pockets of the private bankers who run the Federal Reserve?

It turns out, that an Orwellian state is in the make, in fact already here. People are being turned into microchipped slaves, being watched by their governments on a 24/7 basis. National sovereignty is being disrespected, as the ruling elite strives to create their "New World Order": with a global government and a fascist system to impose it's will on the people of the world.

The video shows in a clear and simple way, what has been done thus far to achieve the global goal, and what can be done against it.


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